Friday, May 13, 2011

Five things Friday since couldn't do Three Things Thursday

1. Wednesday night I went to a Crosby Nash concert at a great local theater.  I cannot say enough about how good this was.  I am a huge fan of any and all combinations of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with Crosby and Nash being my favorites. I seriously love David Crosby even though as he joked he is built like an avocado.  I hugely admire anyone who pulls himself/herself out from under a life of addiction.  When Crosby and Nash sing together they have the most beautiful voices imaginable.  In my opinion no one can harmonize like those two. I was talking with a friend I saw at the concert and we both agreed that David Crosby's voice has only gotten better.  How old are they?  65?  They are INCREDIBLE. Now I want to see them again............soon.

2.  I have been doing a lot of biking along with my running.  I had one double where I ran early (with the right hat this time) and then biked to work.  Beautiful weather for it this week.  Then yesterday I biked to work and then commuted home with a colleague. Sweet! She lives farther "up - literally" than I do. Everyone thinks I have  a hard ride and I guess if you don't work out it would be. But it is NOTHING compared to my colleague's.  I rode with her and one hill was steeper than anything I have ridden on. It was hill after hill after hill and they were long and steep.  Then I left her to head home(down) and I couldn't even go fast because it was so steep.  But I really felt like I got my workout in. I didn't take my camera and it was beautiful. I guess I am going to have to tackle it again.

3. Tomorrow I have a long ride planned - more about that in another post. I have been thinking I want a new bike.  When I started riding due to my running injury I had no idea how much I would like it.  Then I thought once I was running again I wouldn't find time for it but that is not the case. I am looking at roads as I drive thinking about how I want to bike on them. I got two books for Christmas with routes/rides all over Vermont. If I get a new bike I want a hybrid type. I don't think a road bike would be practical as so much of my riding is on dirt roads.  Don't you think I should get need a new bike?

4.  We had a field trip the other day - the really fun one to a golf course.  Driving golf balls is rather addicting. You keep thinking you can do better. I had a couple of students that rocked at it. We also went to a putting green and putted, watched them put a new hole in and mow the green.  Felt the cuttings (a huge thrill - you would think these Vermont kids had never seen or touched grass) and a ride in a golf cart. No need to tell you that was the favorite thing if you have a 9 year old child.  Then they run on the college football field - beyond exciting.  Then we walked - yes walked much to my delight about a mile each way to lunch. They eat in the college cafeteria with all the college students and all the choices!  They complained when they were told they couldn't have soda. Being the loving teacher I am I told them if they whined about it more I would add no dessert.  Apparently they believed me because they stopped. They quickly found they had tons of juice choices, lemonade and chocolate milk and it was all good!  The whole day was tiring but a blast.  And one of the best things that happens each year is you hear them talking about where they want  to go to college.
One of many excited kiddos trying to 
drive the ball

I wasn't able to provide
much of an example

Giving it a good try

Where did it go?

If the golfing isn't working for you
pick dandelions.

Retrieving the balls after hitting them =
just as much fun as hitting them!

5.  Tomorrow I have the race with the killer hill. Someone tried to talk me into doing the 10K which usually I would but the hill is even more of a killer and I have 5 races this month. I feel okay saying the 5K will do me just fine.  I am hoping to do well and give it my all. I want my pace to be in the 8s where it hasn't been all year or the low 9s.  But mostly I am thrilled to have another race especially on roads I often run.


Kate Geisen said...

Clearly you need a new bike. And yes, a hybrid sounds right for the mix of riding you'll be doing. Just don't get hooked on racing or you'll need a road bike, too. :)

I'm living vicariously through your riding. With all the end of the year craziness that comes with one son's volleyball season in high gear and one son graduating from HS, I haven't been out in ages. This weekend I'm supposed to be riding mountain bike trails with a friend, and it poured all afternoon. I'm guessing the trails will be too muddy to ride without damaging them. Sigh. Do you think I'm gaining any fitness from reading your posts? :)

Anne said...

I agree, a hybrid would be perfect for you! It's great that you're out there riding again.

I would have loved to be at that concert!

Good luck with your pace on your 5K!

christa said...

"killer hill" I'm scared!!

Richelle said...

Good luck at your race! You'll definitely subdue that killer hill!

I am not coordinated when it comes to golf. I can play mini-golf okay, but for the life of me, I can never hit a ball at the driving range. I'm just not coordinated in that way.

Marlene said...

What a fun field trip!

Great job on all the biking & running. Good luck on the race & long ride!

Anonymous said...

Good luck today!!! :)

I'm sure all the biking is only helping your running.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I still laugh at your hat story! Yes, you need a new bike!

Jenn said...

Hope you're rockin' out that race right now!

I need a new bike too and a lot of my bike miles are on dirt trail and road. Let me know what you get because it's obvious that you NEED one and it will only be a matter of time before you GET one!!

I suck at golf. I am good at riding on the golf cart and holding the beer.

Liz said...

Good luck for the 5k! you definitely need a new bike, as do I - my old rusty mountain bike is slowing me down on the roads! Do it!

Fran said...

Definitely a new bike, you deserve it with all the biking you've been doing.

The golf trip sounds fun.

Have a good race today.

And I've never seen them live but I did see them recently on tv and they still were very good indeed.

Black Knight said...

Good luck for the race today! You are a professional runner if you enter 5 races in one month.
I am a concert addicted. Here in July will come: Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry, Robert Plant, Joe Cocker and the Chicago. I will be there!

Chris K said...

Wow, looks like a really nice day in VT. This is starting to get to the time of the year when your posts are all pretty and I think how cool it would be to live there. Then, I just have to remember about the pics you posted in the past few months.

Sounds like a great concert. I bet you knew just about every song, eh? Those guys can harmonize like no other.

Giorgio said...

Good luck on your race!

Jennifer said...

I saw Crosby, Stills and Nash back in 1983, at the height of the addiction, actually I worked backstage for the concert promoter so I saw it ALL, shall we say. Not pretty. The music however was just as amazing. I am happy they got through it all and are still performing today.

Hope your ride went well today!

Char said...

It must be great working with 9 year olds. They're not jaded yet and their hormones haven't kicked in and when they get excited there's no way of hiding it. They're uncomplicated.

Good luck with your race.

Monica said...

Sounds like you're getting ready for a Dual-thon. Running and Biking! Have you thought of that? I know I haven't commented in a long time, but I have been reading your blog. Have loved the usual GORGEOUS pictures of your neck of the country. Winter is definately a spectacular event in the NE. Keep up the great work! You're an inspiration to me!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

The picking dandelions picture brings back memories. I coached baseball for years and we always had a couple of little fellas sitting in the outfield playing with the grass. Too funny!

Michelle said...

What an awesome idea for a field trip!

I love #1 - love their music!

Michael said...

I tried to like golf once, but just like my other athletic endeavors I just wasn't very good at it.

Hope the race went well.

HappyTrails said...

Picking dandelions - one of the simple pleasures of childhood. Now we curse them... ;-) Glad you are still enjoying the bike. The road bike is a different riding position but if you wanted that efficiency, you could look at a cyclocross bike. It depends on how rough your dirt roads get. Hope the race went well!!