Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Did It All This Weekend

What did I do?  I ran.  I swam. I biked.  Not all the same day but all 3 in two days. Woot Woot  I say!
I'm back on my feet running toward my favorite mountain.
As you can see the weather has changed since the last time
I was here.

Saturday I had my first run outdoors.  I ran 6 miles, the longest I have gone yet. It started out cold but turned nice very quickly!  I went with T for some of it.  She ran longer than I did but ended up catching up with me near the end. I was so happy to be back out there running beside my river.

Then later that day I went to the Edge to swim about half of the distance I usually do followed by the hot tub. For awhile I was the only one in the pool, a very rare circumstance. felt wonderful.  I was tempted to go for a bike ride after I picked my bike up from it's tune up but too much to do.

Getting started with the bike long
as it doesn't head into the river.

Sunday I got a lot of baking done and then went for my first bike ride of the season. I went on my hybrid as I didn't feel ready with my ankle still mending to do the whole clip in thing. Plus the roads are muddy so it's the hybrid for a bit.  I went for just a short ride as it was windy and cool but man I have to say it again, "IT.....FELT......WONDERFUL!"

I also got in two walks this week. One was with a friend who is here from Montana and then today Jameson and I walked with Jaxon.  I should get out and walk more often as both walks were very pleasant.

I love that things are progressing and I don't have to just swim anymore. Although I think I became a bit addicted to it as I had no intention of swimming on Saturday but somehow found myself making the time to get in a swim.  Next week I think I'll just get in my two morning swims but I would like to make it to the Edge once a month to get in my swim and hot tub time.  I didn't meet my goal of a race a month in March but I still hope to get in the rest of the months. My foot still doesn't have complete flexibility and doesn't like it when I speed up. But having said that I can see a huge difference from just a week ago.  And that is AFTER a week of running.  I still ice it a lot. It could be a placebo but it is so relaxing that is a part of the day I look forward to. (Yes, I have a boring life.)

This was a busier weekend for us socially too.  Friday night we went to Flatbread Pizza with Jameson and a friend.  We had a great time. Saturday night we went to a wild game dinner where there were a lot of people I used to know that I didn't recognize. Do I look that different?  My friend who now lives in Montana was visiting and her brother throws this event once a year. It has been several years since we have been but it was fun.  The only wild game I had was sweet and sour duck. It was actually quite good.  But there were lots of good salads.

Sunday of course was Easter.  Jameson and Jaxon came down to spend the day.  We had a non traditional dinner of lasagna and rolls.  Usually when I make rolls I make them the day before and we reheat them. Today we had them right out of the oven and they were fantastic.

I bought the desserts yesterday at our town's general store. Emily may not be a cook but her childhood BFF certainly is!
I didn't buy these but she had various peeps for sale.

I saw these on FB which is what got me there. These are cupcakes,
with frosting and lemon curd. The shell is white chocolate.  
Cutest things ever!

This was an unbelievably delicious cake!

The birthday boy celebrating his birthday a day early.  

Patiently waiting for his treat!

We didn't get to see Emily this weekend but she had quite a weekend of her own. She went to Pennsylvania  and ran in a marathon.  She  came in FIRST!  She will tell you it was a very small marathon but it wasn't that small! And first is first!

Looking forward to doing some running, biking and swimming this week too. Please please please don't snow anymore now that I have my bike out!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


1. I have a new PR in distance for swimming. I swam 2000 yards one morning this week!  I won't tell you how long it took me but I did it.  I have been swimming a mile quite a few mornings.

2. But this week I have been running every other day! The first two days were perfect. Well sort of.  But the third day is what gets me.  I don't feel a need to stop this time but I did push it  a little hard and iced twice last night. I think it is more when I pick up the pace (not fast just not as deadly slow)  that my
foot protests.  But when I went swimming today my kick felt totally pain free (my barometer).  How do you know how much to push it? Is it good to push it  a little to let your body take more and get used to more?  Should you only play it safe?  It is so hard.  "If I can do (insert mileage or pace here) then surely I can do this (insert more mileage or faster pace here.)  I have liked being on the treadmill where I can stop at any time and don't have to watch out for those nasty potholes but one of these days I am going to get outside.

3. Back to the pool....... It continues to be crowded and this morning there was a sign that next week it is going to start opening at 5:45 instead of 5:00. That isn't going to help. Usually there are some people leaving by 5:30. Yikes! I'm glad I'm not going as much because worrying about getting into the pool can be stressful!

Not the way to start your day....

This morning I wore my new bright skinny jeans to school feeling pretty snazzy.  When I left off my lunch in the teacher's room a co worker asked, "Did you bike to school?"  "No" I said with some puzzlement in my voice.  Puzzlement ignored, "You have your biking pants on. Those are great for biking."  Really? Not exactly what I wear for biking but...... I work with my students all the time to think before you talk.  Perhaps I need to invite this person in for one of our lessons.  Oh well, I was just  doing my part to hurry spring along and by afternoon it was quite pleasant outside.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Swim Swim Swim Swim RUN Swim Books

Yes I snuck a run in there!  Yesterday I used the treadmill to do 4 miles. I would walk half a mile and run half a mile. So I ran 2 miles. I was going to try running again today but my daughter advised me to wait a day so wait I did.  It felt fine when I was doing it but it also did 3 weeks ago when it turned out not to be fine.  I could tell after  that I had done more than I have been doing.  My test today was my swim.  Three weeks ago, it was when I was swimming that I realized I wasn't ready for running.  My kick hurt a lot, certainly more than it had been hurting previously. So I stopped running completely. Today when I swam after running yesterday it felt no differently than it has been feeling!  Yay!  I can feel a little soreness when I swim but not much.  So I am proceeding cautiously, NOT full speed ahead.
When I am on the TM I am slower than usual too. It is what feels right for now.
I hope to be outside running soon.

My swims went well.  I managed to do 4 miles this week which is amazing to me.  I went to the Edge complete with hot tub twice and the crowded local pool twice although I get there early enough to have a good spot.  I was getting a little tired of all the swimming so I am glad I can put some running in now.

And I took my bike to my bike shop for a tune up so soon I will be ready for that. Although I may be ready but the weather here is not. Snow and cold, snow and cold!  Where is spring?

On a non exercise note are you an electronic book reader or an old fashioned book reader?  I love my electronics when it comes to my Iphone, lap top, Garmin, I pod etc.  But I really love books.  I was thinking about it today when I was using the hot tub. I wouldn't want to bring my Kindle into the hot tub.  I do have a Kindle but I use it mostly for traveling.

There are many things I live about real books:

  • I like the covers. I often judge a book by it's cover and that is hard to do with a Kindle.
  • I like to see what other people are reading.  
  • I like to look at my books all colorful and pretty in a bookcase.
  • I like to share my books.
  • I like to have a stack to choose from next to my bed. I like to LOOK through the stack.
  • I like to easily look back in a book to see what I read when I was tired and can't seem to remember.
  • I love to sort my books and go through them to see what I want to reread.
  • I like to give books away when I am through with them.
 I am sure there is more but these are some of the things that come to mind quickly. I just took my brother 2 huge bags of books and he was beyond thrilled!  
Which do you prefer?

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I copied this from Marlene and she posted it in October so I am a bit behind. But lately I seem to have trouble finding things to blog about (except swimming) so here goes.

feeling frustrated I can't lose the weight I want
reading a lot of Lisa Gardner
longing for a racing vacation
laughing with my colleagues at work
crying I'm not racing and running
looking at lots of races on line
journaling about not much at all, seems I like writing about running, biking and racing the best
celebrating the fact that spring "is here" and I will be biking soon
eating too many black jelly beans
running well I'm not but I hope to give it a try this weekend
hoping that things go well when I run and I am well on the way to being mended
anticipating going to the movies with my husband this weekend
planning my summer around races
drinking Green Mountain Coffee. It's the best!
missing going on long bike rides
listening to pod casts about many different things
making wise decisions to heal properly and not prolong my off time
appreciating the many friends I have both IRL and all of my blogger friends
What are you currently ______ing?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Would Char Do?

I found myself in a little bit of a conundrum after my swim today so I stopped to think: "What would Char do?"  We all know Char is great at thinking outside the box as well as sewing up those beautiful costumes and baking those luscious looking cupcakes. So what was my conundrum?

I had been swimming again in Burlington at the Edge. I wasn't feeling the love for it I have the past few times but I got it done and loved the time in the hot tub after.  I was taking my shower thinking about tomorrow's outfit for school.  It may seem a little strange to be thinking about the next day's outfit so far ahead but tomorrow is the third of Teacher Spirit Wednesdays where we all dress up a certain way.  I use the word all loosely because I have forgotten the last two. Well sort of forgotten. The first one was Cool Dude day and I am so uncool I didn't have a clue how to dress up. Last Wednesday was easy- wear the school colors of blue and white.  I even have a volleyball t-shirt from a school team I was on that would have been perfect.  Nope, I forgot.  Tomorrow was originally pajama day which did not excite me but it got switched to.............Fitness Day!  I may have one or two things I could wear for that.  I will not forget this week. So while in the shower I was thinking I wasn't ready to wear shorts especially following today's snow storm.  But capris?  I love capris!  Then I got to thinking I should probably shave my legs which hasn't happened in quite some time.  When I got out of the shower I noticed blood streaming down my leg.  When you don't shave often I guess it's easy to nick yourself.  
I can't use band aids any more as I react to them. I had no socks as I had worn my boots without them. I did not want to bleed inside my boots. I got most of the bleeding stopped but I just didn't want bloody boots.  So I thought for a bit (like Char would) and then remembered what I had in my swim bag.  I always carry extra underpants in case I forget them.  So I took them and stuffed them into my boot between my leg and the boot.  I'm proud to say they did the trick, no blood on my boot! And I remembered to replace them in my swim bag for when I need them!

Thanks, Char!

The Weekend - A Little Swimming, A LIttle Jaxon, A Little Target

I went swimming again on Sunday, another delightful day although the best part was going to see Jaxon who clearly was waiting in the window for ME to arrive. Jameson took the above picture BEFORE  I got there.  

Now he's so happy because I'm there. 

Saturday we went to Target in New York (none in Vermont
you've heard this lament before.) We took the Champlain Bridge over and the ferry back 
both of which are huge biking triggers for me and made me want to be 
biking!  The temperature did NOT make me want to be
biking but soon!  It was a gray dismal day
but LOVE going on the ferry - always!  
All I bought at Target were food items, books and I don't know
what but I managed to spend over 100 dollars.  No clothing.
Nothing big. 

Here are a couple of pictures of summer time on the bridge and ferry! I cannot wait.

While in Target I saw the new book written by this great blogger in the best seller's section.  I went to show it to my friend who had grabbed it to look it over already. I excited told her how I knew the author. Well, sort of knew the author, you get that part.  Luckily she sent me the book to review so I have my own autographed copy.  Review coming soon! 

Today is another snow day where it really isn't snowing.  I was already not going to school as I have an appointment - the one that took me two years to get.  So I spent 2 hours making sub plans which now will not be used and I have to go one more day when I wasn't going today.  Yes, that makes me grumpy.  But I do think I will go swimming at the Edge - no extra gas and no hurry to get back. I was going to be hurrying back to get to a meeting at school and then my class but those won't be happening.

I think I'm going to try the running thing - probably on the treadmill this coming weekend. We'll see.  It's feeling quite good.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Different Lens

When I got to the "big city" fitness center which I can swim at through my gym on Friday morning I was amazed at how full the parking lot was. Doesn't anyone work?  But I managed to park and went in.  At one time my gym had a deal where we could use this fitness center on weekends and I think Wednesdays.  Every time I go I am waiting for them to tell me this is not a day I can be there. But it has never happened. I was going to beg to use it since I was already there but no begging necessary.

There was a fun looking class going on in the gym using large balls.  Then I saw millions of women wearing bathing suits and wondered if I would get a spot in the pool. I got a lane when I got in there but I was next to 3 open lanes that had a class happening.  There were easily 35 older women in it, a fair amount older than I am.  The class looked fun, not the level of aerobics I want at this point in my life, but they were active and having a blast.

Back to my lane. A woman asked to share it with me and I may have wanted to say no but of course I said no problem.  She wasn't in it too long before she disappeared.  I did my 64 lengths which is kind of a big deal for me. I was under a time crunch because I was meeting friends for lunch and I wanted to have time for the hot tub.  But I had a great workout.  I feel like I am speeding up and making my swim workout a tougher one.  Who knows what I look like but in my world I am feeling good.

So I get into the hot tub when I am done and the lady who had been sharing my lane was there.  She went on to say:
You were in there a long time.
You're a really good swimmer.
Thank you.

There were so many things going through my head, so many denials going through my head, knowing so many people would think this woman was NUTS to say I was a good swimmer. But she seemed sincere and I decided I would be gracious and just say thanks. It is annoying to compliment someone and get all kinds of protestations.

Besides..............I loved it and I'd be lying if I didn't say it made my day.
Maybe this coming summer I won't be quite as nervous
before the swim???

We got a lot of snow last night and it's continuing to fall so maybe I'm okay with the whole no racing for St. Patrick's Day.  I'd certainly hate to misstep!  

Hope you all had a great weekend working out however you chose!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Random Friday Facts

  • I love swimming!  Love it!  And right now as I continue to only swim that is a very good thing. I find myself really looking forward to my swims lately.  
  • My ankle/foot/leg is feeling better but I am still not going to run.  I don't have the flexibility yet and would rather overdo the wait this time. I don't know how long I can hold off. Last weekend was gorgeous and I thought I would get my bike out this weekend but lots of snow and very cold so no thank you.
  • It's hard to blog when you are only swimming.
  • This is going to be the first year I haven't done a St. Patrick's Day race.....maybe since I started running.  I have done St. Patrick Day races in Vermont (many), New Hampshire ( a couple) and DC.  
  • I am not sure I am going to get a race in in March and I always like to do a race a month. I am trying to tell myself no big deal.
  • My half marathon in a month is bothering me. I was hoping I could at least run/walk it but now I'm not so sure.  
  • It's hard to keep the weight off when you're not running.
  • It's especially hard to keep the weight off when you keep eating just a couple more jelly beans. Note to self: don't buy jelly beans.
  • I don't have to work today so I'm heading back up to Burlington to swim and use the hot tub again and wildly looking forward to it.
  • I'm also going out to lunch with friends.
  • We also may do a brewery tour.  Isn't that what all teachers do with a  day off?
  • I also might get some new fun colored pants that I see everyone wearing.
  • I may buy some running clothes. Necessary thing to do when you're not running, right?
  • If you're running a St. Patrick's Day Race enjoy it!  
Last year with one of my favorite racing partners (notice
I said one of Emily, not my favorite)

In DC a couple of years ago

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Not Yet

 a nice well lit space

My foot/ankle/leg is feeling better but I am not trying running yet. By no means is it all better so right now caution is the name of the game.  Plus this week is crazy busy with report cards to finish, a course night and two nights of parent conferences.  No time to run anyways so it will be early mornings at the pool.

I have gone swimming 3 times since I posted last. It's a little hard to write much about swimming.  My home town pool is crazy crowded. Thursday wasn't too bad but on Friday there were 9 people across our small 5 lane pool with 3 people sitting on a bench waiting to get in. I am getting there around 5:30 which is no easy feat for me.  So I got a spot on Friday - luckily next to the wall so I only had a chance of someone running into me on one side. The lady next to me was doing the back stroke which seems a little crazy when it is that crowded. It was not a relaxing swim until the last 10 minutes when there were only about 5 people in.
my suit, cap  and goggles are getting a lot of use

Yesterday I did nothing. Well nothing athletic. I went to school and spent at least 6 hours on report cards.  I also spent a good deal of time last Saturday and will need to finish them after school tomorrow.  The beautiful weather made me grumpy as I worked inside.  I had homework to do for a course I am taking but I was too burnt out and saved it for today.
 the hot tub the reward for when I am done

The plan for today was to go to Burlington to one of the many fitness clubs I can go to through my gym membership and use a pool.  Our high school pool is not open on the weekends.  So I got done what I needed to do.  My foot has been hurting quite a bit even with my weak kick but today it was much less noticeable.  I felt like I was in a state of bliss as I swam today.  I had as much time as I wanted.  There were lots of windows and light (not at my high school pool ever)  and once there I remembered the hot tub which I promised myself I would use after. I ended up swimming a mile, feeling faster, I probably wasn't but liked the feeling.

Then I got in the hot tub and I had a good book with me.  I was in heaven!  I stayed quite awhile and then I couldn't take the heat anymore.
the lake front was packed with runners and bikers

When I left I drove down to the lake - a mistake - because there were so many bikers and runners - so I quickly left so I could leave the jealousy behind and return to my blissful state.

I have been spending a lot of time icing my ankle. I may continue doing this for months. I put my  foot up, throw on some ice and read or go on the computer. It is very relaxing!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Three Things Thursday....The S Edition

1. I sorry I kept running in Maine after I stepped in the pot hole, fell quickly as I threw out the F bomb loudly (no one was around, mostly vacation homes)?  Well yes and no. I limped a few feet and then ran the two miles back to the hotel. My leg didn't hurt and although it occurred to me not to lengthen my run I never considered cutting it short. All my thoughts were on running the next day. Before I got back.... it still wasn't hurting but I was aware I could feel something which I soon found out was my ankle touching my shoe where my ankle doesn't usually touch my shoe. Must have been that whole swollen thing.  I may have wish I'd been smarter and known to stop running but I don't see me doing it differently at the time. In the future the same thing may cause me to take a different course.  And of course I didn't exactly give my ankle a lot of TLC the rest of the day either. Oh we are so much smarter with hindsight.

2. I being smart now and listening to my body?  Why yes I am. Thank you for commenting and telling me to listen to my body. I checked my blog comments several times in the last couple of days because I needed to hear others telling me not running is smart. I so badly wanted to run today.  It didn't hurt like yesterday.  But I had publicly said I would not run today and I didn't!!  I do plan to swim tomorrow but I am not sure when the whole run thing will happen again. I have not been singing running's praises for quite awhile so I am amazed at how much I miss it but man I do. Johann said it best in my comments with yet another S word: "Even though it sucks big time it is still the fastest way back to full recovery." 

3. I love you swimming!  Your low "impactedness" allows me to get a workout in.  I may not be any good but you don't care.  Up and down the pool, up and down the pool.  That's not the way to get better?  Who cares!  I am working out, I feel good when I am done, my confidence in swimming is building, I know I can do the distance and not drown and most important of all, you are keeping me sane.

And I'm aware that I am hitting the publish button on Wednesday, not Thursday, but in order to be sure there is room for me in our newly crowded pool I need to get up at a ridiculous hour and get there.  No time to check Facebook, play Words with Friends or publish a post.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm Listening

Okay, I was a tad excited a bit too soon about my running ability.  Things seemed great Saturday, Sunday and even Monday as I walked and ran my on the treadmill. I may have changed the walk to run ratio too soon.  My ankle/foot/leg was not happy today.  I even noticed it when I was swimming.  It ached all day.  Not a lot.  But enough for me to rethink my current plans and decide for now I could have no plans.  Tomorrow will be a day off even though my bag is packed and ready to go out the door with me in the morning.  Yes, it will be.  I repeat. Yes, tomorrow will be a day off.  There I've said it in public so now I need to do it.

No more talk of training.  We'll see which halves I get to do.  It's all in the future but right now I'll try to appreciate the days I can run and not pick it up too soon.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back in the Hokas Again

I ran both days this weekend.  Yesterday I walked 3 and ran 1 mile on the treadmill.  The treadmill never looked so good.  No potholes to worry about and I could stop at any time.  The mile I ran was the slowest mile I ever ran on the treadmill but it felt so good.

Today I went back for more and felt ever so much better. Today I ran 3 miles with 2 miles of walk breaks peppered in there. I could go somewhat faster and it felt completely good. I am wearing an ankle brace which helps me at least mentally.  I am so happy to be running again.  I know I have not been shy about my preference for biking but in Vermont the love of biking only takes you so far in the long off season. The trainer just doesn't cut it and that wasn't feeling so great either.

Last week I swam 4 mornings.  I could tell my ankle was really improving so I skipped Friday with a short walk/run on Saturday in mind.  Swimming was CRAZY this week. It was like January 1 and everyone had just made that New Year's Resolution. But people it is March.  Why are you coming so early in droves now?  I was at the pool before 6 the other morning and there were already 9 cars there and two women got out of the car next to me.  The pool is not a big one.  So far I have been able to get in but it's much more fun when not so crowded. I am glad I can reduce it this week and get some serious aerobic workouts in. It is hard for me to make swimming particularly aerobic with my lack of speed and whatever it is I am missing.

Now I am wondering what I do about my half marathon training plan.  My first spring half is mid April. I don't feel I'll be ready for that but I have two more in the spring.  I know people miss two weeks all the time and keep going but since I have options I am rethinking this.  I have one on May 5 I think which is 9 weeks away.  I am thinking maybe I will go back to week 4 of my training plan and train "hard" for that one.  Then I also have one on May 29 or so and I could do that one but both Emily and Jameson will be racing it and I would like to just have fun and not worry so much about my time.  The trouble is May 5 is a hilly one but a goal to do better than last year would be a worthwhile one IMO.  Thoughts?  How long have you missed and jumped back into a training plan?  I am not sure how completely I can do it even now.  This week will be a bit of a trial and error for me.  I am still a little hesitant going down stairs and I can't do my stretches yet.
Unplugged Half - not feeling I'll be ready

Maple Half - hilly but at a good time

VCM - just want to enjoy the day

I also registered for two races this summer.  I have been looking and looking and looking at the Shipyard Half in Portland, Maine.  I like the course, the medals, the brewery putting it on. Those are good reasons right?  I don't know about a half in mid July but oh well.  I also registered for the Biggest Loser race at the end of July.  Link on my sidebar for either of these races if you want to know more.  This race is rather unique (involves a chairlift ride) and I couldn't resist. It is a 5K or a 15K.  The problem is it is the day after my triathlon I have registered for so I went with the 5K option.

Love signing up for races!

Love running again!

What's rocking your world right now?