Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Day of Cleaning and Time to Go Home

It is amazing what we accomplished in the last two days.  Things are put away, laundry is done, groceries are bought and things are looking good.

The weather today was great but first thing we were good cleaning bees and got back to being busy cleaning and organizing while waiting for the best guy in the world to come by with a car and take us to Target.  We bought all kinds of necessary things including a zillion hangars. But the big thrill for this small town girl was the shopping cart escalator.  Really?  That's what I said when I asked Emily how we got upstairs with the shopping cart.  Here is the proof.  Yes, I don't know anyone here so why not take a picture?
Once back "home" we were right back at it and I got to assemble a bunch of crates - oh joy - I am so good at anything mechanical.  Several swears later it was done.  Em wanted to go to Pilates again thank goodness so I got another run in, this time on a stunningly gorgeous day. What a great day for MCM especially after yesterday.  I took the same run since I love it and it was the right amount of time.  The Lincoln Memorial was much more crowded than yesterday.

I was happy with my run.  I feel like I have been talking a lot about how I like the run once I am done but the runs I have had here I have loved while I have been running.  Maybe loved is a stretch for yesterday but Friday and today were great. They felt good and I just had such joy during the runs.

New day new place

I didn't get a run in this morning - Em and I went for a quick breakfast instead.  But the taxi drove along my run route.  (  I have my own run route in DC. I love it. I love knowing where I am a lot of the time!)
Now I'm waiting at the airport after having both my bags thoroughly searched.  They didn't like the tube of Nunn hiding in my bag!  But I'll forgive them because they now have free Internet at National Airport!  I won't be sitting here long  before I have to board to fly to NYC to sit for a much longer time where the Internet isn't free.  A direct flight would have gotten me home so much quicker but getting here and back a harder way hands down beat not coming.   I'm glad I could come help Emily.  I don't think - truthfully - she could have done it without me. There was a lot of moving and lifting that you just can't do with crutches.  I don't see friends hanging in for the whole weekend needed.  I HATED leaving this morning - would like to stay for the whole month she is on crutches. I did get one more load of laundry done and folded - a simple task that is not so simple right now.  I wanted to buy her a 12 pack of diet coke as she was craving it and it is too much to carry (you think) but I ran out of time.  I needed to get to the airport for the extended bag search.  I got a text from her that she dropped her breakfast on the Metro floor. Sucky things happening continue on.  But there are good things too.  Tonight she is meeting a good friend for supper. Tomorrow night she is doing something awesome sponsored by Lululemon.  We both had gift cards to Lulu and stopped there last night after working out.  I may have gotten two new things.  

One thing I know - I will look at anyone on crutches with new eyes and try to think of what I can do even in a small way to help.  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Bit of a Pity Post

Saturday was a work day for sure.  Sadly it was interrupted by a visit to Urgent Care.  Emily has an ear infection from being in the pool which of course she can no longer do.  When it rains it pours as they say.  Which it was doing yesterday.  And by the way do you realize how much it sucks in general to be on crutches?  Try it in the rain, in the cold.  I wanted super human powers so I could carry Emily place to place or beam her there.  Unfortunately she had to just slog along on her own.  By suppertime we were defeated with the whole crutch transportation thing and I just went and picked up some pizza.  It was also the first time I had my first real coffee of the day which is also an indicator of how bad the weather was which sounds strange but I just couldn't deal with one more thing and getting coffee was one more thing. Okay I will move on from the pity part of the post.

We did get a lot done yesterday but there is still much to do.  We are currently waiting for a friend with a car to take us to Target.

Well, maybe a bit more of a pity party.

Yesterday mid morning Em went to Pilates and I went for a run.  When she first opened the door and swore exclaimed over the weather I suggested we not go.  It was so cold and pouring. I don't mind running in the rain  but I like to be home immediately after so I can jump in the shower.  But I sucked it up (Em is the one on crutches and I am the one whining?) and off we went. I left her off at Pilates and took off running. I ran to the Mall, along the Potomac to the Lincoln Memorial.  I had spent about half the time I had so I turned around and headed back. I didn't want any worries about being lost so it was an out and back run for sure.  After I picked Em up we headed to get lunch (I am soaking wet but I am a trooper).  Once out on crutches you do what you need to before heading home.  Then it became obvious that Urgent Care needed to be a stop and sooner rather than later.  The good thing about ear aches is you can get a prescription and it starts feeling better much sooner than a broken foot.  But to get that prescription it involves more trudging around in the bad weather.  I was worried Em was going to slip.  While at the drug store we may have gotten pretzel M+Ms, Halloween pumpkins and some chocolate/peanut butter candy.

Did I mention that for some of these errands I was soaked from my run?  And it wasn't exactly balmy?  Yeah.  I did run home and shower and change (only to get wet again......but not as wet) while Em was actually in Urgent Care.  I have heard it is cold out today but at least it isn't raining.

I did enjoy my run yesterday - a great deal in fact - but the whole after thing....not so much.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Day in DC for the Healing Trip

It took FOREVER to get to DC.  Usually I make my reservations way ahead and fly non stop for about an hour and a half. Never had a delayed flight, cancellation, anything.  This trip had to fly a different airline with a stop in NYC.  Delays at both Burlington and NYC.  I thought I'd get to DC about 9:30 but it was closer to midnight. No question that I was taking a taxi and not the Metro.  Got to Em's, muttered Happy Birthday and tried to fall asleep.  The operative word is tried.  I slept poorly and will probably pay for it later.
Emily on her way to Fuse Pilates

An early morning sunrise

We were up bright and early. Em went off to Pilates and I decided to go for a run. I wasn't quite ready to run in the dark alone in a major city so I took the Metro to the Smithsonian and by the time I got there it was light.  I took off and had hardly gone anywhere when I thought I saw someone I recognized. It was Katie from This Amazing Day who was also staring at me. We exchanged quick hellos as we crossed the road in opposite directions.  She had someone with her I didn't recognize but I hope I didn't ignore a blogger I know. I would especially upset to ignore Kandi, my Words with Friends pal who is running her first marathon this weekend. I hope to meet her on a trip down here but this one is a bit busy.  I ran in the opposite direction I usually do and headed along the Potamac "home."  It was a pleasant run, just over 4 miles.
Fall colors surprise me other places than Vermont.
I am a bit of a foliage snob but there are
pretty colors here.

I always like  this part of my run.

Soon I headed off to Em's job to pick her up to go to her doctor's appointment. It was the first time I had visited her here.
Visiting  Em at work

 Later I went out to lunch with her and three of her co workers.  Then I walked for a solid 2 1/2 hours, not strolled, walked!  I was beat. I went back to the Mall, walked from the Capitol to the Washington Monument, all around the Tidal Basin (my favorite walk in DC which had been closed) and then back to the Capitol and back to Em's work.
Walking around the Tidal Basin

A Chance to see a New Memorial

More color

Then it was out to supper to celebrate Em's bday where I laughed more than a little. Saturday will be mostly work with very little play!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday The Quick and Dirty Edition

1. I am so glad to be in the airport and know I am on the way to DC to see my girl and help out as much as I can. I can go to her doctor's appt. tomorrow and get the info about her healing process right away!  I can offer moral support if it isn't what she wants to hear but I hope it is encouraging!  I will see how in the world she is getting around the city on the crutches. I can't imagine it.  Pictures to come.
 I can't say I mind leaving the snow prediction behind either. It was spitting out snow when I left my yard this morning.  I do love the stuff but just not yet.  

2. This has been one of the most hectic weeks going.  There was so much to do at school to get ready to leave, to get ready for conferences and to just plain teach.  I love my team who has helped me out in many ways to make it easier for me to be gone.  I took my workout clothes to work yesterday as I was going to run after work.  Part way through the day I knew it wasn't going to happen.  I got to school at 7 on Tuesday and left at 5:30.  Wed. it looked like another similar day plus I had a lot to do at home. As much as I hate saying I am too busy to exercise........yesterday I was truly too busy to exercise.  Letting it go lowered my stress.  I just couldn't do it and have any time with my husband before I left and get ready.

3.  I did run on Monday on the treadmill and it was a great workout.  Then Tuesday I was back in the pool.  I went from 8 freestyle laps to 11 with all of them involving rhythmic breathing. I wore a swim cap and goggles and felt like an impostor.  Each first lap was easy but part way through the second I would find myself swallowing water.  But I could see improvements and for some strange reason I am enjoying it a lot.
I know I will swim in DC with Em so that will be fun and different for my visits there. CAN'T WAIT TO GET THERE!

Monday, October 24, 2011

When a Mom is Needed

At the end of the week I'll be heading to DC again. I hadn't planned to go this fall as Emily was very busy with running and the weekends I could go she wasn't there.  Well, if you follow her blog you know things have changed.  There has been more than one time this past month when I have HATED not being closer. It is so hard not to be there when your kids need you.  Phone calls, emails, texts just don't cut it.  So I am taking a little time to go down and help her.  She will need some help getting settled into her apartment  as she is not able to do a whole lot of moving things around, organizing etc. I hope to help her set up her room, do some laundry, buy some groceries, go to a doctor's appt., anything needed. Yes, I am sure I will have fun but that is not the point of this trip. I am going to be a mother and help as much as possible.  The bonus is that it is her birthday and I will be there for that.  It's awhile since I have been with my first born on the actual day.

She can't run but I hope to do a little running while I am there.  She can swim so I am hoping I get at least one or two hints on improving my stroke.  You all know I need it.

This week I am going to have to stay late at work for  a few days to make sub plans (you cannot imagine how much time sub plans take unless you are a teacher) and get ready for parent conferences which start the day I get back.  I will have to hit the ground running. I need to give information to all my team members for their students that I teach too. I hope to start on a form I want to use tomorrow.  But cramming all this work in now and after will be worth it if I can help my girl.

This trip will be a little more like this visit.......

.......than this one when we were both in great running shape!

But that's okay because running is not the only thing that matters.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This weekend I did things I enjoyed!


I went for a run. It was only 4 miles and it was slow but it felt great! T came down to run with me even though it wasn't a long one. We didn't even begin to catch up on things. We stopped by the library book sale to pick out books for her mother as her mother likes the books I send better than the ones T does. Funny!   I was tempted to run again today but decided every other day for a few days.


I changed my clothes around.  Yes, it was work but it is done and it always feels a bit like shopping.  You get out those clothes you had forgotten about that you love so much.  I love cold weather clothes!  Hoodies, 3/4 zips - can't have too many of those, jackets, fleece, jeans!   


We lost electricity!  Why is this good?  Well, I was already going for a bike ride but since the electricity went off my husband came too.  This is very rare!  He couldn't watch football or work on anything so he came.  When we were driving to our starting point he asked me if I brought my cell phone. I  told him I did.  He then wondered if AAA worked for bikes.  Once we parked he wondered why I parked in the lower parking lot when it meant going up a hill immediately.  But he did great in spite of a very old bike with very few gears and rarely getting on the thing. We did almost 24 miles.  The foliage is past peak but it was still nice.  The route we took is one of my favorite ones that I took with my friends earlier in the summer.  It was nice to share it with him and he really liked it.  When we were done we went and got sandwiches to bring home so I didn't even have to get supper. SCORE!
Two bikes on the rack!

This time the road was really closed.

I am loving this ride.

I haven't done one of these photos in awhile.

Here comes my husband.

Sheep on Sheep Farm Road - love this road!

I have bungie cords and straps but my husband gets out the baling twine.


Last night we went to a friend's for dinner and there were many people there I haven't seen in quite awhile. The food and company were great! Loved it.

What was the best part of your weekend?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday for real

1. Swimming!
It is great to do a sport you are so bad at because it is so easy to improve which makes you feel like a rock star.  Today I doubled my free style distance. If I did that running I would probably injure myself but not in swimming.  I did 4 sets of 2 laps each of free style!  Yes, that is a big deal! Two laps in a row my friends!  No drowning involved. And get this!  I used rhythmic breathing for half a lap!  Baby steps, baby steps!  Again, I enjoyed it a ton and I am sure everyone there was glad they looked good in comparison.  I was glad I was in a pool next to the wall for those two laps.  Swimming in a lake can't happen for quite some time thank goodness!

2. A Great Field Trip
We went on our first field trip of the year. The forecast was terrible and we almost cancelled it. It turned out to be truly gorgeous most of the day with a few rain showers.  The trip involved being in the woods all day, lots of trails and lots of water.  That is a sure hit with 3rd and 4th graders!  It was nice to be outside and not to be constantly telling kids to use their inside voices and stop tipping in your chairs and please stop the noises.   Here are a few of the 1000 pics I took.
A running relay game to start the day

Hiking to the next station

Meeting a tree

Measuring the circumference

"We're not tipping in our chairs today."

3. I found out that bike jacking is a real problem. When I mentioned it in my last post I thought it was a strange occurrence but apparently it really happens with some frequency.  In some places children can't ride bikes to school because of it. THAT IS HORRIBLE! What is wrong with people!!! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holy Sh** Did that really happen?

This is not something I ever thought I had to worry about even I can imagine many scary scenarios as I run and bike.  This morning in my local paper I read:

One of the suspects shoved the 19-year-old victim off the bike and rode away, Burlington police Sgt. Matthew Sullivan said in a statement Monday. The other suspect rode off on a BMX-style bike, Sullivan said.

It did happen at 2:15 in the morning which is not a time I am apt to be out riding so I guess I don't need to worry too much.  But I must say when I am riding it has never occurred to me that someone is going to knock me off my bike and speed away with it!

Happily my bike rides this week have been less eventful than the above mentioned ride.  I commuted yesterday and while not sunny the foliage was still rather stunning.

Today I did NOT commute as I had an appointment two towns away and while I am rather hard core I cannot bike that distance in the time I had. So I drove to work , the appointment , back home and got ready to ride.

But I didn't feel like riding because I was chilled but my choices were:

  • skip exercising - not me
  • go to the gym and use the elliptical - right
  • suck it up and ride even though it was cold

So I guess you know what I chose.

By that time it was 5:30 on a dismalish day (I think I just made that word up) and not very light out. So I got out my two bike lights to ride with. Last time I couldn't get my light off and may have forced it off and maybe it no longer attaches and stays on the handlebars.  I ended up putting it in my bento box. Cars could see me but it didn't do much for what I could see.

Imagine the beaver. He is there but I didn't capture him.

It wasn't very dark at first and I had a huge thrill on the first half of my ride. I didn't bring my camera because it was getting dark (true) and I wouldn't see anything I hadn't seen before (false).  I went by a beaver dam that I run by on many runs and rides. I always look for  a beaver but have not seen one in 30ish years. I am not exaggerating as the last time I saw one I had no children!  Well, tonight I glanced over as always and THERE WAS A BEAVER SWIMMING! I watched and tried to take pictures with my phone.  Before long he slapped his tail and dove!

 I continued on my way and came to a point where I could go longer or shorter. I went longer and was truly enjoying my ride in spite of being way overdressed. I guess it wasn't as cold as I thought. I don't want to tell you what I wore - it was ridiculous for 53 degrees on a bike.  Then I came to another longer or shorter point and I went with the shorter route.  This was good as the longer route was on my canopy road which would have been really dark.  It was getting darker by the minute (duh) and I had to go by the dam again and guess what?  He was out again! Are beavers more apt to come out at dawn and dusk? I used to see them all those many years ago when I rode very early in the morning.  These beaver sightings put me in quite a good mood.  I also was really enjoying this dark riding. It wasn't pitch black but I was surprised at how quickly it grew quite dark. When I got home  I really needed a flashlight to put my bike away and walk across the yard.  But the ride rocked and took away some stress.

And here's a few more fall photos for those of you who are experiencing a vicarious Vermont fall.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Swimming, biking, running, foliage

  • A lot of this post is going to be about swimming and I have no pictures of me swimming.  That is only a good thing.  So enjoy the foliage shots of Vermont I got on Facebook.  
  • I realize that I have a job when I swim and I do that job well.  My job is to make everyone else in the pool feel good about their swimming technique.
  • I suck at swimming. Sometimes people put down how they do in a certain area but it's not true. Believe me this is true!  
  • I can do the yards in a pool as long as I am doing the breaststroke.  Someone implied that if I tried to do a tri using the breast stroke I would embarrass my Ironman daughter. While I don't think that's true  I do think it would be a good thing for me to be able to do a faster stroke. So I am listening to the advice.
  • At least it is supposed to be faster.  When I do the free style I am very slow. I can barely make it to the end of the lane and feel my body being pulled to the bottom of the pool.  Gravity is not my friend.
  • Rhythmic breathing?  What's that?  But I did buy a pair of goggles yesterday in case I ever figure it out.
  • I need help.  I suck at swimming.
  • I  enjoy it.  Not like I love biking. But I do like the feeling I have after -similar to running.
  • I swam twice this week.  The last three times I have been I have increased the number of laps I do the freestyle in.  First I did 1.  Then I did 2.  Saturday I did 4.  Progress.  But I always made sure I was swimming away from everyone so they didn't have as direct a view. At least that is what I tell myself.
  • I shared a lane yesterday because the pool was crowded. The poor guy who was in my lane probably wondered at my style.
  • I plan to try to do two laps in a row of free style. I am hoping I don't drown. I get why they tell you not to swim alone.  
  • Two whole laps in a  row, maybe.  How long until summer and a new tri season?  Maybe I should shoot for 2013.  I can't believe I asked about clothing.  That is the least of my problems.
Sunday I biked. It wasn't sunny but it wasn't raining.  I did bike by this scene below but I actually got this photo on Facebook taken by someone with more time and a better camera.

  • All of our fall weekends have been rather dismal and rainy except last weekend when I left the state.  
  • It has been more than 3 weeks since I ran if you don't count the race last Sunday.
  • You know you are missing it when it is raining and you enjoy the dash from the car to the place you are going.
Here are a few pics from my ride today. 

More Irene damage - I hadn't been this way in awhile.

 I had to stop here and wait for a tree to be cut down. 
It made quite an impressive noise as it was falling but
it did not end up in the road.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moving In

Saturday was spent helping my son move into his new condo WHICH HE JUST PURCHASED!  Truthfully I didn't do much to help. He had it under control. His primary concern seemed to be getting his new giant tv hooked up and working.  We couldn't run errands for a stretch of time because the all so important cable guy was coming! Somehow I didn't get a picture of the tv.  FAIL!
Teddy has come to visit sitting on the other necessary item..
....... a very comfortable couch for watching the giant tv.

I don't have a lot of pictures yet because it was mostly boxes but it is a great place. It's biggest plus is that it is two floors with very spacious rooms.  It is at the edge of the development near the woods allowing for more privacy.  He seems to know what he wants and needs and is on a mission to get those things.
He's already got dishes, knives, all the important stuff.
I ran out to get the garbage bags.
We did hit up the new cupcake shop for a little cupcake
I'm very proud of him. He knew what he wanted and he now has it!
Can't wait to see it become his home.