Monday, June 23, 2014


My second century is in the books. 

Once again I pulled it off with just 60ish miles for the long ride beforehand.  This year seemed easier but it could have been the perfect weather and the lack of monsoons at the end.
Ready to start. I say it was perfect but it was actually quite chilly at the start.

The weather was coolish but not cold for most of the day.  The sun was generally out and the surroundings were stunningly gorgeous.  They had twice as many riders as last year!
One of the first overlooks.  Stunning.

There were options of 25, 50, 70 and 100.  I think 50 may be the most popular.  I am a bit amazed I rode 100 again.  I was telling my husband I saw lots of parties ........graduation, wedding etc.  Then I thought of course I saw lots of parties. I rode by 100 miles worth of yards.

I rode this alone as I did last year.  Last year I had some friends doing it but this year they were all busy.
When I got to the first aid station it was packed as I think all riders go to that one.  Everyone is cheery and full of energy.  It's at about 23 miles. The next one on the 100 mile route was at around 61 so I was glad I had tons and tons plenty of food with me.
A pleasant place to stop and regroup.

There were lots of sailboats out but the wind wasn't bad on the ride.

  I stopped at a bench after I rode around Isle La Motte and ate a snack, reapplied sun screen and checked my phone.

I had another long section along the lake before veering off to the north to a part of the state I am not familiar with. This was pretty enough but no water.  Eventually you come to a huge bridge and you are going down along the lake again.  I got a message that informed me I was now abroad.  Nope.  No passport required to cross the bridge.

At some point in this section a truck came along and asked me if I was doing the 100. Then they said they would wait for me at the rest stop. Why?  I must be last.  I know I'm slow and I don't think many are doing the 100.  When I get there they are picking up the rest stop, all the food is gone although they scrounged some up for me.  The discarded banana peels were such a tease. So I ate more peanut butter and jelly, used the very clean new bathrooms here and continued on my way.  Now the guy from the truck and one other guy were riding.  I went ahead, again much of it along the lake and found the rest stop I missed last  year.  IT.HAD.WATERMELON!  The two guys and I were there. One man appeared to be the sweeper!  

Sometime after this it got hilly.  Last year this section killed me.  I didn't find it that bad this year. Again - the weather really helped!

I was thinking about the burger and beer at the end for about the last 20 miles.  I wasn't dead but man did they sound good.  Trouble was when I got there IT.WAS.ALL.GONE.  I thought it was because I was slow but apparently they ran our for a lot of people. Very disappointing.
This is the beginning of the hilly section.

  • Yellow arrows told you the way. I loved seeing these when I wasn't sure I was on the right route.
  • No deer jumped in front of me.
  • The painted signs in the road were even better.  You knew exactly which way to ride. Different colors were for different length routes.
  • I saw this horse and buggy sign 3 times. I saw no horses and buggies. I was not in Amish country. I was not lost.  I don't have any idea why these signs were here.

Monday, June 16, 2014

What a Weekend!

School is OUT! Well the students are done. I have a  bit more to accomplish.  We had two good field trips this last week.  What fun!  They went right along with our unit and added so much.  We also had step up day where next year's kids visit. They were all on their honey moon behavior! We'll see but I think it will be okay.

Saturday I rode 63 miles. I took a 50 mile route I do and extended it in a few places. I am hoping to do a century on Saturday and wanted another 60 under my belt.  Last time I did one I was exhausted. This time I felt like I could have done some more miles - a good sign.  I went back to Crown Point where we had gone on a field trip.  It was much quieter without all the students.

It was strange not to have many excited kids running around.

I always love this bridge.

I stopped to take this picture and the mother? father? was not very
happy. I thought it was going to dive bomb me.

Sunday we went out to breakfast with Jameson!  Then we went back to his place and just hung out with him and Jaxon which is always a win.  Then when we got home we left to go for a bike ride. Wait, is it Mother's Day, not Father's Day? worked for me.  It was a delightful day and we got in a quick ride on one of my favorite routes.  My husband enjoyed it too. I didn't get into school like I had planned but it was worth it. Yes, I now have to go in tomorrow but I'll manage!

This is actually near the end of our ride.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three Things Thursday Plus Two

1. I am skipping swimming as I write this.  Not like me but I think I needed a lazy morning. Three mornings in a row of getting up for an early run apparently is enough.

2. We have our second field trip this week.  Smart, smart, smart whoever planned that for the last full week of school.  There is lots to visit when you study the Revolutionary War and we took full advantage.  Monday we went to Fort Ticonderoga in New York. Today we go to the Maritime Museum which is nearby and will see lots of great stuff including the Philadelphia gunboat and the Lois McClure schooner.  It's raining but until today we have been very lucky with the weather.  There is still so much to do before the end of the year.  (As a teacher - busy work) Ugh.

3. I missed my bike ride yesterday because of the rain. Ugh.  Hope to get it in later.  But that may not happen. Trying to be relaxed about missing workouts.

4. I always carry my phone or camera when I run. Except Tuesday.  When a deer ran in front of me and stopped and looked at me.  Of course it did.

5.  I leave for Alaska in two weeks.  It is the number one place on my bucket list and I am going there!  I cannot wait.  I won't get much biking in but I plan  to run when I can and maybe swim a little????  Guessing not many laps.  But it's all good!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rye By The Sea Duathlon.......By The Numbers

First let me say I had a blast at this race.  Perhaps any race involving a bike causes me to have a good time but put it by the ocean on a gorgeous day and yes it's a blast!

These are not in order of importance.

0 - the number of pairs of running shoes I had with me
These weren't great but they certainly beat my Keens.

1 - the number of pairs of sneakers I borrowed from my friend

1 - the number of black toe nails I have from wearing shoes slightly too small

3.1 - the number of miles I ran in the first run, including two miles through the woods

3 - the number of times I had to stop and tie my shoes even when they were double knotted
Now the fun starts.

3 - the number of people who passed me on my bike after I started quite far back

30 - the number of people I passed on the bike

2 - the number of people who passed me back after I passed them on the bike

17 - the number of miles I raced on my bike
Yeah I took some extra time in transition to drink a bunch of
water. Plus it let my legs stop shaking.

Proof! This is lightning fast for me.

17.5 the M.P.H. I raced those 17 miles at
Glad to be done.  I liked going in the opposite direction. It made
it feel like you were doing something different.

3.1 - the number of miles I ran in the second run including two miles through the woods in the reverse direction

190 - the number of racers

140/190 - my place in the first run

115/190 - my place on the bike

140/190 my place in the second run  (These places include transitions so it's a little hard to know time)
IMO medals never get old.

1 - the place I got in my age group
Nubble Lighthouse - my happy place.

2 - the number of hours I spent at the beach after the race

I had such a good time at the race and during my brief visit in NH and Maine. I was glad my friend went with me.  Especially for her shoes!  Just kidding. All around fun to travel with a friend.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Can I Do 100?

Mad River Glen

Sugarbush North in the background.

The same Century ride that I did last year is in 3 weeks.  Can I do it?  I did 60 today and I.AM.BEAT!
Last year the most I had done before the ride was 60 but I don't remember being so tired after the 60.  Next weekend I have a duathlon and will not be riding long.  I am not sure about the following weekend so this may be it.  The Century is flat until the last 15 miles. Today I was riding a 40 mile route that I was going to add to so I went up the mountain right away to do 5 up, 5 down. I had never ridden this before and anyone who saw me may have thought I was heading over one of the mountain gaps in the region that so many riders go over. NOPE.  I wasn't feeling that hard core but I will say even what I did was a bit of a challenge. The last mile in particular was tough and I was sweating like a pig when I got to the ski area.  Then I turned around for that blessed downhill although I rode my brakes pretty hard.

But I did run 8 and ride 26 yesterday so I wasn't exactly rested!  Just thought of this.
You follow this river for most of the way.


So much of this ride is gorgeous.

Then I met my friend for the 40 mile ride I have done a couple of times. I was thinking it was 30 but 40 was even better. The route is beautiful and it was a perfect day.  You feel like you are going to be going nothing but up on the way back but that is not the case. A route that makes you think you are going downhill in two directions is okay with me.  We ended up at the Capitol building which is a great spot for a little rest and a snack.

On the way back my friend took off while I added more miles.  I do like riding alone and not worrying about holding people up. I am typically the slow one in the bunch.  I can stop and take pictures and go my own pace.  When I got back to my car I needed 3 more miles.  HUGE groan. But I did it even though I so didn't want to.  I had actually accepted early on that I would only be doing 40 or so as I was feeling quite spent.  But I got a second wind, knew I would do at least 50 and couldn't resist going after my original goal of 60.

Woot! Woot!