Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Run

Finally I accomplished my goal of racing one race in each calendar month. Last year I had almost made it when a family emergency prohibited me from finishing this goal. Today I raced in Last Run in Shelburne Vermont. I actually met several goals by running this race. I ran with a family member (Emily); it was a new race never run before for me, I placed in my age group, I was first in my age group and I got my name in the Burlington Free Press! I was also the oldest runner in the race by almost 10 years although that is not a goal!
The conditions were cool at the start but good for racing. But the first and last 1/4 mile were VERY icy and snowy. This caused my second mile to be my fastest which is the opposite of how I usually race. My pace was not in the 8s which is always my goal but I was satisfied with my result. It was a great way to end the year and I can't wait to run in First Run tomorrow!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Possible Races 2010

Most Likely RUN IN 2010

First Run (already registered)

Polar Cap - great race at Lake George in Feb.

Stowe 8 Miler

Bristol Fourth of July

VCM relay

Shamrock Shuffle

Basin Harbor

Run for Empowerment

Shaker 7

Archie Post

Round Church

(will do one marthon)

Hampton Half

Hampton Rockfest (marathon) or Cox Sports Marathon or Desert Island or Hartford Marathon

Eastern 20 Miler (really only want to do if I can find someone to do it with which is unlikely)

100 0n 100

Delmar Dash

All Women and One Lucky Guy Half Marathon

Something in DC area

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goals 2009

Each year I have several running/racing goals. Many remain the same each year but not all. This year I had 12 goals.

#1 I always go for best 5 and 10 K times. Ultimately I hope to get an overall PR but realistically I am looking at getting a PR in each of these for the year. It makes the year fun. The first race at the length is the time to beat. For the 5K my first race was First Run which I ran in 28:02. I beat it first at the Inaugural 5K which Emily and I drove almost 4 hours each way to run in the coldest temperatures I have ever run in. We didn’t get out of the car until the last minute. I ran it in 26:14, perhaps to get inside more quickly. We both won age group awards and went home with lots of prizes. I beat it one more time at the Red Dress for Women in Hartford, Conn. another race Emily and I drove about 4 hours one way to be in. I ran it in 26:06 and again won an age group prize. We also got the cutest race shirts ever so I guess it was all worth it. Now that Emily has moved to DC I can’t imagine anyone traveling distances with me to race 5Ks.

#2 My first 10 K time was 56:12 at the Spring Fling in Shelburne. I won an age group prize there too. Truthfully there weren’t many of us but hey I was out there running! I beat that time when I ran the Run for Empowerment on the Burlington bike path in June. My time was a flat 54:00.

#3 My third goal was to run some new races. I met this goal MANY times. The new races I ran were Inaugural 5K in Durham,NH - Shamrock Shuffle in Lebanon NH (thumbs up, may go back), Delmar Dash in New York - loved this race, very flat 5 miler, another cold one, Champlain Classic in Shelburne , Shaker 7 in Enfield, NH , loved this race -very scenic loop, Red Dress for Women in Hartford, Conn., had read about and always wanted to do, had a unique mother/daughter division., 100 on 100 , wow what a race, Downtown 10K in Burlington, Peak Performance Maine Marathon, All Women and One Lucky Guy Half Marathon in York Maine - most scenic race ever! If I think about it which of these races did I like the most??? I think I would have to say the 100 on 100 for the team aspect as hard as it was.

#4 Run a marathon/pr - Well I ran a marathon but I definitely did not PR this year! But I did get an age group award.

#5 Race in new state - that would be Connecticut.

#6 Get name in New England Runner or Burlington Free Press - Both my name and Emily’s name were in the March/April edition of New England Runner for the Inaugural 5K. Good thing we drove those 8 hours!

#7 Race with family members - again -did I ever meet this one!! I ran with Steve in First Run right off the bat. I ran with Emily in Inaugural 5K, Big Lake Half Marathon, Vermont City Marathon(half for me),Basin Harbor 5K, Run for Empowerment 10K, Red Dress for Women 5K, Stowe 8 Miler, and 100 on 100. I ran with Jameson - my relay partner in Vermont City Marathon! What a great year!!!! ( Emily plans to run Last Run with me when she is home in December. )

#8 1st in age group - I only met this once - at Basin Harbor where they don’t do age group awards!

#9 Place in age group - I placed in my age group at the Inaugural 5K, Polar Cap Run, Spring Fling 10K, Champlain Classic, Basin Harbor, Red Dress for Women, Downtown 10K, and the Maine Marathon.

#10 Run 125 miles in a month and 1500 total for the year - The months I hit this total are March, April, June, July, August and September. August had the highest total with 221 miles run. I am on track to hit 1500 total easily with only 8 left to go.

#11 Be in the top half of everyone there - The races I managed this are: Inaugural 5k, Shamrock Shuffle, Champlain Classic, VCM relay, Red Dress for Women, and Downtown 10K. Other races were very close. Remember age wise I am far from the first half!

#12 Race a month - I have done this so far with May, June and July being the months with 3 each. September included Archie Post which is not mentioned elsewhere and is absolutely one of my favorite races every year.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

All Women and One Lucky Guy

I discovered that Hal Higdon is my friend. In order to perform the way I want at a race I need to follow a training plan. Having said that I am still pleased with my race today. I had run 4 miles on Thursday and that is it in the last 2 weeks! I ran a respectable 2:12 with a pace just over 10 minutes a mile. I was 15/31 in my age group, not really rocking but also respectable. It was an outstanding course, easily the most scenic I have raced on and I seek scenic races! The sun was out, the temperature was just right and the ocean was sparkling! The race consisted of 3 loops. Two of the loops had the most ocean viewing but even the last one had a good amount. The second loop went up the Nubble Lighthouse, always one of my favorite spots in Maine. After going past the lighthouse we ran toward Short Sands Beach. There was a point where we turned and were running straight at a cliff overlooking the Atlantic! It was stunning. A strong smell of ocean greeted us on this gorgeous stretch. I kept my pace fairly steady. The most discouraging part was in the third loop where we ran south along the beach and continued past York Inn. It seemed like we were going south f-o-r-e-v-e-r and that the route back would be impossibly long. Once we finally turned around my attitude was much improved! I had an excellent finish, perhaps I should have been running faster if I had that much left in me! It is a race I wouldn't mind repeating!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just getting started. This will take me awhile believe me. I plan to blog races and goals. I will definitely do 2010 but post before then as I learn how to do this!