Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals 2011

Some of these goals are going to look very familiar if you read my 2010 goal review.

1. Stay uninjured and run smart!
2. Cross train especially in warmer weather. Don't forget what a friend the bike was to you when your feet failed you!
3. Improve 5K and 10K time throughout the year.
4. Race one race a month. At the same time don't race too many races.
5. Run in some new races.
6. Run/race in a new state.
7. Race in a marathon.
8. Run in at least two half marathons.
9. Race with family members.
10. Place in age group.
11. Be in top half of field.
12. Have one overall PR in any distance.
13. Race near the ocean.
14. Race with some bloggy buddies, old and new!
15. Secret goal- find a duathlon and race in it! Tell no one as when they see you show up on a mountain bike looking not one bit like a bike racer they may not let you enter! Be prepared to come in last.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goals 2010 - Review

I was going gung ho on my goals when I got injured. I completely stopped thinking about them once I wasn't running. So let's take a look and see how I did.

  • Improve 5K/10K time - This is a throughout the year thing, not an overall PR. I improved my 5K for the year 3 times and 10 K once.
  • Run in some new races- MET THIS ONE BIGTIME AND HAD A BLAST DOING IT Half at the Hamptons, (Photo to the left) Middlebury Maple Run (also a half marathon), Champlain Classic 15K - a new distance, Sunshine Run, Capital City Stampede, Run for Roses (won Mother/Daughter division),Summer Round Up Trail 12K, Silks and Satins, Dare 5K
  • Run in a marathon and PR - Injured - DNS
  • Race in a new state - Maryland and Colorado (photo to left taken by K at Happy Trails!)
  • Get name in Burlington Free Press or New England Runner -Spring Fling - BFP
  • Race with family members- First Run - husband, Vermont City Marathon - both kids, Run for Roses - EMily, Stowe 8 Miler - EMily
(Run for Roses in Maryland - I'm in pink shirt and white cap. Emily is ahead somewhere helping us
win our division!)
  • Place in age group- 2/5 Polar Cap, 1/2 Spring Fling, 3/22 Sunshine Run, 3/29 Run for Roses
  • Keep a race blog - Oh yes. This was going to be just a race blog but I have more to blog about than I thought I did. And thanks for reading and especially for commenting!
  • PR in a half marathon- No I did not! But I entered 3 and do love the distance!
  • Have one overall PR at any distance for the year - only in new distance - the 15K and 12K so I will call this half met.
  • Be in top half of field - This happened 6 times.
  • Race once a month at least - This was totally happening until my injury.
  • Race in 22 races overall - Same as above. Maybe this is why I got injured??? I do love to race.
  • Pick up my speed while training - I would say no for most of the time.
So that is it. Now I need to think about my new goals. Happy running for the rest of 2010!

Recent Runs

Before Christmas

I've been averaging about 5 miles a day. Some of them have been with T and some have been alone.  Sunday was alone and it was in the single digits. Friday it wasn't too cold and was quite pretty out.  Here are a few pics from that run.  Nice scenery always makes it easier to take!
I love it when the top of the mountain is covered with snow.
This is a very small mountain near my house.

 When we get to the town center the sun is beginning
to come out.

 It was gorgeous!

 Back home!

After Christmas
Monday we got the storm many of you got. We did not get massive amounts of snow but it was a snowy day and we got a decent amount. I cancelled the appointment I had and settled in the rocking chair with coffee, the paper, a cat, a book, the computer.  It was great to be relaxed with no place to go. Eventually I did get out for an outstanding run.  I love running in a storm!  I went so late I even got Emily to come with me!  I went about 5 1/2 miles and loved every minute.  What a day to be running!
I get Em out in the storm with me in spite
of her "thinner blood."
We take pics of each other for our blogs!

I go on a side road I don't hit too often.  I love 
this barn.

I love love love running in a storm.

This used to be my favorite tree - seriously. But in
the last wind storm a huge part blew down
and it is no longer symmetrical or particularly
majestic. Sad.

I am seeing a lot of year end goal reviews.  I was doing so well until my injury and then abandoned them for obvious reasons. I haven't decided if I will revisit them.  I am also luke warm about 2011 goals. I think I will do these but they may be late.  My main goal by far is to run smart.  

You may not have noticed but I have registered for a race - New Year's Day. My husband and I do this every year.  I don't expect to be fast but I am VERY excited about racing in any form again!  I will be careful and smart (I hope.)

Picture message

Has anyone else gotten this message from Blogger? Do I just need to bit the bullet and purchase more space?

Whoops! You're out of space. Purchase more storage.
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Running Loot and Yellow Cats

Oooh!  I got some fun new running loot for Christmas!  I also got a couple of books with local/regional bike routes that I can't wait to try in the spring!  Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!
Two great shirts, a new half zip, running gloves, a headband
and great rugged pants from Lulu!

Gus, Runners Medal holder, fun stickers,  a medicine ball (not in picture - it was hiding
with my non Christmas stuff) and awesome Nike shoes
for fun since I wear sneakers so much now with my

These are paper fasteners, bikes - the cutest
things ever!

A running calendar - April is for Boston!

And one of the three cutest cats ever!

And here are all three of them - tuckered out
from all the Christmas excitement!  
Just took this one - Simba keeps Em company for her nap!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tag - Back at You!

I was tagged by Her Name is Rio and She Runs.  If you haven't checked out her blog do so!  She is a great poster and commenter!

1. What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?

Running wise - I'm most proud of taking the time I needed from my injury and not running too early as much as I wanted to.  It took me awhile to get to the point, I can't say I stopped until it was pretty clear that was my only choice. But once I made up my mind I stuck it out until it was okay to run again. I don't know that I am all clear yet but things are going well.

Non Running - This is easy. It is still fitness related just not running.  I am very proud of hiking up Pikes Peak.  I am not a hiker although maybe now I am! This was  a big reach for me but I did it!  Mary kept telling me I could so I chose to believe her and kept putting -as they say - one foot in front of the other.

2.  What are your goals for 2011?

 First I want to stay uninjured!  

I want to race more races with my family.

I would like to do a marathon this year.  I missed it in 2010.

I want to do some new races.

I want to race in some new places.

I would love love love to have a PR. It's been awhile. 

I need to race near the ocean at least once!

3.  What is your favorite race?

VERY.TOUGH.QUESTION!   I have done a lot of races and I really like to race.  I like well organized races. I can't stand it when they aren't and I usually don't go back. I like scenic races.  I like racing with friends or family.  Okay what fits these qualifications?  I think I have to go with Vermont City Marathon. I love this race.  It is so much fun either as a marathon or a half. I have done it twice for both.  This year I plan to try and do the half again.  I don't see me jumping into a marathon too soon so I hope I get into the half. It is a relay and is just the best!!!

Church Street - you go through twice

My boy - finishing his half the year we did the relay

See how fast everyone is!

4. What is your most embarrassing running moment?

Well........the usual bathroom issues, falling down in  a race - twice actually - I can't think of anything much.

Anyone who hasn't been tagged and wants to do this....please do!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not the most ideal conditions - Three Things Thursday edition

T and I encountered three not so ideal things on our run today.

#1 Slush!  There was slush everywhere.  It was slippery, messy, wet and very hard to run in.  And did I say it was everywhere?

#2  A School Bus - yes a school bus!  We were a very short ways into our run when a school bus approached us.  Why I am not sure as there was no school today.  We both stopped and pulled off the road to allow it to easily go by.  HOWEVER the bus driver barreled ahead  at a rapid pace and splashed us.  The spray was hard, wet and plentiful.   We were soaked with most of the run left to do!

#3 Traffic.  Yes, traffic.  Many of you would scoff at what we considered traffic but there were many more cars than we are used to seeing.  This was a week day morning with people were going to work. It was not a good day to be on the road with more cars.

But we are tough and ran 5 miles in these less than stellar conditions.  Fast - no!  But we were out there getting it done!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sometimes You ARE Appreciated

Everyone's gifts from Jill's Bloggy Gift Exchange are showing up on posts and I realize I didn't post a pic of mine.   I was too greedy excited and immediately started wolfing daintily eating the gifts inside the package. I am still enjoying my gift as well as reading all about yours. Thanks again Jill for doing this!  Neat how you lost weight organizing it!  I guess I need to find a similar project.

And my husband keeps asking me if we got any Christmas cards. I keep saying yes and when he asks who from  I more often than not seem to be saying - another blogger!  You guys are awesome! What a great community we have!

Today at school I got one of the nicest notes from a family.  I blogged at the end of last year about how much it means when a student gives you a personal gift that shows they know you as a person and not just as a teacher.  In the post I showed a "medal" a student had made me for being a number one teacher and a number one runner depending on which side I wore the medal.  Another student made me a plaque showing me winning a race and she wrote a poem to go with it.  So I am not talking about an expensive gift but a meaningful one.  Today a boy in my class gave me a gift with a card that began: "We passed over the usual gifts of cookies or a mug because your gifts to **** deserve more." Well, the gift box could have been empty - They had me with the first line. But when I opened it it was a copy of Born to Run! Wow!  I mean wow! What a nice thoughtful gift from this family.  I am sitting here smiling as I think how they made my day.

One more day and I am on vacation!  One more day and Emily will probably be home.  Life is good.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

From Lincoln Center

.............maybe not the Lincoln Center you were thinking of but it is  a really great one!

Today was my first Yak Trak run of the year.  It has been snowy before but not on the road.  My Yak Traks are really in sad shape but when I was Christmas shopping I got myself some new ones.  Yeah I do things like that when I am Christmas shopping.  Unfortunately the Yak Traks didn't completely do what they needed as T fell when the road sloped and you couldn't see the drop off.  When she was falling I tried to grab her and help her. I think I actually pushed her down more but she says I didn't because T is like that.

It was snowy and cold but actually today - Sunday-  was colder
as it was 10 when we started out. 

One of our goofy photos - also when I am being bossy - "Wait T 
it isn't time" - well it was but we weren't ready!

Just a pretty shot - this bridge means almost home!

Finally Got the Tree up and Trimmed so here goes for Lindsay's ornament sharing idea
A colleague gave me this runner ornament she
made me one year 

From a student- she colored on an ornament with a gold pen!  

A friend made me this sweet angel

One of Emily's pre school ornaments

A friend took a marathon pic of me and put it on a star ornament

An ornament Jameson made me

Okay  we got caught up in the Beanie Baby scene
several years ago - I particularly love 
the blue one..........

.....and the peace bear.

Our tree is always a Charlie Brown tree from
our land.  I wouldn't know what to
do with one from a Christmas tree farm!
I love ours!  It has all blue lights - ALWAYS!

As we always say - this is our best
tree yet.  

Okay there is my ornament/tree tour.  

On another anyone getting up for the lunar eclipse tomorrow night - at least those who will be able to see it?  Enjoy this week.  

Friday, December 17, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I finally have my Christmas card done as in printed. Now I need to do my letter, address them, write in them.  Yikes!  I have to say "my" printer (as in a person not a machine) is the best.  He is a part owner of a small business in a nearby town. There are two owners and I had all four of their kids in school.  Two of them were amongst my favorite kids ever and I have had a lot of kids. Actually  I am in love with the whole family! Anyways I take my card to his house, he takes it to work and does his magic.  He doesn't just copy it, he works with it to make sure it is the best it can be.  The last two years I have done the card on the computer but this year I decided to go back to printing out my pictures and making the card to be copied.  I used two regular sheets of business size paper taped together (11 by 17 or so) and then he shrinks it.  I am very pleased with the card and have already mailed the cards for Jill's card exchange.  I don't want to post it so when they get it they won't have already seen it!

2. I have already received (and sent) my gift from Jill's Gift Exchange.  What fun it was to receive a package from Karen at Working it Out after the end of a VERY long day.  There were all kinds of fun items in it including delicious nuts, honey milk, sports beans, sport bars, chocolate kisses, coffee, hot chocolate and more!  I had not followed Karen's journey so now I have a wonderful new blog to follow! Check it out.

3. I went to the gym to workout on Monday not really wanting to be there. As I headed toward the treadmill I saw a colleague I hadn't seen at the gym in a long time.  She stopped me to say she was just thinking she needed to be inspired and then I walked in! What a nice thing to say and it made my workout a bit easier!


I finished reading the Millennium series.  I enjoyed it but don't see it as one I would read again which is a yardstick of mine for how much I like a book(s). That's all! It's actually Friday morning and I need to get to school!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life is Busy!

This is such  a crazy time of year!  I've been doing well fitting in the running though.  I hit the gym 3 days last week for some surprisingly good workouts. I actually am getting more speed on the treadmill right now.  I had  two runs at home this weekend.  My longest run post injury - 7 miles - yesterday went well!  It was cold but not horrible. Today was warmer but spitting sleet. It was good that I was slow asa the road was slippery.  Glad we got it in early as now it is raining and looks just plain miserable.

I am trying to get my Christmas card done - always stressful.  It will happen. It will get done.  Yes, it will! We didn't get the tree this weekend. I would have liked to but it didn't happen so I will be a big girl and not whine.  I've got my packages ready to mail including the one from Jill's Gift Exchange!  I had fun picking out the items for that one and that's all I am going to say!

What am I reading these days?  I am in the third book of the Millennium series.  I like it, not I can't put it down like it but it is good.

What am I watching?  I finished Friday Night Lights season 4 in no time as I did my stretches.  It was excellent as always but it had only 13 episodes. What's that about?  So I am on to Ally McBeal Season 4, the one with Robert Downey Jr.  It has 23 episodes so it will take me a bit longer.

Last week at school was pretty stressful and I don't have a lot of hope that this week will be different.  Those of you who are on vacation starting this coming Friday I am so jealous!

Enjoy the season. Find ways to avoid the stress as much as possible and find time to do the things that are important to you! Happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top Five Favorite Places to Run

I actually wrote this post a few months ago but since I wasn't running it felt odd to post it.  Now I am running so here goes!

I got the idea for this post from The Road A Multi Sport Blog.

 Patrick did one picture of each spot.  I tend to overdo the pics so bear with me. Here are my top five places to run. I also decided it had to be a place I had run more than once. I would love to see some of you do this and share your top five running spots.

1.  I absolutely love running on the Burlington Bike Path as many of you know who follow my blog. It is 7 miles one way and it is easy to make a variety of lengths work but going both ways (which I love), going off the path and into various neighborhoods or easily shortening it and doing the parts you want. You can start from a number of points.  It is also easy to extend it by crossing the bike bridge and going on the Colchester Causeway!  This path is always a winner.  I may have bad runs on it but not because of the scenery.

2. I also love running the roads near my house.  I can go many different lengths and almost every run meanders along the river.  I love running near water in it's many forms.  There are mountains to see in all the four seasons and I try to  appreciate the beauty around me and not take it for granted.

3. I also love running in DC.  I never tire of the monuments and memorials as you run on the National Mall. Plus I get to run with Emily!

4. I love running near the ocean.  The place near the ocean that I seem to run the most frequently is York, Maine.  I love the ocean everywhere but Maine is at the top of the list.  I have raced once and had many runs there. There is nothing like listening to, smelling and seeing the ocean as you run.  

In the fall a couple of years ago.

In the winter a spectacular sunrise!

During a winter storm!  It was stupendous running!

5. I love running in the Outer Banks.  You can run for miles in either direction.  There is such a little slip of land and you are surrounded by ocean.  I really liked my solo runs with lots of time to think, watch for dolphins, enjoy the endless water.  I loved it when it was stormy and I loved it when it was calm.  I did not love it when the sand was soft!  I loved watching the sun rise and I loved watching the sun set!

I've only run in the following places one time but man would I love to go back!
1. Stanley Park - Vancouver

2. Waldo Canyon
Colorado Springs, Colorado

What are your top five places to run?    I would love to hear about them!!!