Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Quick Things Thursday

1. I am totally overwhelmed after just one afternoon of car shopping.  I actually have a new car sitting in my yard for the night but I am not sure I am going to buy it.  I do love it but need to get the financing figured out. Yikes!  More news on this to come.

2.  L.L. Bean, one of my favorite retailers, always does July 4th up big at their main digs.  They have a race, music etc. But this year they are also having eating contests and one of them is whoopie pies. I would die to be part of that contest. I wish I lived closer but no go.  I will have to just go buy one or two or three whoopie pies and it will be much less than the cost of gas to be in the contest. But oh wouldn't I love to be trying everyone's best whoopie pie?!?!?! The best WP I ever had in my life came from a bakery in Freeport (no longer there to my dismay) and it was pumpkin flavored.  Yum!

Location: L.L.Bean - Freeport, Maine
Time: ‎11:00AM Saturday, July 9th

3. I had to laugh at how many of you responded of also imagining serial killers/vampires etc. in the dark, around corners, hidden in strange places as you run.  It goes to show that not only are we active people we are also very brave people to get our sweat on in spite of our overactive imaginations! Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.  This
guy (Ted Bundy) to the right is the creepiest because he seemed so normal!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer, Ahhhhhh

I know I have said summer is my second least favorite season but right now I am loving it.  Even with a little bit of work (vomit) and cleaning (more vomit) I am fitting a lot of working out in!  I am running in the mornings, so far this week minimal mileage but tomorrow is going to be my longer day. I am racing on Monday for the Fourth of July (I bet I am not the only blogger doing that) so I am working around being somewhat rested for that.

I biked Monday night after supper. How wonderful was that!  The temperature was perfect.  There was that peaceful end of the day feeling.  Traffic was very light.  I did my 15 mile loop that I love.  There were two small  problems. It was buggy, not the buggy getting bit type of buggy but the buggy, keep your mouth closed if you are biking buggy!  Man those bugs out there were just dying to have me eat them.  And I had not brought a water bottle (fail) to wash them down so I had to do some fast spitting out.
We looked at land across from this spot many years ago.
Even though I love biking here I am so grateful
we never bought it and found our land instead.
While beautiful this is too far from everything and
too isolated for me.

Second small problem: I have been reading more than one book recently about serial killers.  Some of the places I am riding have stretches that feel a bit isolated.  While on these parts my mind kicks into overdrive thinking about all the places a killer could be hiding.  A lot of the route goes uphill so no quick get away for AJH.
At this point in my ride I have already been
down many hills and Woot Woot more
to come!

Wednesday I rode with my work friends again.  We added one person so this week there were five. They are all gone next week so I am going to do this longer ride on my own.  One person doesn't do dirt roads and two worry about the distance. So next week I am going to do a longer route that has a lot of dirt roads.  It is flat though so won't add a lot of my endurance. I want to be able to do 50 by the end of the summer.
Many gorgeous views in many directions.....

None of us knew what these were.......but 
they were rather funny and two were
very colorful and pretty.

Today we went on the same route as last week but added four miles so a total of 24. I love that I feel great and definitely could have done more.  The temperature was great.  We had a combination of sunny and cloudy which was good.  It is just a gorgeous ride and if it was where I live I would do it every week.  It is a great combination of ups and downs with some flats. The steepest hills are short with the long ones being more gradual.  
A short stop after a steep but quick hill......
picture below from same spot.

We rode by this dairy both weeks but on our way back we noticed someone coming out with a purchase. I didn't know there was a store. They make the best chocolate milk in the world plus if I am asking everyone to vote for Emily (link below) to refuel with chocolate milk I ought to be drinking it too.

  But once inside I saw that they had the drinkable yogurt they had on the farm tour last fall.  That stuff is to die for so it was bye bye chocolate milk.  Yum.  

We ended up at the farmers market but I didn't get anything. I did go to the library to get some more books for summer reading though.  This serial killers! Happy Summer!

What are you doing this summer that is making your days just delightful?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Adirondack Distance Run Race Report

Lake George - north of the race

I knew I had a race on Sunday -a  10 Miler so when our friends called us up to go out and wine and dine at first I said no. But when I ran it by my husband I could tell he wanted to go.  We don't go out with them that often and it is always fun.  It wasn't like I had a big prize purse on the line so we went.  And yes a good time was had by all and no it wasn't optimal before race carbo loading and rest.

Before I knew it it was 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning and I was getting up.  My husband was coming with me and he was up and ready by 4:30ish.  Off we went.  Not too far along I realized I had forgotten my usual toast and peanut butter. There wasn't time to go home so I was on the lookout for something similar to eat.

Our first stop was at the best bakery going where doughnuts were hot out of the oven and the coffee was hot.  They don't open until 6 but let you in if you stop by.  There were no bagels and the owner told us he was busy making 40 dozen for a local triathlon. They make great bagels so the triathletes must have been thrilled.  I bought 2 old fashioned glazed for later. Didn't think my stomach would want me to eat them before the race but knew I would totally deserve them after the race.  We made one more bathroom stop at a gas station which had a deli.  The woman happily made me an English muffin with peanut butter - problem solved.

The Garmin GPS tried to send us on a ferry that wasn't running.  After many "RECALCULATING" it settled on the route we were taking.  We arrived at the race and I got everything I needed with no difficulty.  Looking around I saw no one I knew as this race was a good distance from my house.
The Start - Garminless

Shortly before the race start my Garmin 405 once again was dead. I spent a lot of time on review boards when I got home and I have a couple more tricks to try before I plop down some money for a new Garmin.  It works fine most of the time but has failed at my last two races. Seems to be it doesn't like the drive?  I need to start bringing one of my sport watches so I have some knowledge of how I am doing.  This threw me a little for the beginning of the race as I couldn't stop thinking about my stupid Garmin.  It took me a few miles to settle in plus it was fairly crowded.  The course was a point to point with rolling hills.  Lake George was to our right the entire way.  At first I felt like 10 miles was going to be way more than I wanted to do today but I eventually settled into it one mile at a time.  It was overcast but humid.  I didn't realize how humid until I saw how sweaty, wet and disgusting I was when I was done.  I had gone about 4 miles when someone asked me if I was from Bristol.  I couldn't imagine why I was being asked that as I certainly had nothing on that said it and we were in another state.  But I said yes (which is a bit of a lie, it is where I teach, not where I live) and then I asked her how she knew that. Turns out she knows a couple of people I know and she recognized me.  She was running with a friend from the area.  I ended up switching places with these two many times. In later miles when I started to get more behind them I pushed myself to stay near them. In the end I went in ahead of them by a small amount.  They were definitely a help to me.
My husband drives beside me for a ways 

Around Mile 5 the sheriff's car went by me and not much after that my husband was alongside me. He told me later he could see me for about 20 minutes.  He also warned me that I might get to the end before him and he wouldn't be at the finish. As it was he got there about 7 minutes before me. Traffic was crawling.

I loved passing the Mile 5 mark. They had volunteers at every mile calling out the time.  I could see that I was doing somewhat better than I thought I might.  I had told my husband I would be at the finish around 1:40:00 or somewhat less.  Most of my miles were in the 9s. There was only one mile that I think was 10 flat.  I didn't feel myself flag like I do in a half.  But that makes sense as it is usually past Mile 10 that I begin to crash.  I would like to do a 10 miler sometime when I have really trained for it.  As I said before the course was rolling hills but I actually liked that  a lot. I would make up time on the downhills and not do too badly on the uphills.  I seemed to be around the same people and didn't feel I was losing ground.

It was hard to know when to pick it up for the finish as I didn't know where it was.  I had thought it was going to be hillier so I was saving a little but it was flat.  I ended up with a time of 1:34:07 with a pace of 9:25. I was delighted with this.  My pace has been off lately and this is a very reasonable pace for me with this distance.  Yeah!
Almost at the finish

Best post race food ever

We hung around for awhile but I was freezing due to the sweaty disgusting wet clothes I had on.  We walked to the car which my husband had parked at a church.  Mass was getting out as we arrived at it with me looking so lovely.

For the trip home we decided to go a new route so no shopping which was fine.  We drove North along Lake George. It is quite big and beautiful.  Eventually we came to the Lake Champlain Bridge - which is not there as it is being rebuilt.  There is a free ferry.  My husband loved taking the ferry and seeing the progress on the bridge.  He took many more pictures of the bridge than of me running!  I was thrilled to have a bathroom on the ferry as I was reaching desperate times.
Approaching the Champlain Bridge 

Two ferries go back and forth 24/7

Once home I kind of crashed due to racing, a very early morning, wining and dining the night before.....whatever!  I was also still cold and I dressed like it was late winter, not summer.
Fairly nice medal

Quite nice wicking shirt - long sleeve- not
sure why this time of year.  Some people
were wearing it - waay too hot for that!

I would definitely do another 10 mile race. I really liked the distance.I don't think there are a lot around.  There was another one the very same day.  I am finding a lot of the races I am looking at seem to be on the same day. What's up with that?  Let's spread out the goodness.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

300th post

I am at 300 posts. I am NOT going to give you 300 bits of info about me.  I thought I would do a numbers post that added up to 300. So here are my random facts that add up to 300.
I am also ignoring anything after the decimal point.

92.3  = # of miles raced this year (running only)

Hampton Half in NH in Feb.

20.6 = # of miles raced on a bike

10 = # of states I have raced in (including DC)
In Colorado last summer where
I got to meet some great Bloggy friends
and reconnect with a colleague!

141= # of races I've run
This is VCM 2009. I was racing the relay with my son
who is on his porch roof taking this picture. i am in the
pink hat and shirt.

1 = # of duathlons I've raced
Home and happy!

14 = # of days I commuted by bike or foot in 2011

17 = # of half marathons I have done
VCM this year - running with my son :)

= # of marathons I have done
Mohawk Hudson 2008 - My PR marathon
A Great Day - Beautiful Course

And some of you have said you like these reminders to vote for Emily.
Here is the link.

And Adirondack Distance Race Report coming soon. Loved it.   

Friday, June 24, 2011

Four Frivolous Facts for Friday

1.  Reading - Chosen by Chandra Hoffman

For you Oregon bloggers it is another book set in Portland. I have barely started it so no recommendation yet.
Just finished reading the second in the Chelsea Cain series (Sweetheart) which is also set in Portland. I have read the first, second and fourth book in the series. (how the library had them available.)  Loved all of them but especially the fourth one.

2. Watching - Grey's Anatomy - Never fails to entertain. I think it is Season 5.

3. Loving - Summer (even though I worked this morning and will work all day Monday).  It is great to have more time to work out, sleep, read, blog, procrastinate, waste time.  I can actually fit in both biking and running although it is not as easy as I thought it would be. How in the world do you triathletes do it?
I did find out I can use the Burlington gyms any time this summer.  I need to get up there and use the pools and see if I can swim even a little bit.  I am also loving that summer isn't too hot yet.

4. Racing - I have my next race this Sunday. It is my first ten miler so a PR right?  It is supposed to be hilly but scenic. It was featured in Runner's World.  It is a bit of a drive for me and starts early (7:30) so I will be getting up very early Sunday morning. I tried to talk my husband or son  into going with me but not sure that is going to happen.  I always like a little road trip and there are outlets and Target to hit after if I want so all is good.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I don't know about you but when I return to my state after even a short time away my whole being gives a little sigh of contentment as I cross the border. Don't get me wrong. I love to leave and visit people and places but as Dorothy said, "There's no place like home."
Always love the sight of "my" mountain!

When I ran on Tuesday I was so happy to be back on my quiet country roads.  Yes, we get traffic but not what most people would consider traffic.  I love my river, my woods, my mountains, even my weather.  I'll take the weather to live where I do.
Love the roads I run on, traffic is sparse and 
the sights are great.

 Tuesday on my way home from a 6 mile run as I round the corner where I saw the moose on my bike, I see a deer.  Is this a new wild life route?  Will there soon be a moose/deer crossing sign?  It looked around as there was a car approaching it and it turned and went back in the woods the way it had come.

After I got back from the run I went out for a bike ride. It was just a gorgeous day, stunning as two women walkers put it as I went by them and we exchanged pleasantries.  The temperatures were just perfect for outdoor activity and the skies are clear.  The only thing to mar this Pollyanna thinking was the dead snake skin I saw.  I like to pretend I live in Ireland or New Zealand and that snakes don't exist. I did not like this reminder even if it was already road kill.  Not so great fact about Vermont - we do have snakes.  Great fact - they don't hang around in the winter. And people wonder why I love winter.
One of my favorite roads whether I'm 
on foot or on my bike.

The weather on Wed. could not have been more perfect for a run. This day I had a turkey come out (slightly different spot) and run up the road in front of me.  It was quite comical. Then he took "flight" and disappeared into the bushes.  I barely got home, quickly eating breakfast before I took off to ride bikes with two work colleagues. In my life it is much easier to find people to ride with. One woman has a new million dollar road bike and she seemed to float up the hills.  Am I jealous?  Heck, yes.  We went slightly more than 20 miles on a route T and I loved last fall.  These ladies seemed to like it too as they want to do it again next week. J was going to quit after 10 miles but pushed herself and did the whole thing.  She was pleased she did it.

I've got to paste in at least a couple pics from last fall on the same ride.

And some of you have said you like these reminders to vote for Emily.
Here is the link.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Connecticut Running

Connecticut Running

I did two runs while in Connecticut.  I live in a hilly town on the side of a mountain but man is K's town hilly.  If I ran it all the time I would be in great shape for hills.  It also has much more serious traffic than my town.  I did not repeat my Saturday run on Monday because I figured too many drivers heading to work not looking out for AJH from Vermont could be dangerous.  There are probably people who see me running there each year who feel badly because I give running a try for a few days each year and then I quit.  

Looking UP at K's house.

This hill turns a corner and goes on and on.

One thing about running at K's is all the streets in the various neighborhoods look alike.  There are all these short streets.  I always carry my phone because  I have gotten lost and had to call K.  I read her the street sign and she tells me which way to head.  I know the route I took Saturday but on Monday I took some completely new streets.  I must be getting more familiar with it because I did just fine and had no back tracking.
One time when running here I knew I needed to 
turn by the house with the wire fence.

But there are a lot of houses on corners with wire fences.

The lion is a better reminder that it is time to turn.

There are new street names in every direction.

 When I ran on Monday morning there was a sight that just made my day. I saw several of them and they had nothing to do with me!
And of course..........
Can you vote for Emily (my daughter)  from Sweat Once A Day so she can win some financing for her trip home for the National Tris? Here is the link.  I am shamelessly sending this by email to many of my friends.  You can vote once a day for a month. Feel free to do that!  If you go to the link her picture is on different pages at various times.  Click on her picture and under her bio is the place to click to vote.  Thanks!