Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Extra Day's Ups and Downs

I got up early enough this morning to get my stretches in, read the paper, drink my coffee and leave in plenty  of time for work
BUT I realized I had forgotten something I needed and had to go back home and BARELY made it to school before the kids got there.

I ate at my desk correcting papers which meant I didn't have to bring the papers home tonight
BUT I BROKE A TOOTH!  This horrible thing far outranked any other bad thing that happened today. I am still very upset about it. One of the not so great things about aging.

I got to leave the staff meeting early
BUT it was to go to the chiropractor where he worked on my tight back and it may have hurt a tad.

I went from my appointment to a pool in Burlington so I wouldn't have to get up early to swim in the morning.
BUT at this pool you reserve lanes and all the lanes were taken.

The swim team was done early so I got to swim in one of their lanes.
BUT then a woman told me she was going to be teaching a class there so I had to move.

I swam in the new lane for awhile all by myself.
BUT the water was cloudy, my goggles were foggy and I felt like I was swimming legally blind.

I was getting my swim done in my new lane when a woman appeared in it.  I asked her if she had reserved it and she said yes but she was happy to share.
BUT I am a nervous wreck when I share a lane. I was sure I was going to run into her and hugged the lane line so closely I kept running into it.

It was nice of the woman to share
BUT another two women appeared at the end of the lane and said they had reserved it.

The woman told me the guy in the next lane said he would share with me so I went to my third lane for the night.  Meanwhile both women got in the lane I was leaving and 3 of them were swimming in it. Unimaginable!
BUT I continued to worry a ridiculous amount about running into my lane partner and was getting nothing out of my swimming.

I decided to call it a day and headed into the locker room because I really had to go to the bathroom and I had had enough
BUT I may not have quite gotten my wet bathing suit down before I started to pee.

I took a hot shower and got myself a hot cup of coffee before I headed home.
BUT it was after 7:00 by the time I got there and it was almost time to go to bed.

I had that great after swimming feeling I always get.

And I will end there on a positive note.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Snowy Weekend...........Finally and a Little Swimming

My forgetfulness continues........I forgot my swim cap and goggles on Friday!  Thankfully I had an extra pair of goggles so I was good to go.  I bought Speedo goggles at Costco on Friday.  I haven't found quite the right goggles yet. Opinions?  What works for you?  I have not started my private swim lessons yet and won't for a couple of weeks. Then I have to miss a week right off.  But that's okay. I can be patient...........and continue to imprint those bad habits.  Not so good!

Saturday's snow

We finally got a little snow and I do mean a little. It snowed both nights this weekend and there is still no need to plow. T got quite a bit more at her house though. I did finally get out the Yak Trax. It is so odd that it is the end of February and I am putting them on for the first time.  It was also cold today although it warmed up once we started.  We only went 6 miles but it felt like so much more! The snow was soft and it felt like running in soft sand. I am not used to it at all!  We were both glad we did the longer run yesterday when the roads were better.  I am still having some problems with the top of my foot.  Not enough to keep me from running but I have to "play" with it before I go. I readjust the tongue a few times, loosen the laces near that part of my foot and wear a bunion pad.  It doesn't hurt when I run but I want it to just go away!
Time to get out the Yak Trax

Sunday's snow

The sky was a gorgeous blue!

Just in case you've forgotten how cute Jaxon is!

I didn't have my swim lesson Saturday as the coach/instructor had a swim meet.  But I kept up my Saturday routine of visiting Jaxon Jameson.  It's a very relaxing routine that involves time with my son and cuddling with his dog!  We watched Gran Torino which I had seen before but LOVE that movie.

vacation shopping loot - for those who asked

I've been back from my "vacation" awhile but I didn't want to post this until Emily received her care package!  
A new running skirt!

Long sleeve shirt from Columbia that my cat is checking out

Shirts from Eddie Bauer - can't choose a color? Get both.

From the race expo - old race shirt really cute and comfy  for 
$2. Got one for myself and Emily.

I have a hard time resisting these comfy hoodies

There may be a coat in here that I so didn't need - best buy of
the weekend though.

Fun socks on their way to Em in a care package.

Also from the Expo - $1 - on the way to EM

A really cute hot pink hoodie also going to Em

This bag is full of shirts and pants - work clothes
for my son.  The shirts were also a very good buy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Sunday I ran in a race on the ocean on a gorgeous day.  Monday and Tuesday I ran farther up the coast beside the ocean and on the beach on gorgeous days.

Today I was at my gym which is in a basement, no modern setting with big windows overlooking anything remotely interesting or pretty.  You can see light coming through the windows way up near the ceiling.  If you're lucky you'll see a squirrel scooting up a tree.  But I knew that before I went and was prepared.  What I was not prepared for was that someone was on my treadmill and I had to finally figure out how to use the new one.  I was not prepared for remembering to bring my IPod but leaving my earphones at home.  I was also not prepared for my running  skirt to feel like it was going to fall off.  This was good news especially in light of all I have eaten in the past five days.  In spite of these setbacks though I had a fine workout. I was doing a speed workout and concentrating on when I needed to switch speeds every quarter mile make my mind stay off the total distance and I was done before I knew it.

2.  Yesterday I swam.  I was at a totally different time since this is vacation.  When I got there it was fine but soon enough it was packed.  I am not a good enough swimmer to share a lane easily.  Everyone got about half a lane and more than once I ran into the guy next to me.  My hope is that people will watch before they get in and decide to stay way away from me.  I plan to go again Friday but I will go much earlier as most people get there around 7 which is usually when I am getting out.

3.  After swimming I went to see my son at work.  I took him the loot I got him and then took him out to lunch at Panera.  Once he left I stayed and went on the Internet, read, drank coffee and people watched the pedestrians on Church Street. It was very relaxing and I loved the feeling that I had nothing I had to get done right then.
Today I am staying home, getting things done around here and reading, blogging, watching DVDs, playing words with friends......whatever!  I love vacation and the best part is there are still 3 days until Monday.  I love the combination of the time away and relaxing at home.

However you choose to spend them, vacations are wonderful!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vacation Ends.........With another Great Run!

  • First slight more pondering over my half.......My long runs have been abysmally my half was actually rocket fast!  Plus it gives me something to improve in my next 3 halves this spring - hopefully - maybe ?

  • I ate way too much for the past few days including a whoopie pie or two. Most of these came home to my husband and son.

  • Getting away is good but coming home is even better.

  • When I was running I spent time reading the names of houses.  I have never named my house but I guess you name vacation houses as you do boats.  My favorite was "Someday" Happened.  It also happens to be right on the cliff I want my house on.  

  • I bought stuff for everyone in my family.  My son made out the best. I will post pictures later......the shopping edition for those of you who care.  Those who don't just scroll on by!

  • I am exhausted.  Even a short vacation is tiring.

This is the ocean coming in across the beach.  
One of the many things that fascinates me about the
winter ocean.  Below - it makes a thin ice
covering you need to cross.

  • I had one more splendid run and of course I took some pictures.  The best part of my trip was the running, hands down.
I was trying not to get the sun. Oh well.

Can you say ostentatious?

Yesterday completely hard packed this.

Lots more ice today.

Kate, I am not worthy of following you as I didn't
even want to go across this simple bridge.

And more ice.

  • Tomorrow I will give my foot a break and swim.  I am really looking forward to it.  Yes, I am.  Really.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Early Morning Run In Maine

I start out running along the beach before heading up the hill.........

I loved loved loved  my run this morning in Maine.  I think I had a smile on my face the whole time.  Was it a kick ass run where I astounded the locals with my speed?  Nah it was all about the setting. I could hear the waves, smell the ocean, see the ocean and once again the temps were great!  The sand was hard packed and great to run on. But rather than tell you the whole story I am going to show you some pictures!
to my favorite lighthouse. Once there I look back to the beach

and in all directions 

including at the lighthouse of course

before heading back down to encounter
a Maine Valentine tree???

I pause to fool with my self timer

before getting back to the beach and heading down the steps
which were in much better shape than last year (above and below)
when I slipped and fell and hurt myself rather severely

there was still ice this year which I always find very cool
no pun intended

a little more playing with the self timer, a lot more smiling
and I was back at the hotel ready to continue on with my day.

Maine........the way life should be!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Half at the Hamptons Race Report

This race was not everything I hoped it would be.  I didn't meet most of my goals.  I spent some time feeling badly but knew I had posted this not too long ago:
Arriving at the hotel on Saturday.  Why put this in?  
Because I think I look thinner in it than I have in awhile.
I can't resist.

‎"I made a pact with myself to never complain about an event I've successfully finished. No matter what my finish time or pace, I will cross the line with a pocket full of gratitude. Records are meant to be broken, but those moments are far and few between. Every adventure offers an opportunity to evolve, explore, and celebrate life. And that is the gift that keeps on giving." Jenny Hadfield

So I didn't allow too much disappointment to seep through. I'll do a recap of sorts with both the goods and the bads.

*****Top Billing****** goes to the weather!! It was fantastic. It was sunny and clear and not too cold. I wore pants but could have worn capris for sure. I had a short sleeved shirt under a fairly light sweatshirt. I wore a headband and light gloves.  I was very comfortable.
2012 the day before the race. Below 2011 - huge huge difference

Shortly before the race start

The good - I had a great first half of the race. I really appreciated my fellow racers, the scenery, I kept my pace going up the hills and I was enjoying myself immensely.
The race start- a fair number of shorts

This year this is about mile 2.

The good - My foot felt fine in spite of the bruise on the top. I had not trouble with it whatsoever.

The good and the bad - The course had changed some.  The beginning was fine although nothing special.  We ran around the block at Hampton Beach and ended up going back along the beach front past the usual beginning. We ran past where I rented a cottage one summer with several college friends. The cottage has long since been torn down.  Then we went along the beach until we turned towards the neighborhoods. This part was much longer than usual and okay but nothing special.  It was a bit hillier and it was longer before we were back on the ocean for  a shorter time. I have always loved the last few miles as they were the most scenic and slightly downhill.  The most scenic part was cut out.  But there were certainly parts along the ocean which were quite nice.

The bad and the good - I could not hold my paces for each mile in the 9s.   The first 8 miles were in the 9s. The last 5 were in the 10s.  My overall pace was..........9:59.  So much for that goal of no miles in the 10s.  I also wanted to be near my previous times.  I was pretty much 4 minutes slower than last year with a pace of 2:11:33.  Can I blame it on the new sections?  Nah, I just couldn't keep it up.  But I did give it my all, I continued to try to push it and I think through that managed not to have my slowest half ever.

Overall stats - I was 909/1326 and 16 out of 29 in my age group. I'll take it, pretty much mid pack for my age group and 2/3 and some down overall.
After the race wearing my medal

The good - Fellow Racers - I loved looking at jackets of my fellow racers that I coveted, reading race shirts, signs on lawns etc. One woman came up to me after and thanked me for pacing here.  I always appreciate that.
With my friend, H

The good - The race was very well organized, no doubt ever about what way to go, lots of race support for volunteers.

The good/bad - The shirt and medal are fine although pretty much like last year.  We did a little outlet shopping after and I got a new jacket and shirt at Columbia. I love that store!

The bad - I had some intestinal distress during the race which I do not typically have.  It continued after for a bit although all is fine now. I had a fantastic dinner of clam chowder, lobster roll and chocolate cake.
Swans on the way to Maine


The great - We are now in Maine and I am going to run tomorrow - I know I should take a day off but I will go easy. I am not in Maine that often and I can't wait to run on the ocean and go to my lighthouse and all of that.