Thursday, February 19, 2015

Running in Snowy Maine

I spent a few days in Maine and did some winter running there.  Man, do they have snow.  In fact our first day there, we were literally snowed in for awhile. It was fun to laze around and not be able to get out.  I had brought my coffee maker anticipating this so life was good.

Yeah, I could have gotten through this snow but being snowed in was
so much more fun.
After we got shoveled out I went for one of three snowy/cold runs in Maine. I just dressed for it, put on the Yak Trax and loved it.  There was so much snow!  The banks were unreal.  I ran by Nubble Light every day and took multiple pictures. I think it is a law that you can't pass it without taking a photo.  I knew where there was an open hotel with clean bathrooms about half way so that was good.  
It did not feel like -22 at all.  

I was fascinated by all the snow and one run I took pics of a few of the summer places no one would be
visiting anytime soon.

One of many pics I took but this is the one NBC news wanted to use.

Signs also amused me - the ones you could still see.

There was one sunny day where the ocean was just stunning.  I was also fascinated
by all the colors of the water and the ice in the ocean.

This is one of many big banks. Driving was tricky because you had to get out in the
road to see.

We did a little shopping  and I had lobster rolls every night.

Then I came down with this rotten cold I have now and I was ready to come home.  

I've had some good runs at home too although my knee has been bothering me. I went to the PT yesterday and I was rather encouraged by her assessment.  I was very worried she was going to tell me not to run. My NYC half marathon is a month away!  I am not running right now because I am in bed feeling less than stellar but I am hoping to be back at it tomorrow.  There is supposed to be snow here over the next few days but  I am going to try to do one speed work session on the TM and my long run outside. I do love snow and Maine was like it used to be with such huge amounts of it!  I know they are sick of it but it certainly worked for me!

Hope you are all healthy and running and doing what you love.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Polar Cap Four Miler

Another year of running the Polar Cap Four Miler - another age group win!  I have run this race 8 years in a row and I have won an age group award every year. I thought this year might be the year I didn't win but I got 3rd!  Darlene beat me by a lot and she was second.  I have definitely slowed down even though I am doing speed workouts, tempo runs and pace runs.  I am not bothered enough by it to do more. I will keep trying. I did not meet my goal of 10 minutes a mile. I was 10:10.  It was a better pace than my 5K on New Year's Day so that is good!

It's a pretty course although hilly. Some years it is terribly cold but actually this year it was pretty perfect. I think it was around 20 ( a heat wave.) I got there early because roads were bad in Vermont and I wanted to be sure I had enough time. I listened to some great podcasts on the way and saw a nice sunrise. It was all good.

After the race I went to shop at Target and two of the outlets. It is always a treat to go to Target. I picked up a few things I needed. (cough, cough)  I resisted a running jacket so that is good right. I made it up to the cash register with it but then told the cashier I wouldn't be getting it.  

Tomorrow I need to run 10 and it supposed to be snowy. I'm looking forward to it. I was going to drive to Middlebury and run there for a change but I am guessing the roads might be bad so I'll do my "new" route here.  It is bound to be pretty.  

Last Monday we had a snow day so I got another great snowy day run in.  I truly thrive in those conditions. I am not fast, just having the time of my life.  Here are a few pictures from that run.

Yep, it's my kind of weather.