Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day of Vacation

This actually wasn't supposed to be the last day but the three of us riding in the van decided to come back a day early.  I surprised myself by being completely okay with it.  There was no great ride I was looking forward to on Friday and the idea of an extra day at home before going back to work was very appealing.

Thursday the other 4 did a century ride. I knew fairly early in the week I was going to opt out of this and I never regretted it.  I didn't feel ready for 100 miles especially after lots of riding and running for the four days previous. I knew I would be holding everyone back and there would be a lot of waiting for me over 100 miles.  Plus I was looking forward to a day on my own!

I decided to get my last long run in, 12 miles, first.  It wasn't a terribly exciting route but it worked.  When I got back from that I went on line and relaxed for quite awhile.  Then I went out for my bike ride.

I went back on both bike paths from the first day that I liked so much.  Plus I knew the way and would not get lost. There was no major traffic either.
Just a tipped over tree  I found interesting.

 Stopped on the bridge - a really cool bridge
to ride on.  The picture below is from it.

 This bridge is on the bike path to Jamestown and is probably
my favorite bridge of all.  It's in the middle of a bird
refuge and there are lots of paths that go off it.

 Once I got to Jamestown I continued on and just looked up and saw
this eagle. I knew about the nesting tree but this one was a delightful surprise.

 This is the nesting tree on the Colonial Parkway. Of course
I went there on my solo day.

 On the Colonial Parkway

I wasn't sure when everyone was getting back and I felt a bit tired from my 12 running miles so I only biked 34 that day.  The four who did the 105 were thrilled with themselves as they should have been!

A few more random vacation tidbits......

I rode 237 miles in all!!  

It was weird to be with non runners on Boston Marathon day. I didn't watch it but I was checking on my phone and telling everyone updates all day whether they wanted to hear them or not. I felt a bit teary off and on and was determined I would run before the day was over.  

I collected license plates.  I saw 44 out of 51 in this short time.  My friends liked looking too.  They could tell me about one but I couldn't count it unless I saw it. When they were riding the 100 they saw Arkansas which I never saw and one guy saw Kentucky which I missed.  BUT I saw Hawaii, for the second time this year!! That one is pretty momentous for sure.  

I am going to include a picture of the bike lane.  It was on many roads and you had cars on both sides of you.  It felt surprisingly fine.

This week back at home I am back on hills and man has the wind been tough. I was so tired last night after riding 26 miles.  Now it's raining.  Ugh.  But things are much worse in other parts of the country so I can deal with it for sure.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Best Riding Day Yet

Okay I got the whiny do I really like riding and why am I doing this on my vacation if it's not fun day out of the way.  The fourth day was my favorite.  Everyone said it was too windy to ride but out we went.  It was windy but what are you going to do?  We ended up splitting up for some of it so the really fast two got some piss and vinegar out of their systems by riding fast.

The other 3 of us meandered along and had a delightful time with some new exploring.  We went on Colonial Parkway - the bumpy road- which I love. We saw more eagles and it was so sunny and so pretty and truly wonderful.
Taken on the Colonial Parkway

Then someone suggested a shortcut. Sure.  I know I am the only one that likes this road so I go along with it. We ride on some great roads but eventually come to another one of these.

This time we do not climb over as there is nowhere to go but  a deep hole and some water on the other side. But we have a snack and watch some more eagles and enjoy the day before we meander back and end up in a ritzy neighborhood where we pick out our vacation homes.  Then we find our way back to Jamestown (where we were headed before the "shortcut").  It must be time to use the nice museum bathroom. Then we go to a park next to the ferry.  We find out the ferry is free and I do love ferries as does Cathy so off we go.  We get a call from the other two who make the ferry and join us for a little water time on the James River.

Yes, I do love being on a ferry!

All of us in line for the ferry.

My bike is happy too.

It's  a fairly wide and brown river.

The Jamestown Settlement. Sadly, this is the closest I got.

I think it's an osprey.  It was quite awesome to watch.

Today when I got back I actually had more energy and went for a short run. I ran to Target which was a thrill. I never get to run an errand where I live so it felt great!  

Sunday, April 27, 2014

All Vacation Rides Can't Be Great

Vacation continues!!

I think I talked a little about the people I am biking with. There is only one that I bike much with at home very often. Two of them are VERY fast, two are medium fast and then there is me.  Really.  I am not being modest.  I try to go faster than usual but not die.  I try not to get way behind. People wait at turns.  But I am very conscious of holding everyone up.  The last couple of days though everyone has gotten to do a little more at their pace.
This is looking off a bridge we rode over, the only "hill".

The woman in orange is amazingly fast and strong. She is going
to be entering a race here in June that goes over
4 gaps. One has the steepest paved mile in the US.  She is 
a fairly new biker.  

C and I discovered this mailbox while lost. Isn't it the best ever?

The third day was my hard day.  I was tired and it was so hot when I am not used to it at all.  It was 87 degrees which is a big jump from what we've had.  We drove to Virginia Beach and rode south of it on flat country roads.  I prefer rolling hills for a little variety.  Truly.  I was dragging fairly early on in the ride and rumor had it, it might be an 80 miler.  Thank goodness, it wasn't.  It turned out to be just less than 50.  I had some points where I questioned that I would make it. Then we got lost and the thought of turning around and repeating any of it just about sent me over the edge. After consulting a map (handy thing) we figured out an easy connection! Thank goodness! I drank both my water bottles on the ride and immediately bought a huge bottle of water when we were done. I downed it and still didn't have to pee.  Oops. Dehydrated maybe?  I wasn't the only one.

Then it was time to go to the beach to enjoy some sun and sand.  I am not much of a sit in the sun person but I love the waves and sand.  Then it was time to get some seafood.

This doesn't look like my beloved Maine beaches.

But the ocean is the ocean.

My first crab cakes.  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vacation's Here!

It's still the beginning of vacation week - what a great thing to be able to say!
Not a great pic but the nesting bald eagle was quite cool.  

I'm in Virginia biking with a group of friends.  The ride down was the most tiring thing I've done so far. I took several naps - obviously I wasn't the driver.

We have not had much luck following a map but our rides end up being great. The first day we had two rides - with a little lunch break at "home" in between.  The morning ride went through Williamsburg and Jamestown.
Loved loved this bridge through the Jamestown Plantation.

We are studying Jamestown/Colonists right now at school so it was especially awesome.  The wind was incredible though - not in a good way.  We saw two bald eagles!  Yes!

We rode along a very bumpy road which I was one of the only people to like. I didn't like the bumpy road but the scenery made up for it!  We saw two bald eagles and have actually been by again to see two babies in the nest plus some soaring overhead.

The bike path that we went on in the afternoon had many many bridges with one long curvy one that I loved.

The second day was a ride on more back roads with more hills and resulted in two falls and some flats, luckily none of them me.  I managed to muster enough energy to go for a brief fun when I got back but calling it  a run is generous.  

It was very scenic and quiet during sections of the second day.

A bullet ridden sign does not fill you with confidence when you
are riding between posted lands of two gun clubs.  Not a great
place to get lost.

We climbed over this and kept going.

This I assembled for an Instagram contest of a run on a different route. It was easy to do a new run since I was nowhere near home.

Not my usual sights.  THe first day I biked 62 miles. The next 51.  (It has been going down each day.)  I ran 4 on the second day.  The third day was my low point in tiredness and attitude but yesterday was outstanding.  I went for a run this morning and am catching up a bit and then I am going out for a bike ride. I am loving a day on my own!  My group is doing a century. I didn't feel ready for it and dreaded the idea whereas having my own day is very enticing. So off to bike!  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vacation's Coming!

A few quick things before vacation.

It snowed and I do mean snowed hard on Tuesday night.  First though it poured and the river was raging.  Lake Champlain has reached flood stage but nothing like a couple of years ago.

Before the heavy rain came and then the snow I got a great bike ride in a on a very windy day on my beloved bike path. Can you say bliss?

Today was my first after work run outside. I only went 6 miles but it was a great one. Still cold but good for running.  I am so ready for vacation and some warmer weather.

Saturday morning I leave bright and early for Virginia and a week of biking!  I CANNOT WAIT!

Last weekend - thankfully I didn't know about it until after .........Jaxon got caught on an ice drift. It was right next to shore but he wouldn't jump off it.  It moved quickly and Jameson realized he had to go after him.  Look at the ice in that water!  When he got there and got on the ice Jaxon wanted to play.  I saw more pictures than in this frame and it was unreal how far the ice had drifted.  Jameson said he had a hard time getting out of the water when he got to shore.  Scary scary scary.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm Back On My Bike!!!

Spring is here!  My bike is out and I am riding.

I actually rode my "older" bike the first couple rides to allow the salt to get a little more washed off the roads. Then I couldn't stand it and got out my road bike!!!

I rode 20ish miles on my first ride on one of my favorite routes.  A friend went with me and I kept exclaiming over how wonderful it was.  Heaven.

During the work week I rode after school on another favorite route but I was tired and not feeling it that day and did one loop instead of turning back and doubling it.  Thursday I rode with a friend and we debated not going after listening to wind HOWL all afternoon.  But we went in the direction of the wind first and managed okay.

The cross winds were the worst as I worried about being blown over.  Then we turned around and came back with the wind. That was pure delight and we got 26 in when I wasn't sure we would get any.

I liked that route so much I went back on it today.  I left from home and wanted to make it 30 miles.  BUT my odometer wasn't working.  I went to get it fixed on Friday and still not working.  It works if I am going less than 15m.p.h. but as soon as I hit 15 it stops.  How weird is that! So I guess I need to go back.  In the end the route was 29+ so I did pretty well.

On the way home I stopped for just a bit and watched the kayak race in the river near my house. I am usually doing a half marathon and miss it.  I didn't sign up this year and I must say I was quite delighted to not be doing it. Right decision.

I have still been running and swimming so life has gotten busier. Tomorrow I need to run 11.  It's supposed to be raining but I hope it holds off for a bit!

Hope you are doing something that delights you as much as biking delights me.