Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Recent Runs

Before Christmas

I've been averaging about 5 miles a day. Some of them have been with T and some have been alone.  Sunday was alone and it was in the single digits. Friday it wasn't too cold and was quite pretty out.  Here are a few pics from that run.  Nice scenery always makes it easier to take!
I love it when the top of the mountain is covered with snow.
This is a very small mountain near my house.

 When we get to the town center the sun is beginning
to come out.

 It was gorgeous!

 Back home!

After Christmas
Monday we got the storm many of you got. We did not get massive amounts of snow but it was a snowy day and we got a decent amount. I cancelled the appointment I had and settled in the rocking chair with coffee, the paper, a cat, a book, the computer.  It was great to be relaxed with no place to go. Eventually I did get out for an outstanding run.  I love running in a storm!  I went so late I even got Emily to come with me!  I went about 5 1/2 miles and loved every minute.  What a day to be running!
I get Em out in the storm with me in spite
of her "thinner blood."
We take pics of each other for our blogs!

I go on a side road I don't hit too often.  I love 
this barn.

I love love love running in a storm.

This used to be my favorite tree - seriously. But in
the last wind storm a huge part blew down
and it is no longer symmetrical or particularly
majestic. Sad.

I am seeing a lot of year end goal reviews.  I was doing so well until my injury and then abandoned them for obvious reasons. I haven't decided if I will revisit them.  I am also luke warm about 2011 goals. I think I will do these but they may be late.  My main goal by far is to run smart.  

You may not have noticed but I have registered for a race - New Year's Day. My husband and I do this every year.  I don't expect to be fast but I am VERY excited about racing in any form again!  I will be careful and smart (I hope.)


Carly said...

Great photos....you are a trooper to run in that! My 2011 goal is the same as yours...run smarter.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you got your pictures up, because you ALWAYS have the most beautiful pics! Merry Christmas and good luck on New Years, I'm glad you are back out running a race that is a tradition!

Good luck to you in all your 2011 goals!

Jill said...

Oh man, I love that barn picture, too! My mom grew up on a tiny dairy farm in NE Iowa and I LOVE the country and barns...reminds me so much of my childhood. In fact, NE Iowa reminds me a lot of where you live - very hilly and oh so pretty in the fall.

Denver still has no snow - but that's about to change come Friday. Ugh!

Chris K said...

You are nuts.

Darlene said...

Love the scenery though I'm not a fan of the cold...Glad you are back running! Good news about the race. I know how you love them. It's cool that your husband will run with you. Mine has no interest :( See you next year.

Kate Geisen said...

What beautiful pictures! We got to go running during snowfall on Christmas Eve, and it was so pretty and so fun.

Char said...

That photo of the sunrise is just amazing. So certainly have the most beautiful scenery.

Johann said...

Unbelievable photos, beautiful! You are brave and dedicated, but I'm sure the feeling you have after a run like this makes it worth such a lot.

Fran said...

Wow! You've got a lot of snow right now. It's melting here and honestly I'm glad about it. I hope this was it for this Winter but I'm afraid it wasn't.

Great photo's Andrea!

Lee said...

Beautiful area to run in! I'm running a New Year's Eve race, it's an annual event. Smart running - good goal!

Giorgio said...

What a beautiful photo of you while you were running along a path covered with snow :) I'm glad you enjoyed running in a storm. Seems that it gives you motivation.

Happy new year!

Cinthia said...

Awesome pics!
Do you ever cross train? I know you biked during your injury but do you plan on keeping it up now that you're back running? I've been swimming and biking and it really seems to be strengthening my legs in a good way though, oh dear, some days I am SO sore on my runs, lol.
Happy running,

Lindsay said...

new year's race! what a great way to kick of 2011 and say bye bye to the aches of '10 :)

i think you should still love the tree for being a misfit now.

Marlene said...

Glad you got some good runs in over the holidays! Awesome that you got to run with Em too. I also love running after/during a fresh snow. So peaceful!