Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holy Sh** Did that really happen?

This is not something I ever thought I had to worry about even I can imagine many scary scenarios as I run and bike.  This morning in my local paper I read:

One of the suspects shoved the 19-year-old victim off the bike and rode away, Burlington police Sgt. Matthew Sullivan said in a statement Monday. The other suspect rode off on a BMX-style bike, Sullivan said.

It did happen at 2:15 in the morning which is not a time I am apt to be out riding so I guess I don't need to worry too much.  But I must say when I am riding it has never occurred to me that someone is going to knock me off my bike and speed away with it!

Happily my bike rides this week have been less eventful than the above mentioned ride.  I commuted yesterday and while not sunny the foliage was still rather stunning.

Today I did NOT commute as I had an appointment two towns away and while I am rather hard core I cannot bike that distance in the time I had. So I drove to work , the appointment , back home and got ready to ride.

But I didn't feel like riding because I was chilled but my choices were:

  • skip exercising - not me
  • go to the gym and use the elliptical - right
  • suck it up and ride even though it was cold

So I guess you know what I chose.

By that time it was 5:30 on a dismalish day (I think I just made that word up) and not very light out. So I got out my two bike lights to ride with. Last time I couldn't get my light off and may have forced it off and maybe it no longer attaches and stays on the handlebars.  I ended up putting it in my bento box. Cars could see me but it didn't do much for what I could see.

Imagine the beaver. He is there but I didn't capture him.

It wasn't very dark at first and I had a huge thrill on the first half of my ride. I didn't bring my camera because it was getting dark (true) and I wouldn't see anything I hadn't seen before (false).  I went by a beaver dam that I run by on many runs and rides. I always look for  a beaver but have not seen one in 30ish years. I am not exaggerating as the last time I saw one I had no children!  Well, tonight I glanced over as always and THERE WAS A BEAVER SWIMMING! I watched and tried to take pictures with my phone.  Before long he slapped his tail and dove!

 I continued on my way and came to a point where I could go longer or shorter. I went longer and was truly enjoying my ride in spite of being way overdressed. I guess it wasn't as cold as I thought. I don't want to tell you what I wore - it was ridiculous for 53 degrees on a bike.  Then I came to another longer or shorter point and I went with the shorter route.  This was good as the longer route was on my canopy road which would have been really dark.  It was getting darker by the minute (duh) and I had to go by the dam again and guess what?  He was out again! Are beavers more apt to come out at dawn and dusk? I used to see them all those many years ago when I rode very early in the morning.  These beaver sightings put me in quite a good mood.  I also was really enjoying this dark riding. It wasn't pitch black but I was surprised at how quickly it grew quite dark. When I got home  I really needed a flashlight to put my bike away and walk across the yard.  But the ride rocked and took away some stress.

And here's a few more fall photos for those of you who are experiencing a vicarious Vermont fall.


Jim ... 50after40 said...

You're a teacher ... you can make up words. I thought you were very perseveranceish today. Oh, and I know beavers are attracted to bikers, but on the dusk or dawn thing I have no idea.

Sarah K said...

I'm not trying to blame the victim, but perhaps 2am is not the time to be out riding your bike.
I love the fall. Your pictures are beautiful as usual :-)

Richelle said...

Ugh... I can't believe someone would be so cruel as to knock a guy off his bike and then steal it. So terrible!

I just LOVE your photos! Fall is my favorite time of year... I love all the colors.

Kandi said...

That's scary about the bike being stolen! It does seem suspect that it happened at 2am.
We have beavers at the lakes near my house! I have seen them a few times. One of the times I was in a kayak on the lake and he was a pretty good size and I was worried he was going to flip my kayak (no idea if they are capable of that). I got a pretty neat picture of the beaver's eye peeking out of the water though.

Jennifer said...

Dang. Sounds like there might more to that story!

Jill said...

Good lord, what was the woman doing out on her bike at 2am? And why would anyone be waiting for someone at 2am riding their bike. Seems rather odd and suspicious. I just hope she was ok, bikes can be replaced.

I've seen a few beavers busy doing their job, so cool those little guys are!

The colors are really starting to get pretty there! I was watching the Price Is Right on my treadmill the other day and one of the prizes was a trip to Vermont in the fall to see the colors. I so badly wished I were there to win it so I could come see you in this glorious leaf turning show!!

Char said...

You're so thoughtful to us who can only experience a Vermont Fall through the good grace of someone else. That first photo of the trees is unbelievable - those colours! I'd never put them together but somehow they work.

Average Woman Runner said...

We'd had bike-jackers here, too. I definitely wouldn't be riding at that time of night though - not in my hood!
Your photos are killing me - they're so amazingly beautiful, put our fall to shame. Shame.

Johann said...

Unfortunately I have to say that bike jackings are common here in South Africa. Children can't ride bikes to school any more because it is just not safe enough. From time to time serious bikers training for events have bad experiences as well.
I would so love to see a beaver. That is one animal I've never seen, not in a zoo or anywhere.

Fran said...

With such beautiful scenery's I would have gone for a bike ride too. And it was worth it because you saw the beaver twice.

I have to say I wasn't surprised this happened to the biker. It seems people nowadays don't respect other peoples properties anymore. I haven't heard this happening to a biker in Holland yet, but am sure it happened because there are many bikes stolen here every year (here almost everybody owns a bike).

You would love it here in Holland because it's paradise for bikers here.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. You just said the SH** word!

Great pictures, as usual.

Laura said...

That is scary...and mean.
I just love the fall colours right now..I wish they could stay around longer.

HappyTrails said...

We used to camp at a spot where there were beavers in the ponds and they were extremely busy early in the morning. Keep your Mace handy on the bike :-o

Unknown said...

beautiful photos, as always.

i don't ride after dark, much less at 2am, and i highly doubt anyone would successfully push me off my bike and ride off with it when i'm riding. maybe if i stopped for a break, but not while i'm pedaling.

Christi said...

OMG, what beautiful pictures! The colors are so amazing!

Katie said...

holy cow, that is scary!! but i would never ride at 2am so hopefully i'm ok.

Amy said...

Very scary to hear about someone's bike being stolen right from under them - hopefully they were not injured as well.

How cool that you spotted the beaver - twice! You certainly wouldn't have seen him from the elliptical...another good reason to brave the elements!

Michael said...

Be careful out there!! That is scary!

Man the colors there are just gorgeous!!! The colors are changing here, but due to lack of rain they aren't very vibrant at all. Those pics are just beautiful.

I want to see the beaver. Fun stuff!

JenCreates098 said...

As a beaver expert (just kidding) I know both muskrats and beaver are more apt to be active at dawn/dusk, although I have seen both in the middle of the day.

I had that crazy guy try to hit me with his car...but I have never heard of bike jacking until now!

I make up words and spellings of words regularly. I swear teaching young children slowly erodicates the brain cells.

Liz said...

Scary about the bike theft. How cold is it there now?

Fruit Fly said...

Such gorgeous scenery!

Very cool about the beaver. Perhaps since it is our state animal in Oregon, I have always loved them - plus I went to OSU and Benny Beaver is our mascot there. It would be so fun to see one in action working on his little dam and slapping his tail!

Lindsay said...

be safe riding in the dark! very cool about the two beaver sightings in one day, after all these years. i am pretty sure i have never seen one.

a shame that people stole a bike right out from underneath someone. ridiculous! more of that "what's yours is mine" mindset going on today... ugh.

Black Knight said...

Beautiful scenery, you live in a very beautiful place.
I am with Lindsay it is a shame what happened and also dangerous.