Monday, May 30, 2011

Vermont City Marathon Two Person Relay 2011

In the parking lot - first time
I've seen Em since Boston

Before the race start

I love this race. I imagine you're sick of my saying this but what a great race. I did not get the time I wanted at all but overall I had a blast and have such a good feeling tonight!  What a great day!

Always Fun

The accordion man at the top of the first hill.  Usually he is a speedo. Today he had on speedo briefs?  But he still wasn't wearing much standing there in the rain playing his accordion and letting so many of us start the race with a smile!  I always look forward to seeing him.

The crowd support is phenomenal particularly in the first half.  

I love reading all the t shirts and signs. Favorite sign that I can remember was one a little kid was holding that said, "Worst parade ever."  Favorite t-shirts were being worn by a young couple.  Just on  one, Married on the other. Apparently it said the same thing on the front, the opposite word. I had to catch up with them so I could congratulate them.  

I love seeing friends I don't even know are going to be there.  I am VERY good at picking people out in the crowd.  Perhaps this is why I don't get the time I want. Too much gawking! I got to see cql before she ran her first VCM marathon relay!

Best Race Moment

This one is easy........when Jameson jumped in at around Mile 11 to race the last two miles of my half with me! What a treat and support.  I did warn him I wouldn't be chatting and he said that was fine. He  conversed with me. Plus he took lots of pictures. After my half he got me back to the race finish and continued on his way to do the same thing for his sister, who was running the whole marathon.  He was told he couldn't go on the bike path but I didn't raise a kid without a brain and he found a way and ran her in.  He called to tell me she was okay and asked me where I was. Therefore I saw them coming as he knew where to look for me. With his height and bright pink Team Halnon shirt he was easy to spot. I may not have spotted Emily on my own!  I also loved meeting Emily out on the beltway. She looked strong and fast.
I have to say the miles flew by. When I ran the Sweetest Half at the beginning of the month I remember counting down the miles rather laboriously. This was not the case at all today. I remember realizing I was already more than half way. The last half also went by quickly. There was no counting or agonizing over when each mile was going to be done.  IT IS JUST A GREAT RACE!
This right after Jameson first started running with me.

Almost done!

Worst Somewhat Bad Race Moments

I don't know if I would go so far as to say there were worst race moments. I would have liked to have been faster. I would have liked no miles in the 10s but one was close to 11.  I had a hard time coming up the hill in the beltway and that is where I started to slow down.  But unlike last year in spite of the slow 12th mile I did not die and want to quit in the last two miles.  I felt fine for the most part, just tired. I picked up the speed of the last mile by almost a minute. Yeah, me!  I drank at every station but one.  I ran through all hoses the wonderful people in the neighborhoods had set up. I did keep the negative thoughts at a distance for the most part.
When I finished and was lamenting a bit over my time, my son pointed out that his fit 25 year old friend finished more than 5 minutes BEHIND me. Thanks, Jameson.  I needed that.
One of the worst race moments was BEFORE the race when my Garmin watch strap broke.  Emily got it to stay on with a hair tie.  Has anyone bought a watch strap replacement for the Forerunner 405?
Who knew how useful a hair tie could be?

Things You Shouldn't Do At Races

I wore new clothes.  Worked out fine.  I drank Gatoraid even though I haven't been training with it. I ate a Gu with caffeine even though I have determined in the past this is a bad idea for me.  It was okay. I did have stomach issues but more after the race than during it.  

Race Stats

Relay placement (thanks to my partner)
194/682 overall
23/66 Mixed Relay Masters

Mile 1 9:53
Mile 2 9:26
Mile 3 9:32
Mile 4 9:08
Mile 5 9:26
Mile 6 9:48
Mile 7 9:51
Mile 8 9:46
Mile 9 10:14
Mile 10 9:19
Mile 11 10:10
Mile 12 10:51
Mile 13 9:53
.19 10:00
My time was 2:09:10 
Pace by Garmin 9:48 (will be less on race website as a little long)

This was about 3 minutes plus slower than last year. Oh well.

What's Next

Tomorrow I do a brick to get ready for the Duathlon!  I can't wait.  At some point I need to rest (maybe that is my problem?) but not yet. Too many good races, too little time.

Here are some pics Jameson took when he ran with his sister.

We always like to do these long arm pics.
My friend, H, who is a great spectator.

The Weather

I haven't mentioned the weather. It started out raining. You can see the puddles in a lot of the pictures. It wasn't bad as it kept the heat away. But once it stopped the heat and humidity were pretty bad. The humidity was at 90%. A lot of people complained about it.  I don't feel I can do too much complaining since I did the first half.

After the Marathon

Emily, Jameson and I went out to lunch joined by a couple of friends.  A leisurely lunch on Church Street on what turned into a gorgeous day while spending time with my children is the best.  Then that evening the whole family went out to enjoy flatbread pizza and great salads outdoors on what was continuing to be a great day weather wise, something that has been in short supply.  What  a wonderful ending to May.


Marlene said...

Congratulations Andrea! No doubt you are tired - you have been doing SO MUCH! Glad you had a great time and finished strong. PERFECT family quality time too!!

Richelle said...

Congratulations! I will have to read Emily's blog to find out how the marathon went for her. Looks like a beautiful course and fun race! I hope you're able to find a replacement strap for your Garmin soon!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Yea! Congrats on a great race! I wish I could have been there this year, would have loved to have seen you race.

Bummer about the wrist strap on the Forerunner. I think I will begin bringing a cable tie to races in case that happens to me!

Fran said...

What a great family race. I love it how you and both your children are so passionate about running.

And excellent finish time too: congrats!

Monica said...

You continue to amaze me with your strength and dedication! Way to go!

Giorgio said...

Great race and good average pace! Congrats for your strenght!
Nice race report :)

Kate Geisen said...

It does sound like a great race, and what wonderful people your kids are. I imagine that has something to do with their mama. :) Love the pics, love your son coming back to run with you. My team does's such a lift. Great point of view on the 25 year old friend's time. You may not have hit your goal this time, but you're doing things most people sit back and say "I could never..." about.

As for my race, the bike leg was 15 miles. It was about a 17mph pace, a little slower maybe than I was hoping (perhaps not so realistically given my lack of time on the bike this year). Remember, I was on a road bike not a hybrid. We ran first, then biked, and I couldn't have been happier to be finished running! I think it'll be a while before my next race than uses the road bike, so hopefully that gives me lots of time to practice. Good luck with your brick!

Ewa said...

What a great race! Congrats to you and the family!
No pictures of accordion guy in speedo briefs? I guess you will just HAVE to do this race again next year and take pictures. :-)
I am so impressed with your races. Maybe when I am done with our trek I will sign up for some local races too. You are surely inspiring me.

Kandi said...

Sounds like a great race. You may not have gotten the time you had wanted but at least you enjoyed the race, the scenery, the spectators, and your family.

Kandi said...

Also, now that you changed your comment options I'll be able to comment more frequently! yay

Char said...

You've got such a lovely family. It's so nice how you all enjoy the same activities and how you all support each other.

HappyTrails said...

Congratulations AJH! Nice report - and what can be better than post-race pizza??? Probably don't need to tell you, but it seems you have awesome kids!!! And such limitless photography angles with that tall son!

BTW, is your duathlon run-bike-run?

Chris K said...

That is just so awesome to run with your kids. Seriously, could it get any better than that? Uh, no.

Your stats were really solid. Great job AJH. And no, my announcement next week on my blog has nothing to do with wanting to move to the East Coast. That was funny though. Me? East Coast? Funny.

Liz said...

Some lovely photos, and you paint a picture of a fantastic race! Great running too!

Suzy said...

Congrats on another race! How fun it must be to run with your kids on these occasions. I love all the pictures. Thank Jameson for all your readers (as it appears he took lots of the photos)

Darlene said...

Congrats - sounds like you had a great time & I think you did super. So nice that you have family support!!

Laura said... sounds not only like a great race but a great weekend!

Lindsay said...

My 405 strap broke last week!! Must be a defect... I superglued mine for now, but I do think you can buy a new strap. (I'm too lazy to order and re-assemble)

Congrats on your half! Glad you had fun running with the fam :)

Anonymous said...

Boo, I never got a chance to wish you good luck pre-race, I thought of you Sunday when I heard it was just rainy. You look great and looks like you had a great time! Love all the pictures (and the skirt)! Woot!

Teamarcia said...

such a fun race! I can't tell you how much I love that running is a such a family affair for you.
replaced my Garmin strap a few months back: got it online...I'll have to think of where...

Jill said...

First, I gotta say this before anything else because I am working sooo hard to overcome this: you are a heel striker!!! I'm certain that contributed to your PF last year. Ok, so stop that!!!

Next, I just can't even tell you how moved I am to read this race report ... running with your kids in a race like this has GOT to be one of the most fulfilling, and touching, events ever. I can only hope that one day, when Ryan gets older, he will by there by my side dragging my old butt in.

Your race splits were very consistent, that's great! I know you aren't where you want to be running right now but it's early and you have lots of time to get that heel-strike fixed and running stronger :). Just ask Chris K about the heel striking - haha.

Congratulations, happy for you!

Alisa said...

I wish I could keep up with you---great work on another half!

And your daughter is a wee bit crazy with all her marathoning :).