Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thousands of Things Thursday

  • Tuesday I rode my bike to school. A colleague drove by me but as she was approaching me she was thinking, "I wonder if that is AJH.  No, it can't be, her legs are too muscular." But lo and behold as she went by IT WAS ME, MUSCULAR AJH!
  • Wednesday a different colleague stopped me in the hall to tell me she had seen me pedaling home from school on Tuesday and man were my muscles in my legs ever defined!
  • Soooo I may not be thin. I may not be fast. But my colleagues think I am muscular. I'll take it.
  • Look at my side bar and my upcoming races. I need to be muscular because I am registered for my first duathlon in two weeks!
  • I need to remember that I have a half marathon this weekend and that the duathlon has du in the title for a reason and think about my running too. I have been spending most of my planning and thinking around the bike.  Monday I am going to do my first brick. I know, pathetic two weeks before the race but better now than not at all. And I have done tons of doubles, just not the bike first and not right together.  
  • Speaking of "du", two things are worse on a bike than while running. Having to pee is much worse. I don't know why but it is.  And I get much much hungrier riding.
  • Completely unrelated - one of the bad bad occupational hazards of being a teacher is lice. I have never had them but!  They are rampant in the school now and the first child in my room has them. Do you know how many times she told me yesterday that her head itched? Do you know how badly my head began to itch?
  • I front loaded my workouts this week. I ran Monday at the gym. Tuesday I ran in the early a.m. and then biked to school and back. Wednesday I ran in the early a.m. and then rode on the bike path in Burlington.  Today I rode in the early a.m.  ( I think the last time I rode a bike before work I didn't have children and my "children" are in their twenties!)  Now I rest until the half.  
  • I'll get to my goals later.  Right now it is thundering like crazy but at least the tornado warning is cancelled. Yes, tornado warning in Vermont.  Nuts!  


Jim ... 50after40 said...

Ha, work those muscular legs girl!

MCM Mama said...

Yay for muscular!!!

Lice used to freak me out until we went through it. Of course, I have boys, so I just basically shaved their heads and surprisingly, only one kid had them and none of the rest of us got them. So, as long as you don't share combs or rub your head against them, you should be fine. ;o)

Kate Geisen said...

That's awesome about the muscles. :)

I hear you on the need to remember BOTH parts of training. I'm a tunnel vision kind of girl. I haven't run since Sunday. I think I will tonight. I've managed to actually do strength training TWICE this week, which is something of a record for me.

I know what you mean about lice. My head starts itching the second we hear of a case in the school. Tornado warnings? Ugh. Us too this week, but that's what you get living in the Midwest.

Christina said...

YAY to muscles!!!

Tornado warning in Vermont is totally nuts! Vermont should be all about some maple cream and maple candy.

I hear you on that lice issue. That and pink eye... and stomach virus. Yikes!!

Running and living said...

Woot woot for the du! You will love it. I, too, am hungrier on the bike. I think it is bc our bodies are used to running and are better at using fat. Lice, yes, 5 kids in my son's class.

Teamarcia said...

Oh come on you're thin, fast AND muscular for sure!
Eeek on the lice. May that be an experience we never have in this house.
Wow Du in 2 weeks! Show me how it's done!

Richelle said...

Looks like the bad weather we had earlier in the week has come to you. :(

You run and bike... of course your legs are going to be muscular. :)

A Prelude To... said...

I Love Muscles!!! Great job on your awesome legs!! You should be very proud of your obvious fitness!!

Ewa said...

How about pictures?
I love thunder but not tornadoes. We had a small one in CA. You are right, this IS nuts.

Giorgio said...

Glad your duathlon training is going well!
Have a nice weekend!

Marlene said...

No doubt you are muscular!!

Good luck at the half this weekend!

Laura said...

I'd take muscles any day over being thin. Muscles are awesome .... like you!
rock it this weekend.

Black Knight said...

To be muscular is a good thing for a duathlete!
Good luck at the half and the duathlon.
Waiting for the pictures and the report full of glory!!!!

Karen said...

Check you out muscle woman! All that running and biking is paying off :)

Darlene said...

You look thin to me and you are FAST!

Fran said...

That must have felt good the compliments about your legs.
I'm like you that I may not be thin or fast but my legs are great :)

Good luck with the half this weekend and have fun.

Lindsay said...

the bike makes me super hungry too... i wonder why that is. (not that i've ridden in a looong time)

hope your half goes well tomorrow!