Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Goals 2011 Review # 6 - #10

Goal # 6  - 2011 -  Run/race in a new state. Success!
I ran a race in Rhode Island in July which gave this goal a big fat check. Plus it was my last state in New England to race!  I liked the race but even if I lived there it wouldn't be one to add to a must do list.  There we were by the gorgeous ocean and we barely saw it.  The neighborhoods we ran through were fine.  But I had a great trip there and am glad I did it.

Goal # 7 - Race in a marathon. Fail

Since I started running I thought I would do one marathon a year.  Last year I trained for one but didn't get there because of injury. This year I didn't run one because I didn't want to. I wanted more time for what I hoped would be some more duathlons but I never found any more.  But I also wanted more time for biking and that was a huge success. I don't see this being added back in for 2012.  I plan (gulp) to try and tri or two or three and I want A LOT more time for biking!  

8.  Run in at least two half marathons. Huge Success!

I ran in not two or three or four but five!  I love half marathons!  I ran Half at the Hamptons in Feb. for the second year.  This is a race I LOVE in spite of the freezing temps.  I raced in the Unplugged Half and got my PR for the year.  I ran in the Middlebury Maple Run for the second year and do like it but man is it hilly!  You can't keep me away from the VCM 2 person relay. ( I had brief thoughts of doing this marathon this year but nope!Then I took a break until this fall when I ran the Adirondack Distance Festival which was gorgeous, hilly, well organized and a blast and I will go back!

9. Race with family members. A huge success!
Right off the bat I raced at the Albany Winter Series with Jameson on a  VERY cold day! Thanks a ton Jameson for going with me!  Then I raced in DC with Emily in the St. Patrick's Day 8K!  Next I raced in the BAA 5K with both my children!  What could be better?  VCM found all of us racing again. Jameson was a huge support to both Emily and me.  Then Jameson went along with me this summer to a race in Isle La Motte which was gorgeous but instead of a cold January race it was an extremely hot July race!  Jameson was involved in helping run Zoe's Race and I ran in it so I am counting that one too!  And I would have raced with my husband on New Year's if I hadn't been sick.  We are going to try again this year.  

10. Place in age group. A Success!
Believe it or not even with my slower paces this year I did this a few times.  It helps being older and as you know.... Age Groups Rock.  I placed at the Polar Cap 4 Miler (2/5), Isle La Motte (2/3), Kingdom Run (2 out of maybe 2?), and Adirondack Distance Festival (Half marathon - 2/19!).  The last one is the one I had no clue I would place and left for home without getting my maple syrup!  


Jill said...

Your report card looks fantastic, you are always so focused and determined to get out there no matter what. I love your love for the bike and your new found love for swimming....I know 2012 is going to be a great year for you! Merry Christmas my friend!!

Christi said...

Many great successes in 2011! Congratulations!

Marlene said...

It has been a pretty spectacular year! You have definitely grown as an athlete and had so many great experiences along the way. Can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

Anonymous said...

I don't think not running a marathon is a fail. You love the half and really, is there any justification to run a marathon? I don't think so. You understand who you are as a runner and distance is not relative.

Darlene said...

You had a great 2011 inspite of your heel injury. I bet 2012 will be even better.

Molly said...

You had a fabulous 2011!! Merry Christmas : )

Kate Geisen said...

These were such great goals. I love the race with family members one. :) And, really, you didn't fail at your marathon goal; you just changed it. I'd like to do another marathon next year, but like you my bike time is a big conflict. I could maybe solve the issue by getting up earlier throughout the summer...but that probably won't happen.

Paul said...

You had a great year!

Don't worry about the marathon goals..you have plenty of time to pick that up.

The tri thing is muy excellente! With your love of biking, half marathons and latest attack on freestyle I think you will be a HIM expert!

It's all good 8)

Have a great 2012. And avoid touching large ceramic things.

Giorgio said...

Congrats for your great running adventures in 2011.
Happy Christmas!

Char said...

You've had such a big racing year. I'm always so impressed that you can fit all those races into an already hectic life. I love your attitude.

Darlene said...

I jut realized that I'm in 2 of the photos :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great year!!! My fav's were when you ran with your family, it's always my favorite time too! Great job. Best wishes in 2012!

Christina said...

While you didn't run a marathon, you certainly did more than your share of the half marathons. The full will come one day.

Love your attitude!!!

Fran said...

Andrea, you had a fantastic year. Congrats on achieving so many things this year.

It has been a pleasure to follow all your adventures and I look forward to following you again next year.

Liz said...

I love that photo of you in the snow! You've done so much this year. I look forward to reading about what you get up to in 2012!

HappyTrails said...

Great focus throughout the year, yet you still have so much fun with your running and biking. That is awesome!

Lindsay said...

an excellent year! #7, eh, no biggie. you exceeded the others!

Kandi said...

You had a very successful running/biking year for sure! I look forward to your tri-ing in the coming months.
Your goals were not my goals but I wanted to see how I did in your goals.
#6. I raced in DC for the first time (I know... but all my races so far were in MD or VA)
#7. Ran my 1st marathon (the race in DC)
#8. Only ran one half marathon.
#9. I ran a 15k with my mom before she fractured her ankle. We would have done the Turkey Trot too if she had been able.
#10. I placed in the trail race where I fell and sprained my finger.