Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Weekend - The Exercise Edition

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas. It has been a busy few days and wonderful. In spite of the hectic pace I did get my workouts in.

This is the pool I swim in.  It is pretty old but it is in
the only high school in the state that has a pool
and it is nearby so I won't complain.


I went swimming with Emily.  I had already gone once this week but couldn't resist the chance to swim with her.  She gave me some drills to do right away.  There are reasons - many of them - I am not going fast.  I must say these new drills messed up my breathing again but I need to fix some things as  and I quote "I have a lot going on." Okay, I'm not surprised and I have a lot of time left.
These two bathing beauties are me.  I cannot believe I am 
posting them but I have no shame I guess.

My plan was to take swimming lessons in the new year to help my stroke so onward with that thought!  I got some great swim stuff for Christmas (more on that in a later post) that will help me with it.


A sunrise run...

Our cute cute visitor.....

The cat is not as sure as the rest of us of the puppy's cuteness.

These don't look like much but man they taste good. 
The ones below look a little better.  Next time I will experiment
with more kinds.

I got up and went for a run when it was 8 degrees.  I need to get over this running in the early morning mindset.  It was cold!  I went 8 miles and decided once again that that was plenty. I had lots to do when I got home including trying to make cake balls. I am not a cook!  I was quite discouraged with my first batch (although they taste good) but later ones came out better.  They are much bigger than they are supposed to be but that meant I was done sooner. Worked for me!  Also later Friday the cutest dog ever came to our house for Christmas!

Sunday - Christmas!

I had a great late day 4 mile run!  I felt a little faster than I have lately. I let Emily use my Garmin so I have nothing to prove that but it felt great!  Now we are watching Crazy Stupid Love for the second time tonight.  A little extra time with Ryan Gosling is  a fine way to end the day.


Kate Geisen said...

What a wonderful, ACTIVE holiday you had! Not so much here. I played monkey in the middle with my husband and youngest--which meant mostly ME in the middle--but mostly all the sleep I missed to wrap presents had me only wanting to nap!

You're so lucky to get to share running and swimming with your kids--and to have Emily to give you pointers. How cool.

I am really really not a fan of heights, but part of the adventure camp my brother and I were going to attend in March was a whole section on high ropes, so the climbing equipment was required for camp. Now, unfortunately, camp conflicts with a 24-hr race I want to do.

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas!

A Prelude To... said...

Sounds like a great day! I wish I had gone for a run before I slurped up everything in sight! I'm feeling kind of bloated and blah today. Time to get back at it, I guess!

christa said...

The cake balls look delish! I've not been as active as I would have liked, but did play Just Dance with teen aged girls. That was fun!


That pool looks just like where I swim. It gets the job done.

Confession: I saw the pic of your kids and the puppy and then scrolled quickly to the cake balls which I thought was dog poop. Obviously, I am not awake yet.


Hey, I would still eat them. Dog poop is where my brain jumped because of the order of the pictures. Had I not seen the dog my mind never would have gone there.

Char said...

Doesn't exercise help enormously with all the insanity around Christmas?
The chocolate balls look way better in the second shot. I'll admit to thinking a little like Tonia, first photo. But that's only because our geriatric Dalmatian sometimes leaves 'gifts' like these around the house.

Giorgio said...

I can see that you had a lovely Christmas! I wouldn't mind a dish of those cake balls :)

The pool seems nice although you say it's old enough. Enjoy it!

Christina said...

Good job getting your workouts in!

I just finished watching Crazy Stupid Love too. :) Got it started when I ran on the treadmill last night.

Ewa said...

If not for exercise, I don't think I could survive the holidays.
Some years ago I belonged to a gym with a wonderful swimming pool. The strange thing was that it was hardly used so one day I asked my son to take a video clip of me swimming so I could judge my form. We were told that no photography was allowed even though we were the only people there. I am not a member there anymore.
Glad you managed to find time for exercise.

Kandi said...

How nice for you to get to swim with Emily. I should swim with someone who knows what they are doing so I can get tips too!
Those cake balls look delicious!
I want to steal that puppy!