Sunday, July 1, 2012

Goal Check In

Half Way Through 2012 - Time to Check in on all those Goals

1. I want to race in a triathlon.  My goal will be to finish it before all the volunteers have gone home.  I want to do at least part of the swim doing free style.  I would like to do at least two triathlons before the  season is over.(Not yet - I would say through no fault of mine, but it's not like someone pushed me off the bike.  But I have complete confidence this will happen.)

2. I want to ride a new bike route out of my biking books at least four times. (Partial -I've done two. One was in Maine on April vacation.  I think this can still happen.)
Maine ride

Vermont ride

3.  I want need to learn to change a flat tire. (Fail)

4. I want to learn to ride with clipless pedals.(Yes and No. I learned to ride with them but had a bit of a fail on getting out of them.)

5.  I want to ride a century.  This past summer I reached a new distance of 62 miles.  Next summer I want to get all the way to 100. (I'm a little less sure of this one still happening but if not this year, it will go onto next year's list.50 happened pretty quickly multiple times but 100 seems like a lot more)

6. I want to take swimming lessons to help my "technique" if it could even be called that. (I certainly did it although I hesitate to write success.)

7. I want to race in Central Park (hopefully with Darlene.) Though Darlene has had a huge recent setback. :( (Very unlikely to happen)

Repeating but want to keep them goals

8.  I want to work on my speed by improving my times as the year progresses. (Some success)

9. I want to race in at least 4 new races.(3 done already - Shamrock Shuffle, Cherry Blossom, Garden of the Gods) 

Way cool to race by the Lincoln Memorial

10.  I want to compete in at least 4 half marathons. (Done!)

11.  I want to place in my age group. (Only in Polar Cap Four Miler and oh my what a great prize I won)

12. I want to be in the top half of the field. (Happened in four races)

13.  I want to do a race a month. (So far so good, expect to race on July 4 so on track to continue)

14. I want to meet more bloggy friends. (Complete success - not new - but so so happy to see Happy Trails again!!!)

15.  I want to race with my family.(Also huge success - First Run (husband), Shamrock Shuffle (Jameson), Cherry Blossom (Emily), VCM (Emily and Jameson - best time ever), Garden of the Gods (Jameson, Emily)

16. I want to race near the ocean. (Half at the Hamptons - hope to do one more)

17.  I want to do scenic races.(The majority of the races I have done have been very scenic.  Highlights would be Half at the Hamptons,Cherry Blossom,Garden of the Gods, VCM and Unplugged Half.)  
Garden of the Gods and Cherry Blossom  - both Ten Milers have been 
on my bucket list. Loved doing them.

So I will continue to work on these goals with number 1 absolutely being my top  priority.  


Jill said...

I'd say your year has been pretty successful. Had you not had the wrist mishap, you'd be able to cross off a couple more, but you have time and I have no doubt by the of the year, you'll be checking more and more off. Nice job!! Love seeing GotG pics in your post again :).

Amy said...

I loved reading this recap of your goals! When you look at it this way, you can see you have really accomplished a lot! And the rest will come...

Darlene said...

I think you have done a great job on your goals esp still you broke your wrist. I know you do the TRI and I still hope we race together this year. Next year, we will do a NYC race. Which one do you want to do?

Johann said...

You've done great so far with your setback and all. Your first half of the year certainly saw you reach many of your goals. I did not do so well but my second half is packed and I'm ready.

Kandi said...

You've accomplished so many of your goals so early in the year!
Next time you come to DC, we should mee up.
I will be racing by the ocean for the first time later this summer!

Char said...

Well done. That's so much of your list ticked off. And the triathlon would have been done too had it not been for gravity. But I know that one will be ticked off your list really soon.

Ransick said...

That is quite the list and you are doing great checking things off! Now I feel like a slug with hardly any goals :-)

Kate Geisen said...

You've done so much already this year!! I wish I lived closer...I'd teach you how to change a tire. It's not too hard if someone walks you through it. I just went to a how-to clinic at a local bike shop. A lot of them have programs like that.

Much better off w/o the ex!! And re the heat, it sure makes swimming more fun. Today J and I went for a 99 degree trail "run" (mostly hike). Not bad at all in the shade.

Fran said...

Well you already accomplished a lot this year of your list. Very well done!

Liz said...

Wow, I'd forgotten that you had such a long list of goals! You've had a great year so far, apart from the wrist thing. You must be on track for a great 2012 by December!

Michael said...

Wow, you had alot of great goals and you are well on your way to achieving them! Way to go!!! I know you'll get #1 knocked off your list soon!

Laura said...

WOW! Awesome job especially with the number of goals you had set out.