Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I have gotten on my road bike the last two days.

Tuesday I rode it but didn't clip in. It was a little awkward perched on the non pedal with my sneakers but I needed to get used to the shifting again.  I have a hard time shifting with this bike too but can't use my right hand to do it.  I just grunt (completely serious) and push hard and eventually get it.  The rides I went on didn't require a lot of shifting. They were fairly flat so I got on the big sprocket and pretty much stayed there.  Yesterday I was in Vergennes on my speed trial track.  I was with my friend and we ended up riding about 24 miles.  It was in the heat of the day (it was raining earlier) and very humid and windy. The temperature was 95 degrees.  It really bothered my friend a ton but I didn't mind it so much, not sure why.  My pace was 15 m.p.h. which I was pleased with especially with the wind. That bothered me much more than the heat.

When I got home I tried to use my clips but it scared me to death. I have never been a person who is scared of physical things and it bothers me that I am.  I guess now I know when I goof up there are consequences.  My husband was out in the yard encouraging me.  That surprised me a bit because when Emily first clipped in he thought she was nuts. I thought since I had fallen and broken my wrist he would be asking me to not clip in anymore.  Instead he was giving me advice on how to fall and encouraging me as to how it might be easier.  I guess he gets that I really want to make it work.

Wednesday I did a quick run and got all sweaty and gross and then headed to Burlington with my bike. I had to go let Jaxon out so I thought I'd bring my bike along. I stopped by where I got it to see if the clips could be adjusted to get out of easier (nope - they're the easiest they can be) or if the shifting could be made easier. Again - no. I didn't really think it could but I figured it didn't hurt to ask.

So I went to Jamesons and said a quick hi to Jaxon.  I headed for the bike path - clipped in.  It seemed like a good choice because it is fairly flat. But......... there is so much unpredictability on it.  There are lots of people and I trusted basically none of them.  I was yelling on your left all the time as I wanted everyone to know I was passing - no surprises for anyone!  There are also a lot of streets to cross.  I went out pretty slowly and really paid attention.  I unclipped often whereas before I might not have some of the time.

 When I got to the bike bridge I checked the clock and realized I needed to pick up the pace. My refrigerator was going to be delivered and I needed to be home. So I had  a much faster ride back, took Jaxon for a very quick pee and headed home.  When I pulled into my driveway I hadn't even gotten out of my car when the delivery truck pulled in.  Whew.  That was close.

Back to the bike - I am feeling okay about the clips but not great.  I am also not thrilled with how hard it is to shift.  I guess I need to pick up the use of the Power Putty. I tend to forget which is not wise! Better go use it NOW.


Ransick said...

Just keep practicing with the clips, it gets easier. That said, I'm a wimp about falling over and unclip at the first sign of danger. If you do feel, keep that arm tucked in and land on your shoulder.

Kate Geisen said...

I get nervous after falling, too. I didn't ride any bike for almost a month after my last MTB fall...really really didn't want to crack that elbow again. So then I fall running. :-/ That made me much more tentative last night. As you ride more and more clipless you'll start to feel more comfortable again. You're doing GREAT, all you've done while splinted!! And very cool your husband is helping you out. :) What a guy!

Darlene said...

You are gusty!

Char said...

I think it'll take a while to get used to using the clips again and being comfortable with them. And your arms not even healed yet so there's nothing wrong with giving yourself all the time you need.

HappyTrails said...

The more you ride, the more your "clip" comfort level will rise. Plus, the more you clip in and out, the more your cleats will wear resulting in easier disengagement. Really. Honest and truly. It will get to the point where you won't even think/worry about it anymore.

We are assuming Jax was a good boy and hasn't gotten in any more mischief lately???