Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thankful Day 9

I am thankful for prolific authors that write LOTS of great books! I love discovering a new author that has already written several books that are just waiting for me to read them.  I read mostly for entertainment and relaxation so I read a lot of chick lit, best sellers and so on.  I am currently reading Stephen White's newest book The Last Lie. I like series where the characters repeat and grow such as in this series.  I have on reserve at the library - waiting to be picked up - The Girl  with the Dragon Tattoo.  I already tried it once and gave up but I have had so many people recommend it that I am going to give it one more try.  Another one I need to "retry" is Cutting for Stone. Has anyone read that one?  I have many favorite authors and will list a few of them.
Elizabeth Berg
Chris Bohjalian
Maeve Binchy
Harlen Coben
Julia Glass
Greg Iles
John Lescroart
Jacqueline Mitchard
Jodi Picoult
Ridley Pearson
Jeanne Ray
Nora Roberts
P.J. Tracy
Robert K. Tanenbaum
Penny Vincenzi
Stephen White

I'm tired and I want to get some reading in so this is going to be a short post!  No guarantees on spelling of authors' names!


RobinLK said...

I've heard The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is very good. Will be interested to hear your thoughts. :-)

I love to read, too, but can't sit still long enough for a fictional piece of work. I'm usually reading 2 - 3 nonfiction books, a couple of magazines, and a newspaper article - all at the same time - all in baskets, waiting for me to sit still for the next 5 minutes. Ha!

Love, love, love to read! Thanks for sharing your list! Hope you're settled in w/ a good book tonight.

Ewa said...

I've been on the waiting list for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the library forever it seems. Maybe I should have bought it but I don't think we have anymore room on our bookshelves.
But right now I am into classics, big names like Dickens, Tolstoy. I am amazed of their amazing art of language use.

Velma said...

Love to read!! I am a non-fiction fan, but I need to read a 'get away' book.

Lisa said...

I love Harlan Coben!

I read the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. A little slow for the first 200 pages or so but after that, whoa, hold on. I couldn't put it down. I've just started The Girl Who Played With Fire.

Jill said...

I so need to jump back on the reading bandwagon - been too long since I've neglected my entire family by indulging in a good book - and I have so many sitting here. Ken Follett is one of my favies.

How's the heel? I ordered the "Heel Seats" and been running with them and the heel is ok. But the heel usually is ok running 5-8 miles - not the 15-26 miles. So it's time to try to build. Slowly. I don't think they are the magic cure but I'm trying everything.

I need to send you an email .. my weight is going nowhere. Grr.

Liz said...

What didn't you like about GWTDT? I've read all 3 books, and they are slow in places, but overall I loved them.

Amy said...

We just watched the six episodes of television series based on the three Millenium books by Stieg Larsson and they were really good! I tried to read the first book and had a hard time getting into it but now that I have seen the movies I am going to try again. I think it would be a good book for the long flight between Belgium and the US!

Jen said...

I loved Cutting for Stone... try it again. It is really good.

Cindy said...

I had a hard time getting into The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It's a great read once you get into it. Don't give up. I've now started the next one and am having the same problem but my husband says it's better than the first one.

Johann said...

I love books and reading but at the moment I'm not getting to much of it. Maybe when my son is a bit older things will settle down a bit more.

Emz said...

I need to read. Peanut reads everything. she's amazing. I hate sitting.

But I need to learn to chill. I know a good book would help.

Great post.

Marlene said...

Wow, of that entire list I have only read Piccoult! Thanks for the ideas.

Char said...

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is worth a read. There's a bit of hard slog at the beginning but once the story gets going you become absorbed.

Suzy said...

You've listed some wondeful authors. We really are blessed to have such great stories to read.

Julie said...

This is a great list of authors. I wish that I had more time for pleasure reading. Life in my house is a little crazy:) My hubby is leaving on golfing trip to Arizona for four days. My
little guy is off to his cousins house for the weekend. Maybe I could read a book:)

I Run for Fun said...

Nice list! I usually have about 5-6 books on hand...one as mealtime accompaniment, one to unwind after work, one before bedtime, etc...reading material so depends on mood!

Kate Geisen said...

I love, love reading! I've read several of the authors you mentioned. My available reading time has increased again lately with being stuck in St. Louis during my son's practices. There's nothing better than reading a book you just can't put down. I think the last one like that was Kathryn Stockett's The Help. Have you read that? If not, go out and buy it right now! It's amazing. (I really should review more of the books I love on my book blog, but it's so much easier to talk about the ones I don't.)