Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful Day 15

Thankful Day 15/Chris K These Pictures Are For You!

I am extremely thankful for such gorgeous weather this weekend!  I got two great bike rides in that I didn't expect to get again.  No gloves, warm weather, no snow to speak of! I thought I would be at the gym on the elliptical so this was great!

 One added element to my weekend rides was a  different take on pictures.  Awhile back Chris K. from BQ or Die challenged me to take some ugly pictures for a change.  My first thought was that will be easy. wasn't.  There are many sights around here I would not call beautiful but neither would I call them ugly.  Most things ugly are man made and I am not sure that is what Chris K had in mind.  And of course beauty (or the opposite of it) is in the eye of the beholder.  So I set off with my camera thinking this would be a cinch.  There are certainly some ugly houses/yards around here.  But I really want to stand there and take a picture?  Every ugly place seemed to have a person in the yard.  I could imagine the conversation:

What are you doing?
Oh I am taking a picture of your place/yard for my blog?
Really?  He/she asks puffing up with pride
Yes, I am trying to find some ugly Vermont pictures to counter all the beautiful ones I usually post.

Well this would not go over so well as you can imagine. Plus it is opening season for deer hunting and there are a lot more loaded guns around than usual. So taking a picture while someone is in their yard.....not happening.

Here is my attempt at finding some ugly sights on my ride.

too close for comfort to my house

Picture doesn't do it justice - lots and lots and lots of 
junk in this yard

The next 3 pictures go together

A lovely pump house

Graffiti and a falling down barn - in my town! (horror and surprise
at the graffiti - there are many falling down barns!)
Dirty snow - always ugly!

That's it Chris K.  I may have to keep this in my mind and try to find more pictures over the winter.


RobinLK said...

Wow! Truly ugly, but I'm betting you had to go WAY OUT OF YOUR WAY to find these. (or at least the % is small...) LOL

Also laughing about the convo that would occur. Funny stuff.

Glad to hear you got in TWO fabulous rides. That's terrific! :)

Lindsay said...

hahaha. you could tell them you were looking for inspiration for your yard. they don't have to know the truth...

those blow up things are SO CLASSY what are you talking about.

Anne said...

Ahh nice sunny bike ride...that's the downside of having put my special trainer wheel on, now I can't use my bike outside. Oh year, I'll know to not change so early :)

Unknown said...

THose pictures were the funniest EVER. I am always expecting such gorgeous photos from your bike rides and today you cracked me up! Chris K . will love these...

I'll keep you posted on my pf tortures so you can come out for some "foot fun!"

Ewa said...

We should hold an ugly photo contest. Though with those xmas (???) decorations photo you would probably win hands down.
And please, do be careful riding your bike in hunting season. Years ago while hiking in MA totally unaware of hunting season we had bullets flying over our heads. No kidding.

Christina said...

What's the deal with that blow-up Santas? Haha.
We had a newly paved walkway/path at the city park and today, while running, someone had spray-painted a star and some hideously crude man parts on the path. I was mad.

Chris K said...

YES! Thank you. That post was hilarious. The unoccupied camper wins! I like Ewa's idea of the ugly picture contest. Not sure if you follow Barefoot Neil Z, but he posts incredible pictures too. I have to say though, I'm too lazy to organize a contest. Thanks for the ugly post :-)

Johann said...

Glad you got to do more riding, I really thought you were done for the year. I love these photos and the ugly photo idea. I'll have to do that at some stage. Have a great week!

Marlene said...

Hahahaha, too funny with the ugly pictures! Sounds like some beautiful riding weather!

misszippy said...

That is so funny! I'd say you accomplished your goals. Now get us back to your regular, beautiful pics; Chris K be damned! ; )

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Pretty funny! At least Santa's only once a year - I hope!

Anne said...

It's here in could even stay at my place, we have a nice guest room :) :) Come on... :)

HappyTrails said...

The 'blow-up Christmas' yard was hilarious! Really??? I LOVE Christmas BUT we have folks have put up lights ALREADY in our neighborhood. I am a firm believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving. :-) LOL - your ugly pics are still in a lovely setting!

Jenn said...

BAHAHAHA! This totally cracked me up especially the Christmas yard decor! Hilarious. Those are DEFINITELY ugly! Yay on the 1/4 zip!!

LookingUpAgain said... it Christmas all the time there? Or did they decorate waaaaayyyy too early?

Fran said...

Love it :) Those Christmas things are really very very ugly :lol: