Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Good **The Bad** How Nice

The Good

  • I broke my left wrist and I am right handed
  • I didn't break my leg
  • my broken wrist is not next to my husband in bed
  • it happened at the end of my CO trip, not the beginning
  • I don't need surgery           (I think)
  • it's an easy conversation starter
  • school is done for the year and my room is packed up
  • it's summer and I don't have to fuss with putting long sleeves over a cast

The Bad
  • I'm missing my planned date for my first triathlon which I have trained hard for
  • it is the beginning of summer vacation
  • all those long bike rides I had planned will have to wait
  • I've had to postpone my trip to my friend's house this coming weekend
  • how do people do simple things like buttons, opening ANYTHING, get dressed, wash/wipe one hand,   (this has to be easier once I have a cast, right?
  • can't drink coffee when I drive or talk on the phone
  • itching

How Nice
  • so many people offered to help me as I flew across country alone
  • they got my laptop in and out of my bag at security
  • the security person who "checked my arm" helped me get everything back together
  • many people offered to help with my suitcase
  • the flight attendant (who had had 27 broken bones himself) brought me a blanket to rest my arm on
  •  (he said the worst one was his wrist)
I will swim run and bike again!


Char said...

While Josh has been all casted up I've had to help with the showering duties (thank goodness, neither of us is prudish) so I think that both your children should come and stay and help you with all those impossible tasks. I know you'd do it for them :)

HappyTrails said...

Two additions to your "good" list: an August reschedule for your tri (woo-hoo!) and getting to ignore that blasted package a little longer. :-) No worries - You'll be back! (insert Arnold's Terminator voice here)

Kate Geisen said...

I wore a lot of elastic when my hand was splinted. Luckily I could get it wet bc it was pinned, not castes. I spent 6 weeks writing in the board with a barely usable right hand (I'm right handed). On the plus side, the way it was pinned made s perfectly sized bottle holder for my runs. :) I did have to have Jeff wash my hair when I showered...he didn't seem to mind.

It really is a good opportunity to see how nice people really are AND to appreciate one's typical able-bodied state.

Jill said...

Great pictures! A broken wrist sounds painful! So glad there are nice people to help you can't be easy with one hand. You will be back before you know it!

Johann said...

You have so many good and how nice points and that is really great. Before you know it this whole story will be only that...a story. Hang in there! How long will you be in a cast?

Darlene said...

You are so nice! Yes you will be back and better than ever!

On the Right Track said...

Oh, I am so saddended for you,...but your outlook is so positive and upbeat!!!

The pictures are just stunning and so reflective of your attitude. You will be up and running, swimming and biking in no time!!!

Try to enjoy the rest if you thoughts are with you!

I have to say, that pic of you on the hospital bed made me chuckle ;)

Kandi said...

At least there are still a lot of good things to reflect on. Since you can't swim/bike/run right now, you could at least walk, right? Can you handle your camera one-handed?

Unknown said...

AW, the header picture is the saddest face ever!

That said, it sounds like you're doing a fantastic job keeping things in perspective.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

had to have my arm in a cast once. - buttons, zippers, shoes - well just about most things were a new kind of fun. everything heals with time!

Giorgio said...

It's great to hear nice people to help you ... You'll be back!
Nice pictures!

A Prelude To... said...

Yikes! I am so sorry!! Especially the part about you missing out on your first triathlon that you've trained so hard for!
What is what is, though - and you have a great attitude about it. I'm somewhat in the same boat. Somewhat. I haven't run in 3 weeks and my 1/2 IM is this coming Saturday. I'm heading in to get an xray tomorrow. My sports injury doc friend thinks it might be a heel fracture. If so, I'll make the best of it and still do the two legs of the race that I can do. Unfortunately, you do not have that option :-(

I had carpal tunnel surgery when I was pregnant with my son. It was amazingly hard to get along with only one hand. How do you cut a bagel in half? or slice a tomato? or hook your bra? Makes you grateful for two hands for sure!!

Marlene said...

Nice to hear that you had so much help & kindness from strangers. That helps a lot in a situation like that.

Hang in there, you WILL recover and get back to all the things you love as well as those simple conveniences in life that we take for granted. When I separated my shoulder, I realized just how difficult the simplest tasks could be.

Suzy said...

I love that people offered to help you. There is still kindness out there. Continue to get better so you can do your tri later this summer.