Sunday, November 10, 2013

Working Out Again

I really did no working out this week before the weekend.  Finally Saturday I went for a run on an absolutely gorgeous day. It was a little cool but very sunny and lots of blue sky.  I only went 5 miles because I decided I wanted to get home and also go for a bike ride. I had report cards to work on and my plan had been to run and then head to school to work.  I had thought it might be too cold to ride but I changed my mind about both things while I was running.  Not a tough decision: report cards or bike?

I changed my clothes when I got home and headed out. I brought my school stuff still thinking I would manage to get to school. 
Once I started biking it became cloudy and not as pretty.  But it was still a great ride. I managed to go 25 miles which is quite a long ways these days.  I went to Kingsland Bay, a state park, which is closed for the season.  I had envisioned sitting there for a bit but it was too cold to just sit around.  I was surprised that I wasn't the only one there.  

 I did get to school thinking I wouldn't get done all that I had planned but I did.  I even stayed a bit after dark which I hate. It is too big a building and rather scary when you are there alone. 

Then I went and visited my brother. I try to go every week but I had not made it last weekend as I was across the country.  He is having health issues that are not going away.  I try to share what I am doing as he seems genuinely interested without going on about it too much.

Today I had a bit of a longer run with no bike ride.  Then I stayed home. MY CAR DIDN'T LEAVE THE YARD. It was wonderful to have a quiet day at home.  I got stuff done and took some time to just sit and read too.  Loved it!  


christa said...

I need a quiet day at home. Do you have the day off tomorrow?

Char said...

You had an incredibly productive weekend. Getting all those report cards done plus having time to exercise - that counts as a good day.

Amy said...

So sorry to hear about your brother - it's nice that you are able to take the time to see him!

I also love days where I can stay at home all day and putter around and get stuff done...hoping to have one of those today, actually.

Fran said...

I love those kind of Sundays: do a workout in the morning and then just relax.

Sorry to hear about your brother. I think it's very sweet of you that you try and visit him every week.

Runner Leana said...

That's great that you are still able to ride outside! I'm envious!

I'm sorry to hear you are struggling too. Maybe we can help motivate each other?

Kate Geisen said...

That sounds like a GREAT weekend! These days it seems like my only workouts are on the weekends. I need to step it up and figure out how to make myself get going during the week again.

I'm sorry to hear about your brother's health issues. I'm sure it means a lot to him to see you regularly like that.

Half Crazed Runner said...

Love days like that! Of course, again, great pics.

Liz said...

So nice to spend some time at home getting things done.

Hope your brother sees some improvement soon.

EB said...

Love your new cover photo!

It is so nice that you live close enough to your family that you can visit every week. I'm sure it means a lot to him.