Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monster Marathon Many Miles Away And A Total Photographer Fail

 Saturday we got up at 3:30 to go to Ashland.  It was a long ways away and the ride down was in the dark and rain. I was glad I hadn't rented a bike.  Finding the start was problematic so Emily had very little time to get ready. I thought I took some start pictures but you'll notice there are none at the start. Or finish for that matter.  

So EMily blasted off and it was  wee bit cold.  My mission was to find the donut place with some very specific types to get.  Sounds easy?  It took forever!  But I managed, filled the car with gas and decided not to go to the aid station. Turns out to have been a good decision.  I kind of slept/read in the car.  Then I saw a few runners go by to the finish including a woman so I thought I should get out of the car.

This race was started in a state park. There were many 
of these around and humans bothered them not one bit.

I stood here at the finish line for more than an hour waiting in the
cold and rain for Emily to come. One of the early finishers told
me not to worry.  He does many marathons and considered
this the hardest by far. There is 9200 feet of elevation and I guess
the first 12 miles go up a mountain.  Not my cup of tea.

I'm still waiting and do easily see Emily coming but pictures?

While I was waiting the finish line fell over.
This was taken after.  Yes, this is how
she was dressed.

After we went to Caldera Brewery. I had beer cheese soup
that was to die for.

EMily had a black bean burger on awesome bread.

I took this picture outside because the terrain was so different.

The way back we chased this rainbow forever. Very stunning.
I had never seen a rainbow come right to the ground so clearly.

I had brought running clothes with me, in fact I wore them all day, but even though my daughter managed to run 26 plus up a mountain I ran not at all.  Does a lot of fast walking count?  

That evening we went to Beer Stein for beers and dinner.  We ended up having nachos - great supper - but it was delicious.  It was an early night as we were both exhausted.  Then Sunday.......the coast.


Michael said...

Well you still got some great pictures even if you didn't really get any race pictures. That race sounds absolutely terrible to me. I think it might have taken me a couple of days!

Fran said...

I love the photos too. Looking at Emily it sure does look like it was a very cold race. If I was there, I'd probably wouldn't have run either. Fast walking definitely counts!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

What a tough race! Congrats to your daughter!

Alisa said...

Rainbows are something we see a LOT of around these parts, especially in oct/nov and may/june...it is part of what our weather folks call "sun breaks." Sun Break = most of the day is going to be total crap and rain and/or clouds but on the rare occasion you're looking outside at the right moment you may see a brilliant ray of sunshine and a rainbow--LOL.

christa said...

The beer cheese soup and black bean burger look yummy! I'm a terrible picture taker. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness! Did you say hi to my mom?

Char said...

It doesn't matter if you didn't run. As long as you found the right donuts then I'd consider the weekend a roaring success.

Teamarcia said...

Were you the only spectator? I don't think I'd be running either. Eating donuts? Yes.