Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not Working Out and Headed to Oregon!

 This week I have not worked out. It must be from that slippery slope when I missed a bike ride last week.  But actually I had this in mind. I leave Thursday for a visit to Emily in Oregon.  It is a quick trip with a lot of traveling time and I know it is going to be GREAT but exhausting. I arrive there at 2 in the morning my time and back home after midnight and having to work the next day. I don't want to go into the trip exhausted which getting up at 4:45 to get a workout in does to me.  This is going to be a very hectic week with parent conferences two evenings, the regular work day and all that goes with that. I am not sure why I have so much to do and am having such a hard time keeping up but for the first time I am really having trouble fitting it all in.  I could workout after the conferences are done but that is well into the evening.  I need some time just to do what needs to be done at home.  Wednesday when I don't have conferences I need to finish packing.  I don't want to head to Oregon stressed and exhausted so I am giving myself permission to take 4 days off. I know I will be working out in Oregon - running and hopefully biking. But I am also telling Emily that whatever we do will be great.  No expectations - just some time together. Although I really really really want to go to the coast if you're reading this, Emily.

What will I do in Oregon?  

Will it include race spectating? Very likely

Will it include skydiving?  Not a chance
but it's been a long time since I posted a skydiving

Will it include me on a bike?  Here's hoping!

Will it include Emily and I running and taking
pictures of each other?  That could certainly happen.

Will it include cupcakes?  Well, if not cupcakes, some kind of baked goods.

Will it include some spectacular Oregon views?   That one's a guarantee!

3. I did get in a cold ride on Sunday. It was 43 degrees. I wore a skull cap, my full gloves, bike shorts with pants over and a long sleeved top, a jacket and a wind jacket. I was just fine. I am writing this to remind myself of what worked. I almost didn't go (that slippery slope) but got myself out there and I was glad I did. It was very bearable and actually quite delightful!  I have not been getting high miles in like I did last October.  I think the whole a lot to do at work (weekends  too) is part of it.  But something is better than nothing. 


Kate Geisen said...

I know you're so excited for your trip. I'm excited for you! Stalking Emily's Instagram has me so jealous of the amazing fall colors and wonderful trails. Have fun!! Your workouts will be waiting for you when you get back!!

And conference week does me in. Not just the hours but the amount of time you have to be "on" is mentally draining.

Teamarcia said...

Have a great time! How could you not? I need to get to Oregon one of these days.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Have a great trip. We've haven't been to Oregon yet, but I can't wait!

christa said...

You leave tonight? Have a great trip! I'm hoping my out of state traveling in done for a bit. It's exhausting and I got a terrible cold right before I left for DC. I'm just starting to feel better. You forgot to add that your trip will include beer!!

Fran said...

Sometimes you have other priorities. You always stick to your workout schedule so 4 days off is not bad at all. Working out should be fun most of the times and if it gives you stress because you can't do other important things at that time, this is your best decision.

I hope you have a great time with Emily.

Darlene said...

Have a great time. Can't wait it hear about it.

Unknown said...

Enjoy your trip !

Johann said...

Have a great trip, enjoy!

Black Knight said...

You made the right thing. The workouts must not be a stress but a pleasure.
Enjoy your trip.

EB said...

Have a great trip! I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Alisa said...

Looks like our dry streak is coming to an end, hopefully it's not too rainy for you when you get here.

Have a great trip, I think you'll be spectating Em for sure...Ashland is a funky place...BUT they have GOOD COFFEE.

Safe travels!

Char said...

Now I understand your Facebook posts. Have a great time with your girl!

Jill said...

Nothing beats time with your daughter - nothing! Have a blast!

Ransick said...

Have a great trip and don't fret about missing a few workouts. This is supposed to be fun and when workouts add stress, they aren't worth it in my opinion.

Looking forward to some great pictures!

Paul said...

Your headed out west! Great!
Still early enough no rains in Oregon (usually ;)

You will have a great time!

If you are in Portland you have to have a lot of beer. Many great microbrews there 8)

Enjoy Oregon!


Anonymous said...

Love me some Oregon. Some really great beer comes out of that state. Oh, and my Mom and Grandmother live there too. Have a blast!