Sunday, October 13, 2013

How Many Stars?

How many stars would I give each of my workouts this week with 1 being low and 4 being high? I did this last year around this time and seemed like a fun one to do again.

Monday- 3 stars running
I got up early - before 5 which is very early for me and went to the gym. I had a meeting at 4:15 which is when I usually would be heading to the gym. I knew it would make me on edge to be at the meeting worrying about fitting a workout in so I got up and did it.  It was a fine workout - lots of energy and good feeling to have it done.

Tuesday - 3 stars running
                 3 stars biking
I got up early at a slightly later time than the day before but I was in town running the dark streets by 5:35.  I like these early morning dark runs.  I am in town so there are street lights and a decent amount of people out there.  I have no idea who but I see their reflective clothing and flashlights and we say hi. I wear a headlamp - totally necessary to not wipe out on the terrible sidewalks.  I enjoy this but I am  so hesitant because of the sidewalks it's only a 3.
After work I was home and biking by 4:30.  It was sunny at my house but I was quickly in the shade and cold. I am still not dressing right for these fall rides. I was cold but it was not unbearable.  The foliage is still pretty although the wind and rain yesterday took a lot of the leaves.  This ride gets a 3.

Wednesday 3 stars biking
I took my gym bag to work planning to go to the gym and run. But it was another gorgeous day and I opted to come home and bike instead. I dressed better and wasn't cold. I was amazed at how many additional trees looked bare today. I didn't stop and take a picture of anything until I was on my way back.  I tried to get a picture of my shadow but I left it a little late. The following picture is the best I could do.  It was a good ride as most fall rides are but not a 4. I am hoping for that on my Friday ride but it will depend on the weather.

Thursday 2 stars swimming
                 3 stars running
I got to the pool this morning a little later than I wanted as usual and thought maybe the pool was closed and I didn't know it. There were no other cars. Well, I had the pool to myself for about 20 minutes. (We're not supposed to swim alone but I didn't have the time to just sit there.) The pool used to be much less crowded and this was common but it's been awhile so it felt just plain wonderful to be alone.  No one was crowding me in my lane.  I wasn't thinking about how much faster everyone else was.  But I can only give this workout a 2 as I didn't put much effort into it.  

I hurried home from work to fit a run in. Again I had my bag packed for the gym but it was very nice out so home I came.  I had to hurry as I didn't have an extra minute but I did fit it in.  It was a good run but again - not a 4.  Once I got home I had to put the ferocious lion cat into the carrier and haul him off to the vet for a wellness check and 3 shots. This is after spending 5 days giving trying to give the cats their pills 2 times a day.  I can't begin to tell you how much fun that was. I took the pills to the vets and it took 2 of them to give Simba a pill and they remarked about how strong he is.  Yeah, I know. One day one of the cats got his claw caught in my finger!  Good times.  I finally decided they had gotten enough, we all needed to come out of this alive. So I have no swimming or running pictures but how about a couple of cat pictures.
The two younger cats for the first vet visit - admiring
the great outdoors they wish they were in.

Simba - just daring me to try to give him another pill.

He thought he had completely worn me down and then I take
him to the vet where he proceeds to try and hide in the sink.

Friday 4 stars biking
                I had a feeling it was going to be a 4 star workout.  I was biking. It was a beautiful day. I was biking on the bike path and causeway! I got a friend to go with me. The weather was so perfect for mid October.  It wasn't crowded and the best word to describe the whole ride was glorious.  I can't wait to go back.  
We kept up a good pace on an easy ride that helped me relax after a busy day. Perfect.

Sunday running - 4 stars
Today was the Chase Away K9 Cancer 5K.  It will get it's own post but for now it was a 4 star workout because it was a race I did with my son and grand dog on a gorgeous fall day.  


Kate Geisen said...

Yea! So many good and great workouts! Love your pictures from the 4-star ride and of course the cats and grand dog. So glad your cat-medicating trials are over!

Amy said...

You are right to get out and enjoy the good fall weather before it turns. And your average star rating was pretty high, so you had a great week, especially at the end!

Cinthia said...

What a cool idea, to rate you workouts with stars. Love the bike shadow picture. The wheels look so large, like those old-fashioned bikes. Glad you finally found a four-star ride. Makes me want to hope on the bike and take off, except it's past midnight and dark right now. Cheers and happy running/biking/swimming. P.S. Love having the pool to myself. The water is so calm and blue.

Fran said...

You've had some great workouts last week. Love your fall pics too.

If I would rate my workouts last week: 0 stars! Didn't do what I planned.

christa said...

Ripton Ridge Run 5k yesterday with mom 4 stars because the weather was so beautiful!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Enjoy the fall temps! Would love to run and bike down the path with the trees, too!

Unknown said...

What a fun post idea!

Sadly, I don't think I would have given any of my workouts 4 stars last week

Unknown said...

oh, and on giving cats pills....I know from experience that this is NOT FUN. It's easy giving them to dogs, but cats typically don't want anything to do with that.

HappyTrails said...

I love the pics of the tree lined paths - but enjoyed ALL the pics! Looks like you are having lovely weather - it looks just beautiful! I also love the pic of you, Jamison, and Jaxon. Special, memorable days like that are *5* star for sure!!!

HappyTrails said...

Oh - and the pic of the two sitting in the window is precious. Simba sitting in the sink, trying to escape with the look on his face saying "come near me and I'll claw your eyes out", is fun, too!

Anonymous said...

The weekend biking and running look like four stars based on the scenery alone!

Ransick said...

Love all the pics! Nice job getting your workouts in.

Anne said...

You are doing so amazingly great ajh! It's really nice to read how well things are going for you. And those pictures in your last post...WOW!!!

Char said...

I'd say you had a stellar week of exercise.

Love those pics of your cats. Those eyes say that there will be revenge in the future.

Johann said...

Lovely post! I'm on 2 and 3 stars running currently. Not quite at 4 stars. Cats and pills are always a challenge. You can't trick them at all :)

Darlene said...

I used to stick them in cream cheese & they would eat them. We had 4 star weather this past weekend, my race effort was only 2 star.

Kandi said...

Fun format! I can't imagine trying to give cats medicine. If my dogs don't devour it in their bowl of food, I just smear some peanut butter on the pill and it disappears.
Love all the fall photos. I'd love to ride my bike on the causeway!