Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer......Summer.......How I Love You

Time to ride. Time to run.  Time to swim. Time to read.  Time to clean.  Well time for the fun things at least.

Today we finally had a great weather day here in the Green Mountain State.  I headed up to the islands to meet my friend, Sara and enjoy a terrific ride.  We went slightly less than 50 miles. The ride included a ferry ride.  It was hot but not unbearable.  We got to wait at the drawbridge as boats passed through.  The weather was great.  There was no threat of rain.  It included a ferry ride.  You get it. I loved it!

This is where I had breakfast before we began the ride.
Tough to take.

A snack break.....one of my favorite things about biking.  

Waiting for the drawbridge.

Back at the camp and relaxing before heading home.

These pictures were taken with my phone which takes crummy pictures. I went on line tonight to see what was taking so long with my camera repair. Apparently it can't be repaired and is going to be replaced.  Yet no one let me know.  This is the first time I bought the extended warranty from Best Buy and yes it will be great to get a new camera but the hassle of waiting and not knowing has been a pain.  I have a call in to them now.  I was near there today. Now I will have to make a special trip.   GRRRRR.  


EB said...

Your spot by the lake looks awesome! And who doesn't love a ferry ride?

Kate Geisen said...

Sounds like a wonderful ride!! I loved taking a ferry on my bike. It makes the ride seem even more epic. :)

Char said...

Repairs to electronics can make you want to pull your hair out. I recently sent my son's phone back to be fixed and four weeks later we hadn't heard anything. When contacted they said it hadn't been received and after we'd made a complaint to the post office we got a call saying they had it but it would be another two weeks to get a part in. It was more like another month and even now it's not working properly and has had to be sent back. Talk about annoying!

Fran said...

I love your Summer too especially since you share all the fun things with us.

Last year my camera broke down a week before we would leave for Italy. I called them and explained that I needed it on vacation and I got it back the day before we left, repaired and all. Great service!

I don't mind waiting if something gets fixed but, like you, I do want to be informed. It's the polite thing to do.

Liz said...

Sounds like a great ride, especially the ferry part. The weather here is excellent at the moment, but I'm too busy to go biking - shame!

Johann said...

Great summer pics and certainly the time of the year for many outdoor activities. So far our winter is really warm.

Darlene said...

looks perfect. my iphone5 takes great pics. my camera is acting up too.

Kandi said...

I'm jealous of your summer so far! Keep enjoying yourself for all of us stuck in cubes at work.

Michael said...

I don't know why they ever even try to repair electronics. They can never been repaired. Just give you a new item so you can move on.

I used to never been a fan of extended warranty plans, but it seems like lately we've had a ton of stuff breaking that simply should not. Stuff is made so cheaply today. I think I'm going to start getting them all the time now

Beautiful scenery!

Giorgio said...

Beautiful places! I also love running through new places and enjoy new environs. while my car's oil was being changed I stayed there close to my car: if the mechanician pretended to change it I would pretend to pay :)

Alisa said...

The title of this post is sooo me. I love summer, always have.

Great biking and running so far for you this summer. Enjoy those snack breaks, they are my favorite part too. You've done organized rides before right? Those always have fun "rest" stops.