Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Running in a New Place

Today while my oil my car's oil was being changed I ran.  Usually I bike but I have had  a couple good days of bike rides and only one run so run I did.  I have run parts of the route I took when I ran the Maple Half in May but not all of it.  I loved running it even though it was muggy at 8:00 a.m.  I always like running in new places and this is the second time this week I have done that.  Plus I love getting my run in rather than just sitting in the waiting room.  I've been on this road on my bike many times but I saw new things perhaps because of my oh so slow speed.

I also went swimming this morning and man oh man was it busy.  A lady got into my lane and kept swimming right at me.  Rather nerve wracking.  She never said a word or asked about being there.  About 5 women appeared together and just took over the side I was on.  I was all set to get out but she irritated me so I stayed in longer to not give it up to her sooner.  I know I am a horrible person.

So here it is in pictures (no surprise) although sub par ones from my phone.
This covered bridge replaced a previous one. It has
lost some of it's charm but at least they replaced
it with another covered bridge.

I was going to run to the Morgan Horse Farm but I was having
such a good run I went quite a bit farther on a road I recently
discovered on my bike.

I love sheep and there were lots to see.

Yesterday I got to stop for a drawbridge. Today I got to see a
train.  I didn't have to stop for it but still enjoyed it.


Johann said...

That is the thing I hate most about public pools. I would have been horrible as well. Yay for the trains! I love love love trains! The photos from your phone are more than good enough.

Kandi said...

I see I'm not the only train lover!

EB said...

Great multitasking! I love running in new places too. I think it's a great way to check them out.

Tash said...

What's normal in your pool? I'd consider myself unbelievably lucky if there are less than 5 people in my lane, over 10 is really not uncommon. Horrible.

Char said...

You're not horrible - you're normal. I think nearly everyone who reads your blog would have done exactly the same thing.

Laurie said...

A very pretty run! I don't think you're horrible either about the pool deal. Some people just think they are entitled. On the positive side, it will give you some experience handling swimmers during triathlons.

christa said...

I love that route!