Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random Vacation Thoughts

  • There are a lot of surfers in Maine.
  • Surfers in Maine don't ask if their wetsuits should be sleeves or sleeveless. They not only have sleeves, they have hoods, hands and feet. 
  • Water in Maine is even cold in August.  I can't imagine what it feels like now.
  • Surfers have the whole changing thing down with the towel around the body next to the car as they slide the wetsuit on. I take it they are commando under the wetsuit.
  • They  are hardcore to START surfing at 6:00 p.m.  
  • I only saw men surfers.
Okay enough with the surfers.

  • Coffee must be more expensive in Maine because no one seems to keep your breakfast coffee cup full.
  • Being near the ocean is a happy place for me.
  • Running is easier next to the ocean.
  • Biking next to the ocean is pure delight.
  • Vacationing solo is fun although it is a bit odd to think I haven't talked (in person) to anyone I know since Sunday.
  • There are no calories on vacation.  Right?
  • If I was on vacation all the time would I appreciate it less?
  • Lots of physical activity tires you out.
  • Doubles four days in a row tire you out.
  • There are many employed landscapers in coastal Maine.
  • People who live near water like to name their homes.
  • People who live near water like to name their driveways.
  • Why do people come to the sandy beach and sit on rocks?

  • My favorite run was my run on my last morning.  It was perfect in every way.
  • My favorite bike ride was truly the one on Monday in the rain and fog. It could be because I was so excited to be biking in Maine. It could be because I truly love adverse conditions.  I felt cheated this winter that I never had any great snowstorms to run in.
  • My favorite meal is mixed- the lobster roll from Maine Diner, the clam chowder from Lobster Cove and the beer from Maine Diner - it really hit the spot.
Back to the surfers:

  • They also get up in the very early morning - maybe before work - and get out there.  I am curious as to how much of the year they do this.  They certainly seemed to use every opportunity to get out there and do what they love. Very impressive.  
  • Okay this is it for my Maine posts. I have milked it all I can. On to cold Vermont running and biking.  Since I got back I went swimming but then I crashed.  Four days of doubles has caused my body to yell at me to take a break. So today I will do nothing!


Fran said...

This sounds like a perfect vacation to me Andrea. Glad you had such a great time and are back home safe now.

Ransick said...

I think if you were on vacation all the time you would appreciate it less but it would still be awesome. I know the weird feeling of not talking to anyone you know for a week. Definitely weird. Glad you had a great trip.

christa said...

There were surfers in my wedding pictures because it was on the beach. It was October.
I agree no calories on vacation!!

Kate Geisen said...

Wow, the surfers are definitely hardcore! Guess it takes away some of my excuses. I felt like you about the moderate winter. I'd been looking forward to running in the makes you feel both BA and like a little kid again, all at the same time.

Your vacation sounds truly wonderful. I've enjoyed getting to live vicariously through it. That last surfer picture was awesome!

Christi said...

I really want to try a lobster roll. My brother-in-law raves about them and now you are. I must get to the east coast and have one!

Jill said...

The ocean holds a very special place for me, too. Love running along the coast, but I've only done so on the West coast waters, not the East. Unless you count Boston, which I saw when I crossed the finish line and walked to the water?!? :)

Enjoy your rest day, you deserve it!

Ewa said...

So tell me more about (all male, comando!) surfers. ;-)

Our weather seems to be stabilizing so I might as well forget rainy rides. Now wind will be probably staying.

Calories usually stay at home so I am sure you were fine.

Glad you had a good time. I like getting away by myself ever so often. It is certainly different way to relax. Come to think, I could use a little vacation of my own.

Char said...

I know you're right about food having no calories on holiday. I've never gained weight on a holiday. And there's also no calories in food when it's your birthday. So if you have your birthday when you're away on holidays I think food has negative calories.

HappyTrails said...

I think I remember reading somewhere that there are actually *negative* calories when on vacation. Yep, I'm sure of it! ;-) We enjoyed reading about your Maine getaway. Put your feet up and rest from your whirlwind, double days! Hope your cold Vermont weather blows away...

Marlene said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Amy said...

Catching up on your posts and it sounds like you had a great time. Everybody deserves some time alone, I think. Glad you enjoyed it so much!

Kandi said...

Four days of doubles does sound exhausting! I did a double yesterday and then cleaned my house, entertained some dinner guests, and a few other things and crashed at 8:15!
Very interesting about the surfers in Maine. I can't imagine being in that cold water, even with a head to toe wetsuit!