Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Little Boo Boo Gets Bigger

Remember when I told you I fell while running in DC with Emily.  I called it just a little boo boo on my knee.  I continued to think that but....... it wasn't completely clearing up.  Last Friday I put a band aid on it to keep it away from my pants more than for any other reason. It felt stiff when I bent but didn't hurt or interfere with running.

Saturday it was itching a lot and I thought..........."Oh good, it's healing."
Finally I couldn't stand it and took off the band aid and it was all bumpy.  That brought to my mind when I had medical tape on my arm (IV) at my colonoscopy and that was all red and bumpy.  I ignored that but again? Well it just got bumpier and itchier so I thought I should go to the doctor today and let her look at it.

She may have gasped when I showed it to her.  It is infected which I had no idea. I thought all the redness was related to the reaction to the band aid. Plus the doctor told me it was a severe reaction to the adhesive and I was to NEVER NEVER use band aids again.  Really?  It would only get worse so no I guess I won't.  I have some topical antibiotic cream to use but if it gets worse or not any better I am to hightail it straight back there.

As usual while I was there I got many many compliments from my doctor on my fitness and how I was a role model for so many people.  I do love my doctor. I love to leave feeling good.  We did have a discussion on the way society undervalues teachers and doctors.  She is not making a big living as a general practitioner and since she is a partner pays for her own health insurance and all that. I never thought about that but all doctors are clearly not raking in the money.

Back to my knee - I am basing my outfits the next few days on how loose they are around my knee.  I want this cleared up quickly!  It hasn't bothered me but my mind can certainly turn that around and make me think I am about to lose my leg.  Heal knee!  Heal!
I have been wearing pants in public as I do
not want to scare small children.


middleagedrunner said...

WOW! LOOK at that thing, OUCHHH!
That proves how hardcore you are...?
Recover quickly- I am really quite impressed, that is some righteous road rash indeed!

Fran said...

That looks nasty Andrea. Good that you went to see the doctor otherwise it might have gotten worse.

Hope you heal quickly.

Kandi said...

I've had reactions to adhesive before but nothing quite like that! I'm glad you went to the doctor to get it taken care of.

Unknown said...

I had infected road rash on my elbow a few years ago. I ended up needing oral antibiotics to get it to heal. i hope yours heals faster than that!

Darlene said...

Sorry about your knee. I had a even worse knee when I fell in Dec. and it healed but I have a nasty scar.

I too put bandaids on my ankle incision to keep it protected and the PT guy told me to take them off and it would heal better. Who knew?

Ewa said...

That looks pretty nasty. I wonder if you could use gauze to protect the area. The question is what to use to keep it in place. Duct tape?

HappyTrails said...

Yikes, woman!!! Slather that poor knee in antibiotic cream! Have you ever used Bactine? It is an antiseptic spray that helps with pain and itching. Plus it kills any germs. Try some of that too! Heal quickly!

christa said...

Ewww. My knee is finally healing. Funny I'm allergic to medical tape too, I can only use paper tape. I had a severe reaction (had to go to ER) once because we didn't know what was happening. Now I know.
See you Saturday!!!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Specialist is where the money is in the Med World. If you have a good GP, and it sounds like you do - take care of them!

It is amazing how quickly minor scrapes and cuts can get infected. I had a little shaving nick develop into a staph infection within 24 hours. I had to take some nasty tasting and powerful antibiotics, along with a topical anti-biotic cream. Learned my lesson - no matter who much I can't stand the smells - after shave after each shave.

Always nice to get complimented by you Doc on your fitness! Keep kickin'! :)

Christi said...

Ouch! That looks like it really hurts.

Teachers are definitely undervalued. That really needs to change.

Kate Geisen said...

Ew. Heal fast!!

It's funny (well, funny-coincidence, not funny haha) that you had that conversation bc just the other day I had the same conversation on facebook with MY dr. Seems like most of the respect is saved for pro athletes.

Karen said...

Oh my goodness! Hope it heals up quickly now that you have figured out the cause. No more bandaids stuck on you!

Char said...

And just when I was eating breakfast - yuk!

That must be incredibly painful. It looks so sore.

Ransick said...

Ouch! Good thing you went to the doc, no heal up!

Very cool your doc gives you kudos for your fitness. It's probably refreshing for her to treat someone that takes care of them self.

Amy said...

Ouch! I was wondering about gauze too... That is too bad, hope it clears up very soon.

Have you noticed getting older it also seems like things like cuts and scrapes take longer to heal in general? I sure have.

I'm glad you have a good relationship with your doctor - I have the same with mine and I really treasure it.

Lindsay said...

Oh man! Allergic reactions are never fun. Hopefully there is a product out there you can use for future boo boo's.

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Anonymous said...

That looks most unpleasant. Ouch!

Christina said...

Ouch! I hate allergic reaction. That is not fun. Take care of that boo boo.