Monday, September 12, 2011

A flats not always bad!

Sunday T and I got in a 12 mile run.  We changed it up a bit and ran 10 and walked 1 and man it made the day.  Our pace even with the walks was actually better than on the 11 the week before.  There was something about knowing a walk break was coming up that "sped" (and I use that term loosely) me up on the running parts.  We finished feeling quite good.  The route that we took is my short biking route but I had not run it in quite awhile. I had plans to ride it later in the day but I waited for it to warm up and to get some stuff done.

When it was time to ride my husband thought I was brilliant to have waited as it was now warm and sunny and just gorgeous. When we ran it was cloudy and cold.  I set off in a terrific mood. I stopped and chatted with a  friend I rarely see and he mentioned how pumped I seemed.  Well, yeah, I am riding my bike on a gorgeous day.  I got to my canopy road and took off down it. I came up behind 4 BIG horses and shouted hi to the riders so they would know I was back there. "On your left" like on the bike path just didn't seem like it would cut it.  They thanked me for alerting them to my presence and moved over. I gave them plenty of time as those horses' hind legs looked BIG.

I continued on - starting to go like a bat out of he**  down into the gully so I could make it up the other side. Well, I hit a pot hole hard and before I knew it

I started walking and then stopped to call home.  
No answer.
I called my husband's cell phone.
No answer.
Then I did some more walking.

I am sure many of you are wondering why I didn't change it.  Well, no clue how and nothing with me. I know....... brilliant.  That will be next summer's goal. For sure.

Back to yesterday.
I next called a neighbor who hopped in her car, came and got me and delivered me home!  Yeah for good friends and neighbors.

After school today I took my bike to the bike shop and got it fixed. I learned a few other things about my bike too.  This was a very worthwhile trip.  The bike got fixed.  I learned a few things. And man was the guy who fixed it hot and nice!  Truly! And then I had a terrific ride. Hmm.  Which one of those things made my day the most?
Then I took one of my favorite rides since I was in the area.  What a great Monday afternoon!  There was a slight chance of rain but it stayed far far away.  A great way to start my week for sure.
Biking on Monday afternoon

Riding on Sheep Farm Road past ......some sheep!

Going past Morgan Horse Farm - lots of horses
lots of young ones.......yearlings????

Can you see the one on the ground that looks dead?

The darker one nudges it and gets it up - it's head is to
the back of the bigger horse.

Now they are both up

Fun to watch!


Unknown said...

You don't need to wait til summer to learn to fix a flat; you can practice at home. It's empowering! You'll feel so good about being able to do it, I promise!! Good luck!

Kate Geisen said...

OK, I haven't read this yet. I just have to say NO NO can't compare slow on a road bike to hybrid paces. You just can't. I worked my butt off to ride anywhere near 14-15 mph on my hybrid. The road bike is just a different animal.

And that post is one of my favorite things I've read. I posted it along with some of the bird pictures on facebook so people would "get" it. And as I read it again, it was just as funny again.

Now I'm off to read your post. :)

Kate Geisen said...

You have the most beautiful places to ride!

No, you didn't miss my post about the race. That'll show up next week or so.

And like I said, I rode for two years without being able to change a tire. I just always hoped there'd be somebody around who could help me. This past summer I finally took a class at a local bike shop. Now I can do it, thought I'm sloooooow and definitely not too proud to let somebody else do it for me. :)

Laura said... more thing to worry about with everyone pushing me into biking. :)
I know the hubs coach has a tire changing 'cheat sheet'....let me see if I can find it and send it to you....

Q said...

Animals are SO cute to watch! I'm glad your neighbour came to the rescue :-).

Amy said...

Well, if you learn how to fix your own flats, you won't have a reason to go to the bike shop and hang out with the hottie!

Char said...

This post sounds so positive despite the flat tyre. I can see why - the farms, the animals, the scenery. It's just got to make you feel great.

Liz said...

I had to get my husband to fix my bike last time I got a puncture. He patiently taught me exactly what to do, but I've forgotten it all now - I really must do a workshop or something!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not including a picture of hunky bike guy - although I am sure your female readers would have appreciated it!

Teamarcia said...

I'd be clueless on the tire thing too. I know my bike probably needs a tuneup or whatever it is they do but I haven't dragged it in. I just wanna ride and let somebody else handle the maintenance. Not proud of that. Love the horses!

Suzy said...

You've been riding a lot this summer and this was your first flat? You are lucky!! I'm glad that you found a ride home and the bike people were helpful!

Anne said...

I have all I need and I've watched a "not-so-hunky teenager" change my tire for me...but, I really doubt I'd be able to do it myself. Must learn :)

Darlene said...

I'm a firm believer in walk breaks. Love your horse pix.

Kandi said...

Sounds like it wasn't too bad! Glad you are still able to stay so active even after school started.

Katie said...

ask the bike shop guys to teach you! it's not hard but it's messy.

Fran said...

Gorgeous bike ride, great pics.

Time to learn how to repair your flat it seems although I would have called my husband too even if I knew how to fix it :)

Johann said...

I agree, learn to change the flat asap and you have even more freedom on your rides...flats and all. Lovely photos as always. You live in a beautiful place.

Tara said...

UGh, I remember my very fist flat. I had the brilliant idea to do a long ride without the husband and was 25 miles outside of no where land and yep, just like you, had no clue how to change a flat! Better learn to change one ASAP!
Love the horse photos, they are so beautiful.

Marlene said...

I'm terrified of getting a flat, and I would be HELPLESS if that happened. It's also my goal for next season!

Christina said...

Love watching animals ... I can imagine the horses' strong, "muscularly defined" legs...

While it stinks that you had a flat with no immediate help, you did get your FIRST FLAT though. There is something about "first" of anything.