Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Day Before the Race

The Champlain Bridge is getting closer to opening.

Love any ferry ride!
  • My sidebar says this half marathon is the 24th. Not so much. It is the 25th.  I still need to run it.
  • It has to be a good race when you go on a ferry to get there.
  • The weather forecast is hot and humid.  That is the worst news so far.
  • The course is much harder for the marathon than the half. For sure. But the half is no cake walk.
  • I have done an awesome job carbo loading.  And sweets loading. That helps right?

  • I had a crepe and a half for lunch. One savory, one sweet.  Fantastic.
  • I had a dessert and a half at the pasta dinner.
  • There is no coffee maker at this very nice house we are staying at.  We both brought coffee but no coffee maker.  Oops.
  • The above is a problem.
  • So far we aren't sure how to solve it.
  • The house we are staying in is about 11 minutes from the race in one direction.  Somehow it is about 45 minutes in the other direction. Managed to miss two chances to get on 87.  Until........we were back at the cabin almost and got on when we shouldn't have and had to go 5 miles back toward Schroon Lake and then turn around to come back here.  And we had coffee today. Imagine how sharp our minds will be with no coffee tomorrow.
At the Expo!

Hey our names are on here!

The jacket you get for the race.  Nice change.

  • It was a small Expo but I managed to get a few things including one very awesome shirt. 
  • Race swag included a jacket! Very fun!

The start for the half.......

Yeah these are a sign too!

Where I'm staying with Darlene!

  • Off to bed!  Hope I can get some sleep so I can do a decent job tomorrow!  It's fun to be part of the whole running community with a common love of racing and running.


Jenn said...

Been way out of blogland but wanted to make sure I got here to wish you GOOD LUCK!! Hope it goes just awesome for you!!

Liz said...

Have a great time - in all senses! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, the carbs look delish, the swag-super nice and the view-spectacular!! Have a great race!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with #25!

Michael said...

Good luck! I love the race jacket. I'm jealous of that, I've never gotten a jacket as race swag. Have a wonderful race.

Unknown said...

race jacket - nice!

Amy said...

Nice goodies! Hope your race goes really well!

Ewa said...

Love the shirt with all the names. How cool is that.
No coffee????? How will you ever survive? I am so terribly sorry. I am a major coffee addict and I don't even like that stuff very much.
As I am writing this you are probably done with your half. Well, we were kind of running together today, I ran my 13 on this side of the island. Boy, am I slow.
Hope you had a marvelous time.

Kate Geisen said...

Good luck!! I hope it went well! What a beautiful place to stay and to race. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Fran said...

Hope your race went well today and you had fun.

I think it's cool that they put your names on the back of that shirt. Never seen it and it's very special.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I'm sure you did great at this race ... and there's nothing wrong with some carb, errrr, sweets loading! I love race shirts with the names on them, really a nice touch! Hope you had an awesome race!

Char said...

I hope there's more toilets than that! Or else those ones are going to get a serious workout. Good luck.

The Jesse said...

that is really awesome that the names are on the shirt! great idea.

and that jacket is nice swag :)