Friday, September 23, 2011

Adirondack Half

Tomorrow I head to New York for my fifth half marathon this year.  At first I thought this might be my fall marathon but I eventually decided not to do a marathon this year and I have not regretted that decision.  I haven't even been feeling it much for the half.  But there certainly are some positives.

It is a distance I love.   
I have put the miles in.  
I am meeting up with and staying with Darlene.
 It is my second road trip in my new car.  
There is an Expo.  
We are going to the pasta dinner which I have never done for  a race.
If I finish I get a medal.
It is supposed to be very scenic.

And I'm not going to list the negatives.

I don't want it to be my slowest half ever (and I am truly worried it might be.)
I want to be under a 10 minute pace.
I want to be as close as I can to a 9:30 pace.
I want to enjoy the scenery.
I want to have fun.

The times of my four halves this year:

Random Half Marathon Facts

My slowest half marathon ever was 2:12:10.
My pace in my slowest half this year was 9:54.  Yikes that is close to 10.
This is my 18th half and I am proud of that.
This year is the most halves I have done in  a year.
My fastest half was 2:00:55 in 2008.
My favorite half marathon ever that is tough.  I love love love the VCM relays especially the one I ran with my son. It was simply fantastic.  I loved All Women and One Lucky Guy which they have now moved.  Boo Hoo.  I liked the Big Lake Half the first year I did it (my PR race) but not so much the second as it was poorly organized that year.  Probably my favorite is truly the Half at the Hamptons which I have raced in NH the last two Februarys and plan to do again next year. I love winter as you know and doing a half on the ocean in the winter simply rocks my world.

Okay all this thinking about halves is getting me excited. I better go get some sleep so I can get up, pack and be on my way!
Half at the Hamptons!

I'm in pink - doing the first half of
the relay at VCM.  My son is on his roof taking


Ann Summerville said...

I stopped by your blog today.

christa said...

Good Luck! Good Luck! I've done 3 1/2 marathons and my favorite was Middlebury.

Liz said...

You know you wrote in your post 'My slowest marathon ever was 2:12:10.' - pretty good going for a marathon!

Seriously though, 5 halfs in a year is fantastic! Good luck and have fun!

Giorgio said...

Congrats for your five half marathon in nine months. Tomorrow I'm running my first half marathon this year. It's the "Bio half marathon" in Tuscany.

Have a nice weekend and Enjoy the half marathon!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! Have a great *speedy* race!!! :)

Karen said...

Have fun in New York and a great race!

Anne said...

Have a great time...hopefully, all that biking will have made you even stronger and faster :) BTW, I'd love to run your slowest time :)

Unknown said...

your slowest is faster than my fastest. so i'm having a hard time following along with the 'yikes' comment

Unknown said...

and best wishes for the result you hope for!

Darlene said...

Yeah if I ever ran one in 2:12, I'd be thrilled. Glad you are doing this one. Hope you have fun & do well. See you soon!

Ewa said...

Wish you great weather, great views, tons of fun and speedy finish.

A Prelude To... said...

Have a fun and fast race!!! I think the 1/2 is my favorite distance, too. I can't wait to do another one.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Enjoy the scenic course. Have fun at the race!

Fran said...

Just have fun Andrea!

I thought about you this morning when I really didn't want to do 11 miles. You were one of the persons I thought of and said to myself that you were running a half today and I just had to suck it up and go and I did. So thank you for motivating me even if you didn't know it.

Paul said...

You are in great shape..have a kick ass race!

Katie said...

18 half marathons? wow!