Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Got to Race My Bike Again

This was the third year in a row I have done this duathlon. It has ALWAYS been freezing and sometimes raining. So why do I keep doing it?  As the title says I get to race on my bike!
Some nice shots Darlene got of the race area.

This year it was a new course. I think I like the old one better - more scenic - but there is no place to be inside at it. This one was at an orchard and you could get warm.

Darlene came and spectated for the third time and she appreciated the orchard building for sure. Thanks so much Darlene for coming to cheer and taking lots of pics!

The run was shorter. Each run was 2 miles which was a great distance in my opinion.
Do I always look this awkward getting on my bike?

The headband under the helmet isn't a great look but
was really necessary.

I'm just about done the bike. Can I stop now?

I was 89th after the run out of 101 people. I must admit I   was surprised by how few people were behind me.  Oh well, more to pass on the bike.  I did pass 20 + people.  You rode a mile and a half and then did a 7 mile loop twice before heading back. Bad news - the winner lapped me on the bike loop. But barely - it was just before the turn and only him. Good news - I lapped two people on the bike loop.  It was somewhat hilly but not bad. It was windy which is never fun.  I wasn't cold though which was great!  I enjoyed the bike as I always do.

Nope, I've got to run again.

Far from last and I am done.

Then it was time to run again.  Oh well.  I was in much better position and only two people I passed on the bike passed me back. I ended up in 63rd place!  Much better than 89th.

I did win in my age group.  I was the only one in my age group. I was the oldest woman there. But I am claiming that medal. I ran hard. I biked really hard. I earned it. I didn't give into the cold and leave to shop and not bother racing.

I won a medal and a candy apple. The candy apple was nicely decorated but I didn't want it. I took it into the granddaughter of the woman who works in my room at school and she was thrilled.  I won a random prize of hor d'oerves (No idea how to spell that) for 10 at a tavern in Lathem, NY.  Well, sounds great but not so close to where I live. So I mailed it to Darlene who deserves something for all that cold spectating!

I did shop on the  way home. I went to Target which is always a thrill. I made a couple of scores at Eddie Bauer too.  I bought some crack at Target, some very cute capris on sale, some pumpkin products and odds and ends.  In case you are wondering about the crack it was white chocolate candy corn M+Ms.

I was exhausted when I got home but a day spent racing is a good day!


Jill said...

That damn white chocolate candy corn crack gets me ever autumn...grrrrr.

Nice job on the race; you are such a hardcore racer to be dealing with the cold temps this time of year. Ah...yet another addiction! :)


Amy said...

This sounds like just the right kind of race for you! So cool that Darlene comes out every year, too - sweet of you to reward her by sharing your loot!

Anonymous said...

Age Group Winner!!! I expect nothing less from now on!

Darlene said...

You continue to impress. Next year we'll have sun. Thanks for the prize.

Johann said...

Well done! I agree you deserve that medal. Age groups rock!

Laurie said...

Great race and congrats on your AG award. I've seen that bike mount before. It's called the fire hydrant mount. LOL!!!! Darlene did a great job as photographer! The fall color up there is amazing. Have a great week and Happy Fall!

Teamarcia said...

Darn right you earned that medal! I stood in front of M&M display at Target for longer than I care to admit yesterday. Thankfully I did not succumb. I did drag home a pair of Champion tights in a fun print though.

Char said...

You can really reel them in on your bike. Well done and congratulations on the age group win!

Kate Geisen said...

Darlene is a great friend to always go along!

Great job! I know that it had to feel AWESOME to pass so many people on the bike...and to lap two?! Way to go! I never worry about the leaders lapping me...they're so stinking fast.

I'm all about covering my ears when it's chilly, too. That's the part that gets the most miserable in the cold.

HappyTrails said...

Mmmmm yeah, that yummy and addicting candy crack!!! :-)

Giorgio said...

Great your hard race, and Congrats on your 63rd place!
Beautiful report!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Never heard of white chocolate candy corn M+Ms, but it sounds really good. Looks like a pretty area for a race. Congrats on finishing the race!

Anne said...

How cool are you to be running duathlons with all those youngsters! :) Sounds like you are doing great ajh and it's to check in once in a while!

Half Crazed Runner said...

Kudos on the age group win! You rock! Love it!