Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Biking and A Walk Against Breast Cancer

I've been continuing to have some great bike rides and hate to see it come to an end.  Following several days of rain there were two sunny days BUT I  was stuck at school doing parent conferences.  Talk about frustrating. Tonight I got out for a great ride after work but I had to hurry as it is getting dark so early.  And this weekend is daylight savings and it will be even worse.  Woe is me as bike season winds to a close. But I'm not giving up yet!
The beauty continues....from a ride on the bike path.

From a ride near home.

From a run near home....once in awhile I actually run.
From a ride near home.

The following is a note from a student.  We do acknowledgements each week at school where you have someone to "watch" and catch being good.  I find the students do a better job of remembering who they are watching if I suggest they make their person a card. This year I threw myself into the mix and the kids love it. This is my card I received last week.  On Friday we write in the notebook of the person we watched and then share what we wrote at circle. I usually sweeten it with a fun sticker to add to the page.  You could hear a pin drop in the room when everyone is writing.  Has it made all bickering go away? Of course not.  But it's an effort to make kids see positive in others and is worth the time it takes.  When my friend read what he wrote in my notebook on Friday, he pretty much wrote again what he wrote on the card.  He read it as best not beast but I kind of like the idea of being a beast.

This past weekend I wasn't in a race but I was in a very special walk, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. I was on the awesome, Christa's team, and we raised over $13,000 as the team raising the most money there. Christa raised over $10,000 herself.  #cancersucks so the more we could raise for research the better.


Laurie said...

Sorry your bike riding is coming to a close, but your bike ride on the bike path is gorgeous.

Teamarcia said...

I love that card with the BEAST too! What a great team--how awesome!
Glad you're enjoying some bike rides. Sadly I've been so obsessed with NYCM I haven't been out on my bike much at all lately.

Amy said...

It's always sad when you have to put your bike away for the winter! But think of how happy you'll be when you can take it out for a spin again next spring!
Love the beast card! Great idea to use in a class.

christa said...

I hope you have more bike tiding days left. Thanks again for walking on my team!

christa said...

*bike riding

Giorgio said...

Once again I can enjoy your pictures of the fall colours. Those paths covered with brown and red leaves are stunning. Thanks for that!
I hope you can enjoy bike rides again in fall.

Char said...

Beast is a huge compliment to an athlete. Best is pretty good too.

Liz said...

When you get tired, just remember - you are the beast!!

Congrats on raising all that money, that's a huge amount.

Black Knight said...

As my rugby coach used to say: every season has it own sport. Now you can follow a program with less biking and more running/swimming.
Every year, in may, I enter the Race for the Cure to raise funds for the breast cancer.