Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vermont Rocks

This is the village I teach in.  Nice article and video about the local garbage pickup.  Here is an older video below also which I was able to upload directly onto the blog.


There seem to be a lot of Vermont factoids on FB these days. If you want to be an Olympian in our country your chances are best if you're from Vermont.  (What happened to me?)  How cool is that!

If you were going to win a medal what sport (winter) would you want it to be in?  I'd want to be known as that amazing slalom skier!
Here's a fact from the article.
But if we consider population size, no state is better at producing Winter Olympians than Vermont, and it's not even close. One out of every 48,000 people that live in Vermont is on Team USA. New Hampshire is second with one out of every 147,000 people.

We have finally gotten a little snow.  Unlike the rest of the country it has been a bit sparse for my taste. I took the picture above when I returned from the gym early Monday morning. I was fitting in my workout when I could.  The picture below is from the following morning when I was leaving for work.  We had gotten more snow - somewhat unexpected.  

Everything is so pretty when the snow is fresh.  But I do not want a snow day this Friday. I want to get out at a reasonable time in June.  It is the last day before vacation and there is fun stuff going on. Do I want to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 24?  No thank you.  

I cannot wait for vacation and a chance to head to Maine.  Cannot wait!  


Anonymous said...

Why haven't I been to Vermont yet? I don't know. I have no valid excuse.

Teamarcia said...

Really you've had a sparse snow year? Crazy! No doubt we've gotten your share. I'd want to be an Olympic figure skater of course. I did notice a lot of the skiers are from Vermont.

Black Knight said...

Here only sea and sun (even if we had a lot od rain lately). And I never tried to sky.
A nice way to collect garbage.....

Laurie said...

Lovely snow..... Hope your vacation is the bomb!

Char said...

Yeah, I kind of gathered that you weren't keen on a snow day this Friday from your Facebook post. I did wonder for a moment if you were trying reverse psychology on the weather Gods but quickly realised that you were deadly serious. I'm hoping that you get a hot flush of the climatic kind before Friday.

Kate Geisen said...

I so want to come visit Vermont!

Our snow just won't go away. Today the temp got into the low 50's and it started to melt, but we're supposed to get a couple more inches tomorrow! Sheesh.

Hope your trip is wonderful!

Kandi said...

Oh man! Maryland didn't even make the chart!
We got 17 inches of snow yesterday and you can have all of it! ;)