Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1.  First, a little more about Boston.  It was strange when people asked me if I  knew anyone running in Boston.  I didn't know what to say.  Because yes, I did. So many of you were running and  I do KNOW you.  But my friends IRL would not get that.  So I kind of stumbled over my answer which I'm sure puzzled them. But I do feel I know you and I am glad  you are safe.

I hope to do a run on Sunday in Burlington to raise money for Boston victims.  Jameson is planning to run it with me. A sad way to be able to run with my son.

2.  One more day and I am on vacation.  I am thrilled!  I have been looking forward to this vacation for awhile.  I am headed back to Maine for another solo vacation. Last year I suspected I would like vacationing alone.  This year I KNOW I will love it. I am a little worried about the weather as my main plans are to bike and run.  I want to go for one long ride and a few shorter ones.  I don't mind running in the rain but I don't want to ride in it.  Weather forecasts are always changing though!  It will be relaxing to do exactly what I want when I want for a few days thinking only of myself.  Selfish?  Heck yes but I can't wait!  (But believe me I will be watching for potholes!)
Always a great spot to bike from...the beginning and
ending of my ride.

3. On a great note this has been my best week work out wise in awhile.  I had doubles Monday, Tuesday and today.  Monday I got up early to hit the gym and run so I could bike after school on what looked to be a sunny afternoon.  Then I headed out on one of my favorite routes for a truly awesome ride. Tuesday it was an early morning swim (2000 yards!) and a run after school.  Wednesday I "slept in" and went for a ride after school.  It wasn't as long as I wanted due to a late meeting - an irritating, not needed meeting - but nonetheless I was grinning ear to ear, short ride or not.  Today it was up for swimming before and another run after! 

This is where I park. I was having too good a time to
stop and take pictures. 

Loving my journey of a return to fitness.


Kate Geisen said...

My principal asked me Tuesday, "So I guess you weren't in Boston?" which is pretty hilarious that he'd even ask that but kind of cool that he associates me with marathons.

But yeah, I had similar feelings about my blog friends, and nobody really gets it IRL.

Glad to hear your workouts are going so well! Have a great trip!!

Average Woman Runner said...

1. I had similar reactions when people asked me about friends in Boston. It was thoughtful for people to ask (and funny when they thought my cheers for Shalane & Kara were for personal friends) but it was a bit awkward coming up with an answer that made sense.
2. Have a fun, restful, but safe, vacation.
3. High five!

Fran said...

My manager knows I have running friends in the states that I met through the internet (he doesn't know I have a blog) and he asked me Tuesday if one of them was running in Boston this year.

Have a great vacation Andrea. I keep my fingers crossed for good weather.

Johann said...

Even I felt like that and I'm so far away. I did have a SA friend that ran as well. She was about 1km from the finish and though the bomb was the 4 hour cut-off gun. Your training is looking so good. Enjoy your vacation!

Darlene said...

Glad you are back. Enjoy your vacation!

Giorgio said...

The event for Boston victims is a great thing.

Have a good vacation!

Liz said...

Hope the run for Boston goes well. As I read your blog, events are ongoing - the city is in lockdown and they are hunting down the suspects. All very frightening for Bostonians.

Have a great time in Maine again. :)

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Have a great Maine vacation! I loved hiking and running the marathon there.

Char said...

There's really been no repercussions from running that half last weekend, has there?! I'm so glad that your foot held up and you've been able to get even more running done this week. It just says your foot/ankle is truly on the mend.

Lindsay said...

I consider my blog friends as friends, whether I've met them IRL or not! We all 'know' each other pretty well (I think anyway) so when people asked I said "yes". I am always saying "oh my friend in (state)"... when talking about some of the awesome things my blog friends do! It was nice that various people at work would ask me later in the week "was I in Boston" - clearly I am known as a runner and I like that.