Saturday, April 6, 2013

An Outstanding Day

We had a gorgeous spring day here and I took full advantage of it. I had a couple of appointments but I was able to get all my workouts in before and after. I went swimming at a different time and had less time but I felt like I swam harder and maybe went a little faster.

First I took my favorite dog for a work. He wanted to run but it wasn't happening with the uneven grass and the leash.
Next I was able to go on my very favorite bike path. At this point I am using my Hybrid and it was quite nice not to have to deal with the whole clipping thing.  It couldn't have been a prettier day and I completely enjoyed it. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

The first stop to take some pictures. 

I didn't go much farther than the bike bridge before I turned around to head back.....into the wind.  No wonder it had been so easy!

You could see snow on the taller Adirondacks across the lake.
I went back to Jameson's and changed only to head out again.  This guy made me feel a little guilty as I left that I didn't stay longer.  

I run as far as the boardwalk and enjoy the day a bit before I head back. This was the first time I ran two days in a row and it felt fine.

This time at the bench I'm on my feet, not my bike.

It was a GREAT day.  I can't wait until there are more days like this with great temperatures and time to 
bike and run in some of my favorite places.  


Char said...

The weather is looking gorgeous over there. This is definitely the best time of year - warming up for you and cooling down for me. I just love it!

middleagedrunner said...

I'm looking forward to better weather tomorrow! While 35 and windy is better than what we had a month ago I'm ready for it to be 50. (not 80, not 90, not even 70!!! just 50 :-))

Black Knight said...

I am with Char, this is the best time of year.
Glad you have spent such a wonderful day.
Great idea to take pictures while biking.

Amy said...

Awesome! We are still waiting for spring to begin here, your post makes me antsy to get out there!

Darlene said...

It was nice here too just a little windy. Love love your views.

Darlene said...

Glad you are running. Are you doing the half?

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I love the moment when you realize that you've had a tail wind; that moment when you think "oh gees! This is gonna' be fun" as you turn around to head back. Haha.

Glad to see you made use of the good weather.

Cinthia said...

Wait! Where's the snow? We just got about eight inches. Can we move down and live with you? Or exchange houses for, say, a month so that we can run on grass and pavement instead of deep snow and slush?
Glad you're getting out and having fun. Saw your review of my book on Amazon. Thanks so, so much and glad you enjoyed. I've decided that running is SO much more fun than writing, hee, hee.
Cheers and a big, snowy hug.

Giorgio said...

Beautiful scenery: I love to take photo while biking.
The weather is also beautiful here in Italy.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos! I know I am thrilled it is spring!!!

Teamarcia said...

Send some of that gorgeous weather our way. It seems to be missing us so far.

Liz said...

That sunshine and good temperatures makes such a difference! Happy Spring!

Kandi said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad you got to enjoy all your favorites this weekend! The weather is finally warming up here too and I couldn't be more excited!

Unknown said...

Great looking day to be out and about. I like the artsy photo of the bridge.