Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lake Placid Ironman - the Prelude

A ferry to get there but no PD in sight!

Em's ready to swim the course!

If you click and make this larger she is there with her red cap!

Lake Placid is a mad house but an athletic mad house! I have never run/biked with so many people when it wasn't a race. There are people swimming, biking and running everywhere all the time!

The first night I got here Em took a swim and did one loop of the course while I read and athlete watched.  Should have gotten my suit on as it was sweltering. And everyone is talking about what a wonderful lake - Mirror Lake - is to swim in.  I may need to come back another year and do the Lake Placid Half Marathon. What an area!

We are staying in cabins a distance from Lake Placid.  No internet, no AC, no cell service. We're not spending a lot of time there.  This morning I decided to go for a run.  I stayed off the main road as there is so much traffic. Well I went down this rather isolated road but told myself there was no need to be paranoid.  Then I saw what looked like a wonderfully pleasant old school.

As I got farther along - maybe not an old school!

 But wait, they don't usually put tall barbed wire around schools.  Wow! This is a rather large Corrections Facility.  I continue along not letting this deter me from getting my workout in.  Soon I come to a sign on the left that announces a Federal Corrections Facility!

 Okay if I see anyone coming out of the woods I am going to set some speed record but I continue on. What gets me to turn around?  Man's best friend - unleashed - a growling, snarling dog.  Back by the corrections facilities, back to the crowded highway.  I go across the road to some state office parking lots.  I am not too proud to run in parking lots if it's going to help me get my miles in.  One of them is a state police complex and what do I see out back?  More brick buildings surrounded by tall barbed wire.  Nonetheless I did about another mile and headed back to the cabin.  Nothing stops this athlete from getting those miles in.

We have managed to hit the Expo twice. I feel a little out of my element as I don't even know what half of the stuff is or what it is used for.  I  splurged on a water bottle, a cow bell and one pair of socks!

Lake Placid is a very picturesque town.  Tomorrow the rest of our family join us and they are going to be leaving at some ridiculous time in the morning.  I'm staying put rather than driving home to just turn around again.
After our run

Running along Mirror Lake

Yesterday and today I ran next to Mirror Lake which is the lake the swimmers -all 3000 of them will be in tomorrow at 7 a.m.  The youngest athletes are 18 and the oldest man and woman are 64 and 74 I believe.  The Welcome Dinner last night was rather fun and inspiring.  The above mentioned participants were on stage as well as many others.  There was a  very emotional clip about Matt Long and then he spoke. I know some of you have mentioned reading his book and now I want to.A.Very.Inspiring.Story.

Yesterday we also biked the run course.  It was once again, very scenic and yeah, a little bit hilly.  Not like the bike course but these people are going to be running this twice and that hill going into town is going to be a real pain!  I will be cheering loudly especially for Emily of course!
The Ironman out riding yesterday were 
nervous when they saw me ripping along 
the road on my Hybrid!

When our ride was done.

On the run course

Em on the run course

This afternoon Emily spent a lot of time organizing all kinds of bags.  It takes some serious organizational skills and forethought to be an Ironman!

Good luck to all the athletes participating in tomorrows Lake Placid Ironman!
Good luck Emily!


Karen said...

I am so excited for Emily and I only know her through blogworld! I cannot imagine how excited and proud you must be.

Glad you didn't encounter any prisoners breaking out of the pokey on your ride. ;)

Christina said...

Good luck Emily!
You must be so proud of her!

Whenever I see Lake Placid, I inevitably will think about that Lake Placid movie back in the late 90s or early 2000s. Think it was about a crocodile in Lake Placid or something. :)

I thought it was race day when I saw the pictures and all the people in the background. Wow! That's a lot of people on a non-race day day.

Question: In the last picture, what's PAM for (it's sitting on top of the Bike Gear Bag).

Lastly, it makes me happy for you and your daughter when I read such a post - I love the mother-daughter bonding over a sporting event. :)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Yay, good luck Emily, and to you (you'll need a lot of strength to follow her around and cheer for her)

Anonymous said...

Too funny about the "corrections facility"! Emily is lucky to have you there to cheer her on, you are an awesome mom! I can't even imagine IM. It's amazing people can do it!

Have fun cheering, it all looks beautiful! I'll be checking on the updates!

PS - A cowbell is all you need. ;)

Kandi said...

So exciting!! Can't wait to read Emily's race recap and your spectating recap. I'm sure you'll get a workout in just following her around. Looks like a beautiful town.
I had the same question as Christina - What is the Pam used for?

Michael said...

How exciting!! Good luck Emily!! Looks like a beautiful location. I hope she has a great race!

Char said...

I must say that your correctional facilities are in beautiful spots. I wonder if the prisoners get to enjoy the view.

Anne said...

Good Luck Emily!! What a great experience...I would love to be there to cheer and watch!!

LookingUpAgain said...

Good Luck to Emily!!!

Suzy said...

How exciting for your family! I've been following the tweets all day (thank goodness because track-an-athlete isn't working well).

Kate Geisen said...

So exciting! And it must be so cool for Emily to have her mom there who GETS IT. My mom...sigh...I've got a mom story from yesterday's bike race. The pictures are gorgeous! Ohhh, I can't wait to hear all about it!