Friday, January 1, 2010

First Run - It's All About the Prizes!

Great day for First Run! It wasn't too slippery like two years ago or too cold like last year. I started fairly near the beginning of the racers, admiring the many costumed racers. Running is hard enough without adding to it so I was just in my regular running gear. I never did see the Mile 1 marker so I didn't know what my pace was until I got to mile 2. I found out it was a v-e-r-y slow pace so I picked it up for the last 1.1. Of course the fact that I was going downhill helped! I beat my race time from yesterday by about 20 seconds. This is now my 5K time to beat for the year. I don't know how I did overall as no results have been posted. Run Vermont tends to be rather slow getting results up. The post race food was outstanding. There was lots of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and excellent soup!

Before we left we found out that Steve had won a random prize which turned out to be several random prizes. He won two Dunkin Donut coffee mugs, a DD clock, a DD suitcase/duffle bag with wheels (which George Clooney would be proud to haul around the country) and a supply of DD coffee. As of yet, we do not know what constitutes a supply.

Certainly it is worth far more than the 2 for $20 entry fee we paid.

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Emily said...

You failed to mention the most important detail: you beat dad!