Saturday, January 28, 2012

11 Things

Bet you haven't seen that title before!  Ha!  It is certainly making it's way around Blog Land.  I have been tagged five times by:
Tonia at Racing With Babes
Lisa at Chasin' Bunnies
Kandi at Kandi Land
Tales of an Ambitious Slacker
Christa from Living a Little Life

So I better get busy and do it.
Here are the rules.

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

 I am not going to tell you 11 random things though and then answer 55 questions from all these blogs. Believe me I am not that interesting and no one would finish the post.  So how about some questions from each of these posts (and I get to pick the questions) and we'll pretend it is 11 answers and not however many I do.  That's the first rule I am going to break.  There may be others.  My apologies if you have read all this random stuff before.

1.  I live 4 miles from where I grew up and teach in the town I grew up in (and in the same school.)
2. My mother also taught in the school.  I had her for English.
3. My husband also went to this school. He had my mother for a teacher and claims he was her favorite student.
4. I can remember my husband (when he was my brother's older friend) telling my mother that he hated winter and I thought Ewww.  Weirdo.
5.  My parents died young and one thing I love is that my husband knew my parents and they knew him even if not as my future husband.
6.  I always wanted to be  a teacher and even though I have bad days I have never regretted that I became one.
7. I love planning lessons as much as I love teaching them.
8. Teaching is many things but it is never boring. No two days (or hours) are the same.
9. I love 8, 9 and 10 year olds. They are the best!
10.  I love that those 8, 9 and 10 year olds think I am a super racer.
11. Sharing favorite books with those same kids rocks.
Hey those were all about teaching, not running.  Sorry but I got into a flow.

Racing with Babe's Questions:
1.  Birthdays. Love them or hate them. Why? I love them!  Always have, always will.  First they beat the heck out of the alternative which is not having a birthday.  I love being queen for a day and do exactly what I want.  I always do something I want to do. It generally involves running or biking.  And lots of eating......some of that unhealthy food.  Plus I love presents!  
2. You get one wish. No restrictions. What is it? I would want my family to be healthy with no serious illnesses throughout our natural lives.
3.Cake or Pie? Easy - cake.  With lots of frosting. Favorite kind - chocolate with white frosting - lots of it.  Do you think I have a sweet tooth?
4.   Biggest pet peeve? I have a lot of pet peeves but I'll talk about the most recent one.  I can't stand it when people don't park in parking spaces at a convenience store.  They pull up and park near the gas pumps because it is near the door.  It doesn't matter that now no one can use the gas pumps because they took so much room parking near the door. They are maybe saving 10 steps. Really?  You're that important that you can create your own parking space to the inconvenience of everyone else?  For whatever reason, this one really annoys me.

Onto Chasin' Bunnies questions:
5.  Coffee or Tea? I don't just prefer coffee to tea. I love coffee.   It is one of the best parts of my day.  I particularly love Green Mountain Coffee - flavored please.
6.   Spring or Fall? I love fall. I love the coolness of the air and the perfect temps for running outside. I love the beautiful fall colors we get in Vermont. I love the thought of winter approaching. I love my regular routine of heading back to school and a new year.  I love getting out my cozy cold weather clothes.  
7. Breakfast or Dinner? Breakfast anytime of the day but it has to include dessert.
8.  Glass half-full or half-empty? I truly think my glass is half full at least a good deal of the time.  I try not to sweat the small stuff and bury my head in the sand if something is going to bother me.  But having said that I do tend to worry about my children and I don't always see the glass as half full then.

Kandi's questions:
9.Do you prefer dogs, cats, or some other pet? I prefer yellow cats except for Jax!
10.  If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be? Ireland
11.  If you were invited to a wedding reception but not the ceremony, would you be offended? It depends. If the ceremony was very private and small - family only etc. I would be fine. But if many people were invited to the wedding and I wasn't I would be offended.  
12. What is the last thing you took a picture of? The above mentioned Jax.

Tortuga Runner's Questions:
13. What is your favorite TV show? Right now it is NCIS.  But really - The Good Wife or Gray's Anatomy.
14. FroYo or Ice Cream? Fro Yo
15. What is your worst chaffing area on a long distance run? Above my breasts - always
16. Now for the fun stuff, forget what you are doing now, if salary wasn't an issue what would your dream job be? I like this question but I need to think about it.  I am thinking working on bike tours all over the world.  

Christa's questions:
17. Do you prefer sweet or salty? Sweet, I have a major sweet tooth. 
18. Do you make your bed everyday? Absolutely. I could not get into it. I would make it if it wasn't made before I got in.
19.  Do you think talking on the phone in the grocery store is rude?  I do and I don't do it.  
20. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  Would you stay where you are? In reality I would stay where I am but let me dream a little of where I would go if I didn't stay here.  I love love love Washington DC and might go there.  I would also love to live in Maine but only on the ocean where it was fairly private.  Money couldn't be an issue.  There are many places I could live for awhile but I would want to return to Vermont at some point.  

 Here are my 11 questions.  Is there anyone left to tag?

1. What tv series do you recommend?
2. What is a book you couldn't put down?
3. Serious movies or chick flicks?
4. What is a race you would recommend hands down?
5. What grade did your favorite teacher ever teach?
6. If you could live anywhere where would you live?
7.  What was one of the best days of your life aside from marriage and childbirth?
8. What food could you never give up?
9. What is a place you would NEVER want to live?
10. What famous person do you admire?

Now I need to try and tag 11 people. If you have been tagged I apologize.  If you don't want to do it and I tag you, no worries.  Those of you who tagged me answer some of my questions in the comments please!  



Jill said...

I love getting to know you. I know these can be a drag to do sometime, but they are so great to read. That's so cool that you grew up and are at the same school. Also very neat about your parents knowing you hubby...very special.

Kate Geisen said...

I love that about your parents knowing your husband. Having lost my dad fairly young, I totally get what you mean.

Chick flicks, for sure.

My favorite teacher ever was for English 101 (maybe) in my freshman year of college, and then I took extra classes with her in following semesters. She was great. She was the first teacher I ever had who, when she told us to analyze fiction or poetry, I totally got it. Before then, I always kind of felt like "how do we know what the author is trying to say???" She was a great teacher, very much leading the class rather than just talking at us.

7. The Team Virtus non-race. I had such an amazing time with such fun people.

9. East St. Louis.

Jill said...

I have been known to make my bed just before I crawl into it for the night if I have to leave in a hurry and gone all day. I just can't get into an unmake bed and sleep well that night. See, we're twins... except for a lot of your other answers! :)

Michelle said...

I tagged you too, but forgot to tell you! :) Glad you did this!

Christina said...

I enjoyed reading about teaching and think it is really neat about your parents knowing your husband. :)

Ewa said...

Thanks for the tag but I have already played and I don't think there is that much more to say about me. :)

Your love for teaching is coming through loud and clear in many of your posts.
Be glad you are not teaching teens. :)
Your future hubby hated winter and you still married him? Gosh, you do take your chances, don't you. ;-)

JenCreates098 said...

So...I will play...and try to tag 11 people, but my blogworld is small...

One random thing is I am completely overhauling my blog. So I will keep you posted and let you know how to find me when I make my final changes!

Fran said...

It's great to read things about you that I didn't know yet Andrea. Fun post.

Giorgio said...

Nice post! Interesting things about you!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Wow - actually I wish I still lived in my hometown or near it. sometimes I really miss being home. Yet, I love the sun, warmth, and palm trees of the sw desert over Seattle.

Vermont is a place I would love to live though. I have an orange cat staring at me as I type this.

Lindsay said...

i always love these, but i can see how 55 questions would get old! i think it's very cool that your husband and parents knew each other, even though it wasn't as in-laws.

Tortuga_Runner said...

Breakfast plus dessert? That sounds dreamy!

HappyTrails said...

Ha, ha - I am like you in regard to the bed making. I CAN NOT STAND not making the bed. Steve makes fun of me because I even make the bed in hotels when on vacation! A nerd, I know.... :-) You have a teacher's heart through and through. Your students are a lucky bunch to have your care and enthusiasm!

Amy said...

I loved reading this post! It's cool to learn more about you and it makes me wish my kids had you as a teacher in grade school!
I'll answer your tag questions in my next post...
The snow here this morning made me think of you!

Kandi said...

I liked reading your list. I think it's nice your husband knew your parents! I'm so glad to have met and got to spend time with my fiance's mom before she passed. My dad lost his mom very young and my mom never got to meet her.
1. 30 Rock
2. Hunger Games series
3. I like comedy and action movies better.
4. Great Allegany Run 15k. It's almost all down hill/flat and there are the best donuts and coffee at the finish! Also, a very small race so age group awards are fairly easy to win!
5. 9th grade Biology
6. I love where I live now but I'd move to Hawaii if I could take Delilah and money wasn't an issue.
7. Finishing MCM this past year.

The Jesse said...

I really enjoyed reading :)

Thanks for the tag!

Black Knight said...

Tagged by 5 persons: another PB! Congrats.