Saturday, January 21, 2012

What he said and didn't say

Today's Swim Lesson

This is what I posted on Facebook before I left this morning.  

‎"If I had worried about looking fat and jiggly or old and slow every time I went out for a walk or a jog OR SWIM I would never have done it. If you're doing something you like, that's good for your body and mind, then how you look when you're doing it is the absolute least important thing in the world." 
from Slow Fat Triathlete

I get there - early because that is what I do but not as embarrassingly early as last week. Soon the swim coach appears.

"Hi Andrea did you get a chance to practice those kicks this week?"  I hope she spent her time 24/7 in the pool or this lady is going to sink to the bottom of the pool.

"Did you say you were getting ready for a triathlon?"  She must be getting ready for a triathlon as no one who swims this poorly would be here  for any other reason.

(While using the kick board)  "Your kick looks better, I like where your feet are."  My God does she realize the swimmer next to her has been up and down the lane 4 times to her one time.  Is she even moving?  

"Did you get that?"  There is no way she got that. I better tell her again.  Maybe she is hard of hearing.

Okay I need to be clear. This coach is a very nice person but I project my thoughts on him all the time.  I swear the swimmer next to me had flippers on when we were using the kick boards.  In fact the whole time. I pay no attention to the number of laps he tells us to do because I know I won't even come close!  I just do what I can and stop when every one is at the end waiting for me.  (Remember that Facebook quote, Andrea) He had us work on our stroke also which I liked though I suspect I wasn't even close. I do think I am going to need to go the private route but I will try this a couple more times.  I'll go next week and then I have a race the following weekend.  The coach did tell me that I would be need to be careful and save energy for the bike and run. Good advice as the swim tires me out. I had already moderated my kick effort some as I knew there was no way I could do what I was doing last week. Resting at the end of every length is not going to get me ready.  I suspect I will do a combo of free and breast in the race.  I did have a little tri talk with a guy who was there for the first week.  My first tri talk with a racer as a possible triathlete myself!  

Good news.........I did wear one of my new swim suits which fit much better than a couple weeks ago!  

Then once again swim lessons were followed with a visit to see Jaxon (and of course Jameson.)  My I love that dog!

Look at the joy this dog brings my son. I would 
love him for that alone!


LookingUpAgain said...

Good job for getting back in the pool and sticking it out! I'm sure there really was some improvement in those kicks! Stay positive and you'll stay afloat!

Lindsay said...

the made-up thoughts are funny :) i am sure he is not thinking that! good for you sticking it out. you will get better!!

Kate Geisen said...

I LOVED that quote on facebook, and your made up quotes cracked me up...especially the getting ready for a triathlon one because that's what I think every time I get in the pool, that I would ONLY put myself through something that makes me look this stupid for a race (or a challenge, same difference really). One of my oldest son's friends (who I've known since he was in 1st he's 19) lifeguards at the pool where I swim. I'm traumatized every time I have to swim in front of him. I tell him I'm not going to drown so please don't look at me. :)

That dog is soooo stinking cute.

Char said...

That's so funny!

But really enough with the negative self-talk. You're out there doing it and that's more than a vast majority of the population. Yep, you probably will never go to the Olympics in the swim team but I'm guessing you can live with that.

And that dog ... I want a cuddle. He's just gorgeous.

Paul said...

I'm pretty confused by all this emphasis on the kick you are getting from this coach.

What I've been told is that you really don't need to work on the kick much because

a) you need the legs for the bike run
b) you are wearing a wetsuit..and so your legs are nice and floaty.

Some tri people only kick ONCE for each arm stroke...certainly not the crazy stuff you see during freestyle races in pools.

I *hate* the flutter kick. It's just such a waste of energy for what you get.

What does your daughter say about all this? If you go the private swim coach route I'd make sure it's a triathlete person.

JenCreates098 said...

So, as an adult who cannot swim, I really admire you. I have tried to swim numerous times. I sink. I sink like a stone. I have had people try to help me float. I sink. I have been watching your progress. Maybe I will take another shot at drowning...swimming, someday! Never give up! That's the motto!

Amy said...

You are too hard on yourself! I admire you for getting out there and training for this - it's no small thing!

Ewa said...

I admire you tremendously (even after you sent me that Athleta link ;) ) for going back there and keeping at it. I don't know if I would. You will improve and you will do your tri and have fun too. Maybe you won't make it to 2012 Olympics, but 2016 - just watch out.
And Jaxon is way beyond cute (so is Jameson).

Suzy said...

Gah, I feel your slowness when kicking. I am the same way when trying to kick my way across a pool...lapped time and time again. Hang in there! I am sure you are learning something every time you go!

Christina said...

I love the last picture. And what you said about how you would love that dog for the simple fact that he brings your son joy. :)

Fran said...

Keep on trying Andrea, eventually you will kick coaches' butt!

I can totally see why you love Jaxx so much, he's so adorable!!!!

Don't give up my friend.

Fran said...

Oh and why aren't we FB friends yet?

Liz said...

You know I've been thinking about trying a tiny tri recently. It would have to be a really mini swim, becuase as things are, I struggle to complete 25m. I need you to do it, you are inspiring me! Get back in that pool and do it - we know you can!

Kandi said...

Glad you had a better time at this swim lesson.