Monday, January 30, 2012

Not such a good run

1. Sunday's run was terrible.  There is no other word for it. And I think I know why.  It was 11 miles which is my longest run in quite some time.  I didn't eat before it but I seldom eat before runs.  Generally though 10 miles or longer is my rule of thumb for when to eat before a run.  But I have had several 10 mile runs without eating which were just lovely runs!  Well, the 11 yesterday - not so much.  The last few miles were tough and when I got home I immediately collapsed on the couch.  Once up I really felt pretty lousy the rest of the day.  Today I was my old self again so I do think it was the not eating or drinking much thing and trying to make my body move forward for 11 miles. I need to remember that 10 mile rule.

Heading up a hill before I died.  This is a hill I only get to 
when I am going more than 10.  Vermont isn't very
pretty this winter is it?

Today I had my annual physical. As I have said before I love my doctor.  I was with her for over an hour. She doesn't just examine my body she also talks to me a lot about my family, my exercise passions, possible stresses.  She truly wants to know what's going well in my life and what I am worried about.  She has lots of practical suggestions and will research on your behalf if she doesn't know.  She lets me brag about both of my children and seems genuinely impressed with what I tell her.  She wanted to know about my triathlon goal and always makes me feel like a fitness goddess.  I think if she was to make a poster for aging well she would put me on it.  She said my cholesterol and blood pressure were "fabulous."  She told me my weight/BMI were good.  She did have a couple of small concerns and is looking into those but overall - the report was "I am doing GREAT."  

Thanks to those of you who answered my swimming questions in this post.  Please still weigh in if you haven't on long sleeve or sleeveless wetsuits. I don't think I am going to rent as I want to try swimming in one beforehand. Do you have good websites for buying (less expensive please) wetsuits or particular brands you like?  I won't be shopping for one for quite awhile but I am doing some planning now. I'm sure I will have LOTS more questions so please bear with me and thanks for your input!

I just realized tonight it is about time to get new shoes.  This fitness stuff does cost money but it's for a good reason, right!

I have to leave with at least a couple of pictures of Jax from Saturday.  And I did take Jameson out to lunch without Jax before I left so I wasn't ignoring my son completely!  

Jax sitting between my legs and below in his kennel
by HIS choice sleeping on the toy
his Aunt Emily gave him for Christmas.


Paul said...

Sorry about the sucky run. Yah being starved for calories will do that ;)

Re: wetsuit (forgive if already pointed out) Careful buying a non-tri suit. Tri suits have special construction to allow for a good range of arm motion with lower resistance.

OTOH, Divers style wetsuits will exhaust you trying to do the much rubber at the shoulder to fight against!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own a wetsuit (yet) but I was told this by my tri friend.

Jax so cute!

Christina said...

Good new that you have a clean bill of health! :)

I eat if I am running more than 5 miles, especially if I am running early in the morning. I did a very nice 10-miler over the weekend and today, I could barely finish a 2 miler.

Exercise is not cheap, but it does keeps us sane, balanced, and healthy. That should be a lot cheaper than going to a mental health professional, a heart doctor and getting surgeries, right?

I don't know anything about wet suit, so I can't offer any thoughts on it.

When I give my Paddy Wag a toy, she rips it into shreds. Do I even try??

Marlene said...

Jax is too darn cute!!!!

I just replied to the swimming post, but forgot to mention sleeves VS sleeveless. I got sleeveless - I've been told it's better for feeling the pull of the water against your forearms. But mostly, I worried that full sleeves would be restrictive.

The legs on mine go about a few inches above the ankle, which makes it much easier to get on and off!

Jill said...

Excellent news at the doctor!!

I went to a tri clinic last year by TYR and she was stating that sleeveless wetsuits are not as good as fulls....for the life of me I wish I remembered why. I was just there for the door prizes so not paying much attention. Anyway, I'd Google that to death, those things are pricey!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

sometimes i wonder if there is any rhyme or reason to my runs. i have had great ones on little or no sleep and nutrition and slogs with plenty of sleep and eats before. kind of a crap shoot at times.

just glad to read someone has a great doc! my kids do. i have yet to find one.

Ewa said...

Congrats on your clean bill of health. My optometrist could not believe I wasn't on any medication because, she said, 99% of her over 45 patients are taking something. That's sad.
Maybe next time you go for a long run you should take Jax with you? He could pull you up that hill :) What a cutie he is!
Too bad Athleta is not selling wetsuits. I bet they would have wonderful designs on them.

Amy said...

Too bad about the run - yep, it probably was due to being underfueled, I think we've all made that mistake at one time or another. I have had it before and then later realized it was because I was dehydrated.

Good job on your health checkup! Sounds like you have a dream doctor. My doctor is pretty awesome herself, but she was diagnosed with MS about 15 years ago and that is a huge struggle. She still works three mornings a week because she loves seeing her patients. It makes me sad every time I go.

Char said...

Your doctor sounds just lovely - as much a friend as a doctor. And to let you brag about your kids means she's really interested. I'm glad you got a clean bill of health.

Fran said...

That's great news about your doctor's appointment Andrea. Sounds like you have a great doctor.

I can totally relate to bad runs lately but you already know that :) I'm glad it was just one run for you.

And I can never get enough of pictures of Jax. Keep posting them.

Johann said...

I've had a few runs like that lately and when I looked it was most mornings after I didn't eat a proper supper the night before. Jax is awesome and I think Vermont still looks great this winter!

HappyTrails said...

Good health is ALWAYS awesome news!!! Can't help much on the wetsuit front, but possibly some good searches on the net - maybe Craigs list (if slightly used is not gross...) Tri people are pretty geeky about equipment, so you might pick up a good deal that way.

You are turning in to a dog person, aren't you??? ;-)

middleagedrunner said...

boooo on the sucky run. We have all been there and feel the PAIN (UGH...)
Nice work on the clean bill of health- you are a ruck star! Your Dr sounds amazing, wish she was mine (mine is a 5 minute-r...)
I just bought new shoes, it's the only kind of shoppng that I enjoy! Do you have a special pair that you want?

Christi said...

Yay for a clean bill of health. That is always nice to hear from the doc.

I love the puppy pics!

Kandi said...

Sounds like you have a great doctor. I don't even have a primary care doc right now because my old one dropped my insurance plan and I haven't found a new one yet. I didn't really like my old one anyway. It's tough being this close to the city to find people that don't rush everything.
I heart Jax. That pic of Jax with the toy reminds me that my Delilah didn't used to tear toys to shreds but now she does (my brother's dog taught her how to do that and she hasn't looked back).

Karen said...

I love that your doctor spends so much time with you, that is rare around here! it is interesting to see how much exercise helps all the health "numbers". Good to ehar you took Jameson out so he wouldn't think you were just coming over to visit Jax all the time :)

Katie said...

I have a long sleeve wetsuit and I love it. If it's warm enough for sleeveless, I would just not wear it! And Xterra is ALWAYS having huge sales, just watch their website. I got mine 50% off!

Giorgio said...

How can you run without eating? Take care! I made this mistake once.

The photo shows a beautiful place to run. Nice photos of Jax too :)

Liz said...

I can't believe you can run 10 miles without eating! I wouldn't be able to run more than 4 miles or so like that. I wake up starving every morning and enjoy my breakfast!

Kate Geisen said...

OK, I tried commenting on this last night from my phone and blogger just threw it away. :-/

Anyway, that's awesome news from the doctor! I can't believe you don't eat before your runs...anything over 3 miles and I have to eat first, and anything around 8+ miles I usually need to eat DURING, too. And I wonder why I can't lose weight...

Jill said...

I wish more doctors would do that...spend more time with patients! so important! Way to go on being the picture of health! That's awesome.

Sorry your run didn't go as well as you would hoped. That happens.

Thanks for your comments on my blog! It's so fun hearing from others and getting feedback! Thank you for taking the time!

Black Knight said...

Sorry for the bad run. For me it would be impossible to run without having eaten something before.
Moreover in wintertime we need more fuel to run underzero.
Great puppy pics.