Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Random Random

  • Three days in a row at the gym on the old treadmill. Two of the workouts great including a run of 6 miles and one today that was a luke warm workout.  
  • I haven't been swimming since my lesson last Saturday.  I usually go on Tuesday but this week it worked out better to go tomorrow morning. I am dreading it in some ways when I usually look forward to it. I need to concentrate on what Kate said, I need to just now drown, the rest is gravy.  That is definitely my mantra right now.
  • Looking forward..........Saturday we have a party to go to that a lot of fun people will be at.
  • But first I have to go to another lesson.
  • I have been doing a lot of post Christmas shopping.  Today I wore a new dress my husband saw ina catalogue (Athleta)  and liked. It went on sale and I got it. Super comfy!  I also got a tunic and new leggings which are also super comfy. I sent back a sweatshirt I was less than thrilled with. That is my rule for on line shopping. I have to take the time to send it back if I don't like it.  I also have gotten two swimsuits - huge sale. Although I first got them in petite elephant size and had to exchange them for full grown elephant size.  Those I needed as my other swim suit was waaaaaaaaaay too thin from many wearings.  I also got one more season of NCIS and two triathlon books. 
  • No snow here because it just rained but the cold has settled in. Today at school the kids had indoor recess because it was too icy on the playground.  I hope hope hope they can go out tomorrow but I don't see the conditions changing.
  • Two more days and it is the weekend.  I do love weekends.
  • I love that being active is such a big part of my life. It has also made me a braver person. I go to races alone.  I go to races alone that are not very close.  I have done marathons. I am going to do a triathlon.  
  • Someone called me an athlete recently and I am still amazed (but oh so pleased) by that description.
  • I wish I could eat anything I want and be healthy and thin.  (I am in my "good" eating phase right now - getting rid of those holiday pounds - or at least some of them.)
  • I got eggs last week at the recycling center (dump) and they are the best eggs I have ever had.
  • Now the New Year "Resolutioners" are coming out - the gym has been packed.
  • That's it.  


HappyTrails said...

Don't let a bad incident ruin your enjoyment with swimming - let the pros worry about that garbage. Just have fun like you always do! No need to worry about the resolutioners - February is soon here and they'll be back to the couch ;-)

also, not sure about eggs from the dump part...?

Kate Geisen said...

I LOVE what you said about being active making you braver. I feel the same way! I love that about me now. :)

Every time I swim (you know...all 5 in the past year) I dread it and then it's bearable. I hope that's how your lesson is. Give yourself time to be comfortable with the new stuff they're teaching...that's why you're taking lessons now instead of right before the tri. Of course, little miss words of wisdom here only went to one of the coached tri club swims and was so stressed out and frustrated by the experience that I made no effort to go to another. Do as I say, right? :)

Christina said...

I love the comment about how being active has made you braver and how you travel to race alone. I love it!

Elaborate on the eggs from the dump site? Haha. I had to re-read that part.

Michelle said...

We are buried in snow and ice right now...waiting to see if we'll have school tomorrow. I'm sure we'll have a 2 hour delay, if nothing else.
Treadmill runs leave me feeling...blech. But, I hate running in ice...not just because it's a balancing act, but I worry about the cars.

Liz said...

It sounds as though you have been running really well recently. Good luck with the next swimming session - keep working at it!

middleagedrunner said...

It has been SO cold the last few days. I am thankful for my basement dreadmill- even though I still hate it (better than nothing!)
By next week those New Years Resolutioners will have lost the motivation and the gym will be quiet again. Active is a lifestyle, not a resolution!
Hey- are you going to run the Half At The Hamptons again this year? Looks like a few of us "bloggers" will be there and it would be fun to meet up and say hello in person!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the average Resolutioner only lasts six weeks. By the end of February the gym will be all yours once again!

Kandi said...

Sounds like you did well with the post-christmas sales. I have been good and haven't purchased too much.
Relax and try to enjoy your time in the pool. Don't let the thought of being overwhelmed overwhelm you. You'll be just fine.

Christi said...

"Someone called me an athlete recently and I am still amazed (but oh so pleased) by that description."

Isn't that the coolest thing ever!

christa said...

Yay for post Christmas shopping. Next on my list (after I get a paycheck) is running shoes and running tights for outside.

Alisa said...

Post a pic of your athleta dress! I've always wanted to order from that catalogue but I never trust ordering clothes online.

I think the dread/look forward to combo is something that happens to me too. I think this time of year in general is hard for me to LOVE any workouts, even the great ones. Hang in there.

Wow, no snow, we got snow :).

Ewa said...

Not only are you an athlete, you are a hardcore athlete. I wonder how many olympians would go for a run in -3F.
Eggs from where???
My gym is slowly getting back to normal. :) Still I had to schedule my workouts early in the day (hence biking in the dark), then all machines are mine.
I love Athleta catalog so much that when it comes I have to put it in the recycling bin right away. Guess why.
BTW, I had no idea VT was such a naked-friendly state and I lived in New England for 11 years! Had I known... well, maybe not. :)

Laura said...

SOmeone called me a runner this week...and I didn't disagree with it.
Love the list and can't WAIT for the weekend!

Jill said...

You're an amazing athlete, don't be fooled that you aren't! Um....eggs at the recycling center sound dangerous!! ;) Major score on the post xmas sales. I haven't bought anything workout related in eternity....maybe this spring!

Marlene said...

Oooh, love all that shopping!!

Good luck on your next swim lesson. Don't stress too much. Do your best, don't drown, you will be okay!

Char said...

I'm with you on the eating phases during the year. There are just some times when I let it all go - Christmas, Easter, my birthday. And then I have to work to rein it all back in. Heaven would be being able to eat whatever, whenever without giving it a thought.

Black Knight said...

If someone called you an athlete it means that you are an athlete!!!!
I prefer not to buy clothes and shoes on line because I am too lazy to go to the postal office to send back the items.