Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Back in the Islands for another beautiful ride on the
east shore. 

Trying to show how windy it was

My friend, P. We're on the west shore looking
toward New York State

1. I've had a couple of great bike rides this week but not so great on the runs.  I got back to the Islands to do yet another bike ride along with the ferry to New York.  I took a friend with me this time.  We just did 32 miles which felt great. I felt like I didn't want to try to increase my mileage this week.  Do you do step back weeks in cycling too?  I felt like I needed one.

 Today on my bike I ran into two of my teammates from last summer's 100 on 100.  First I ran into K who is an amazing distance runner.  She almost had me convinced I should do the Vermont 50 - either KM or Miles.  Why would I think that?  I  am not even doing a marathon this year.  She said it was easier because of the different terrain - it is on trails. I have a feeling her easy and my easy are very different things.  She is a large animal vet and was kicked by  a horse not too long ago.  It laid her low briefly but she was out there today looking just fine.  I also was telling her about my Ironman daughter (believe me I am telling anyone I can) and turns out there is a lady in our town who won Kona twice. I don't know much about Ironman but I do know Kona is a big deal.  Then I ran into my other teammate and she was gushing about Emily.  Many many years ago Em was one of her babysitters.  Yesterday when we went biking I told the woman who came with me the whole IMLP story in great detail.  She seemed interested but she was kind of a captive audience so maybe I was taking advantage.  Tuesday when I was running I stopped and told a guy who is a fan of Emilys from a Memorial Day Speech she gave one year.  He thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  He loved hearing about her newest accomplishment. Gee who can I tell next?  Oh yeah, I got my hair cut today and told my hairdresser. Again, a captive audience.

2.  Speaking of my hair cut............I was riding my bike when I heard my phone ringing. I stopped and got it out of the bag in case it was either of my children.  Turns out my hair dresser was calling because I hadn't shown up for my appointment that morning.  Now I pride myself on knowing when my appts. are and not missing them.  When I am making an appointment and they ask me if I need a card I always say no. I get more annoyed than not when I get those reminder phone calls from the doctor or dentist.  But today..........I totally missed this one.  Luckily she had some other cancellations and I still got in. I make my appts. with her two ahead because she is one busy lady.  Guess I won't be so cocky next time someone asks me if I want a  card.

3. I'm going to ride on Emily's coattails a little longer put some more pics in of the Ironman I stole off Emily's blog. The Rocketship and Jameson def. took better pictures than I did. If you didn't see Em's Ironman race report go take a look.  It is excellent reading!

A better picture of the finishing chute

LOVE this pic that shows her excitement
pre race

One swim lap down, on her way to another

How does she always manage to look so happy?
Same thing as above


justme said...

she looks way too happy for a full ironman ?

and what are the hand signs in the last photo ?

Char said...

I love that you're so unashamedly gaining reflected glory from Emily. You deserve to be proud and if people don't want to hear, tough luck to them. I would be boasting too - to all the checkout ladies, to the waitress at our Saturday breakfast, to all my friends, acquaintances and even the postman if I could run his bike down.

Jennifer said...

I am crazy about not missing appointments too. When it happens I feel so lost! Your daughter is just beautiful!

Michael said...

Em is simply, simply amazing!! I can't tell that you are proud of her or anything!

And to answer your question on my blog I had never been a runner, biker, or swimmer. I ran a couple of 5Ks and then went to a marathon with Jim about 2 years ago, I thought it was fun so I signed up for a half marathon even though I'd never even ran a full 5K before. I loved the race environment and thought I would enjoy tris even more. That's how I ended up in tri world.

Jill said...

I feel like I've been gone for eternity (still am..just chilling at a hotel tonight, which is letting me catch up on blogs thankfully) to go read the RR of Emily's IM! I bet you are just one very proud momma!!! :)

RunningWhit said...

I loved the picture on Emily's blog of you running beside her. You deserve to be one proud mama!!!

Kate Geisen said...

I'd be bragging to anyone who I could corner if it was my kid. When my son's volleyball teamwas making their run at the state championship, anyone within hearing or Facebook distance heard about it ad nauseum.

Pahla said...

I am cracking up at you and your captive audiences - who cares if they don't know anything about Ironman, Emily rocks!! I am also laughing at your use of the phrase "only 32 miles" on the bike. You are a such a rock star!

Amy said...

I think it's wonderful you feel proud of your daughter (and rightly so!) so go ahead and shout it out!

Unknown said...

I've been the opposite..some good runs and not so good bike rides. bleh.

Ewa said...

Emily rocks and you should be proud of her (as you are). Keep on bragging.
I hate missing appointments and I am never late. Sometimes it is a curse as I have to wait for my
being-on-time-challenged friends.

Fran said...

You were still so enthousiastic about Emily's achievement I bet that's why you forgot your appointment :)

My Mom would be like you if I had done something great: she would have told everybody. That's what proud Mom's are for.

Kate Geisen said...

What a nice comment to wake up to! :)

Yes, it's a very expensive sport. Sigh. I think you're going about it the right way, no sense rushing into clipless with your hybrid. I've accumulated the bike gear I have over three years or so. I only have three pair of bike shorts and three jerseys, one of which my husband got me at a thrift store. Sometimes you can find good deals online (sites like or and for shorts and jerseys.

Marlene said...

An ultra? Are you feeling okay? hehehe

I don't blame you for telling everyone who will listen all about Emily's IM!

Laura said...

She looks happy and truly makes it look easy.
Happy weekend!!

Carlee said...

I've loved reading about the ironman from both you and Emily! True inspiration :).

p.s. I teach 7th grade L/A in CT. I taught 8th grade English in Swanton, VT for 2 years.

Tricia said...

I am so super proud of her and cant wait to meet her at hood to coast.

and I ALWAYS take the reminder card :)

Black Knight said...

Congrats to the proud mom and the Iron..Emily!

Kandi said...

Lucky you still got in for a haircut! I always make my appointments the morning of! haha.
Emily's accomplishment with the ironman is so awesome that I feel like I couldn't hear enough about it.

Richelle said...

I don't even want to tell you the number of chiropractic appointments I've missed because I forgot about them or didn't write them down on my calendar.

What are the hand signals in the last photo?