Monday, July 18, 2011

Answering Some Questions

Q and A

I am feeling too lazy to go get the graphic everyone is using but you get it, right?
Man do you guys ever ask a lot of questions. I am going to follow the trend of answering in at least two posts.  Here is the first attempt at fueling your curiosity.

Julie asked:
Have you always been an avid reader?  Yes!  I have always found time to read......and for pleasure. I can remember when my college roommate used to read Grey's Anatomy  in bed!  Not for me.
Was there a book you read as a child that really hit the spot?  I had one I checked out of the library all the time about going to the moon. I don't know the name of it.  I also liked the series Trixie Belden. I got a lot of out of print copies for Emily when she was young.  I also had a book on visiting Paris I loved.
What advice would you give your 20s self?  Drink less. There is too much good stuff out there to waste time being hungover.
What advice would you give your 30s self?  Your kids will turn out great. Calm down.
What advice would you give your 40s self?  This was a great decade!  I would tell myself to do what I did. Lose weight and start exercising. Life is going to get sweet!

Chris K asked:
What states have you lived in? Vermont and Quebec (I do know it is not a state). Any other places were college related or summer jobs and I'm not counting them.
What is your favorite? You have to ask? Vermont would be my fave even if I had lived in several places.
Do you seriously like snow? 100% yes
What's on your Ipod? Lots.  How can I answer this?  I have tons of podcasts I listen to.  Favorites are Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and The Marathon Training Academy.  I have a mix of songs.  I listen to Coldplay a lot, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, R.E.M., Snow Patrol and I must confess Taylor Swift.
Was Lost one of your favorite all time shows?  Yes and no.  The first two seasons were.  It would make the top 5 but not top 3.
Top 3 favorite books? Very hard! Very hard!  Pillars of the Earth, Clan of the Cave Bear (first - not the whole series), Five Smooth Stones, The Stand. Sorry I did four.

Marlene asked:
What is the biggest thing you get from cycling that you don't get from running?  This is a great question to think about. My quick thought is the pure joy I have while doing it. I don't often feel such deep joy while running. I love what running does for me, I love racing, I love how I feel after and yes I do at times like it while I am running. But often when I am cycling I am in bliss!

Kate asked:
If you weren't a teacher what career would you have?  Head of tourism for Vermont
Have you always taught third grade? No. I have taught 4th, K, 2nd, and next year 3/4.  Third is my favorite for many reasons.
What did I look for in a man when I was single and how does that compare to what I value most? A sense of humor, calmness, and fun.  And yeah looks mattered.  I think I value calmness and an even temper as much as anything.  If I say someone is an Eddie Ryan type of guy that is an immense compliment. He was the very calm father of my best friend with a very dry sense of humor. I don't like what I call stupid comedies. I like my humor a little more subtle. Is that what my husband likes?  Well, no but it still works.
Please tell us about one of your proudest moments.  Truthfully if it is an individual moment it would be finishing my first marathon.  I also received a nice award as a teacher but the marathon sticks out more.

Teamarcia asked:
Have you ever been to Chicago?  Only in the airport
Will you be spectating IMLP?  Nah I've got a good book I want to read.  OF COURSE I AM GOING TO SPECTATE LAKE PLACID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will you retire to a warmer climate or are you a Vermonter for life?  Definitely a Vermonter for life and thankfully hubby agrees.

Char asked:
 I know teacher's aren't supposed to have favourites but which type of child really appeals to you - the quiet, well-behaved ones or the naughty, full-of-beans and pushing-the-limits ones??  Ask my kids (my own not my students) if I have favorites!  I prefer students with some spark for sure.  There is a fine line between a child with spark and one always pushing the limits PITA though.  If you are a PITA make sure you are a likable one!

Anne asked:
Was it important to you that your kids do sports?  I don't think so. They just did but not as seriously as many kids do. I loved swim team because everyone participated and it was all about improving your own time.  Hmm what does that sound like?
Did you do lots of sports growing up?  Sadly not team sports. I am a frustrated wanted to be an athlete in high school couldn't make a team woman.  I did make the softball team (the coach was my math teacher and I was good in math) but never played.  Man, that was good for the old self esteem.  Then there was a ski team and I was a decent skiier.  Finally got that varsity letter I was craving. Skiing was my main sport growing up. It was cheap then and areas were everywhere.  I love the fact that I am at least somewhat athletic now and so many of the big sports people in high school - not so much.
What type of parent were you?  Were?  Does parenting ever stop?
Are you looking forward to being a grandmother? Some day but I am in NO HURRY!

Okay that is it for now.


Kate Geisen said...

Oh my gosh...Clan of the Cave Bear...I was just thinking of that series. The first one was so good, and the others were good but soooo smutty. Totally different reading experience, to be sure.

You are absolutely a great tourism official for Vermont, and I'd love to visit there, especially with you as a tour guide.

BTW, this will be on my blog in a couple days, but I had to tell you. I had my first ride tonight with the clipless pedals. Oh my gosh...I loved it! I felt so much faster! And it was so much easier than I made it out to be. 24 miles and no falls (yet).

Richelle said...

You are a perfect spokeswoman for Vermont. I'd love to visit again sometime, and I'm sure my future hubby would oblige.

I loved reading Trixie Belden books. Even better than Nancy Drew, I think.

I like learning more about you. I hope you have another post answering more questions. :)

A Prelude To... said...

Trixie Belden was my favorite series EVER! I have all the books and I was saving them for my own daughter.

A few years ago my niece was having trouble in school and didn't like to read at all and was really struggling with reading and I sent my big box of Trixie Belden books over to her house and after her mom begged and begged her, she read one...and the rest is history. She loves reading now!! She read the whole series and then moved on to more current the Twilight series...but I'm forever thankful for Trixie Belden in my own life and for making reading something my niece now loves to do!!

I knew we had a reading connection!!!!!!!!!!

misszippy said...

I like the idea that parenting never stops. And speaking of parenting--when I did Lake Placid my parents came. Their comment after: We didn't know we'd need spectator training! In other words, it was a long day for spectators too.

Finally--I'm a bookaholic myself! Love to chat with other big readers

Fran said...

Loved to read more about you. I love it that you're a reader too. We read the same books sometimes so everytime you mention a book I'm interested because it might be a book that I would like too.

Johann said...

I used to read a lot and still remember the one book I always read (over and over) as a child. It was about never quitting. Nowadays I don't read novels but lots of documentary type books. You have convinced me...I need to visit and run in Vermont.

Velma said...

I love that you have embraced the bike! I love the freedom of riding. I just wish there were less cars and no flat tires :)

Anne said...

Thanks for answering those :) ...and you know what I mean, parenting never stops, but we don't "parent" our adult children like we do when they are younger right :) ...that's okay, I can tell whatever parenting style you used, you are a great parent. Look at how amazingly well your kids turned out! :)

Kandi said...

I don't think you are just "somewhat athletic" now. You run and cycle so much, you are definitely an athlete.
You should have joined the track/cross country teams in high school. :)
I like your answer to what you looked for/value in men. I think I feel the same way.

Christi said...

I thought I was the only one that loved Trixie Belden books!

Jenn said...

I loved Trixie Belden too. I have a bunch of hardcovers of these, the Bobbsey Twins, and Nancy Drew all on my bookshelf. I've read them all and read MANY of them to my kids. And the advice you would give yourself-Love that!!

I love this post. SO fun to get to find out so many things about you!

I am so belated with my questions-I will only ask a couple and you don't have to answer them:)

1.) How many pullovers. Give me a number:)

2.) In your profile you say you are an older runner that didn't get started until later in life. Do you remember your first run? Do you remember what made you start runnning that day?

3.) I know there's no answer but I want the secret to how you have such an amazing relationship with your adult children. This is a dream for me:)

OK-looking forward to reading part 2!

Molly said...

I missed the post where we could ask I'm going to ask the one I've been asking everyone....what would your last meal be???

and.....your ipod could be mine : )

Laura said...

Great answers...and your 20 yr old advice could have been given to me as well....

Lindsay said...

I would tell my younger-20's me the same thing. Though I wasn't as bad as many college kids -- I was training for a marathon my senior year and many nights I said "no thanks I have to get up early to run"! I can't believe it either ;)

This was very fun! People came up with good questions!

Lindsay said...

Oh and I hope you enjoy that book! Hahaha

Marlene said...

Thanks for answering!

BAHAHA, loved your answer re: spectating LP. Have fun! GO EMILY!

Jill said...

These are really great, thanks for sharing them! I have started reading Pillars of the Earth about 4 times, one day I must finish it.

I already look forward to your positive snow posts...while I sit here and cringe at every snowflake. :)

Heidi said...

Loved reading your answers and look forward to part 2

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Love this post. I would tell my 20 y old to drink more and study less...yes, I was a complete nerd, I suppose it served me right, but still!

Belated with questions here as well:
1. Very few kids like to hang out with their parents during their adult years. Emily is always raving about your adventures together. What's your secret?
2. This is a selfish question - what books would you recommend to an almost 6 y old? We just finished Magic Tree House and the Ramona series.
3. How did you get started with running?

Unknown said...

Is it too late to ask a question? I want to know if you are thinking about doing any cycling events, like tour de cure!