Sunday, July 31, 2011

5 Beautiful Sights Seen on my Route

I'm tired.

It could be the heat, it could be my mileage, it could be my age.

 I'm going for my mileage.

This week I worked out 6 days with 4 of them involving both running and riding.  It was an unusual week in the biking arena.  My run miles were 26.3, nothing unusual if anything a little low.

But my biking miles were the highest for a week yet, 107.2

Today I ran 9.  T and I got going early before it was too hot and it was one of those stunningly beautiful days.  It didn't take too long for it to warm up though and I was amazed at how much I was sweating after just 4 miles when we stopped to use the bathroom.

Once I got home I was going to stop for just a short time so I could be back out there biking before it got even hotter. But I needed some rest so I took more than an hour.  Then I went out for a short ride and this time I took my camera. I decided I was going to challenge myself to take 5 pictures of beautiful things. I took my time going on a familiar route looking for things to photograph that I hadn't already taken a million pictures of. I was not entirely successful but I did explore one new road and at least got a different view.  Enjoy!

Beautiful Sight # 1
My neighbor's flowers

Beautiful Sight # 2
I love the river I run and bike beside.
This is looking down into a ravine. I only see
this on a long run, it's a good place to
take a break and have a snack.

Beautiful Sight # 3
Same mountain I love, different view from a new road today

Beautiful Sight # 4
This one is totally  a repeat, but man 
do I love this road.

Beautiful Sight # 5
You may be wondering what is so pretty?
Well this is just before a very long steep hill
and I was about to go down it on my bike

Share 5 beautiful sights you see on your route.


Teamarcia said...

What a fun idea! Gorgeous pics as always. Holy cow on the bike mileage. You go girl!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Awesome place to bike and run!

Kate Geisen said...

Cool idea! They are beautiful sights, for sure. I LOVE taking pictures of trails with trees arched overhead. I bet I took 50 pictures like that on the Katy Trail, just bc it was sooo pretty.

Pahla said...

Your weekly bike and run mileage is similar to my MONTHLY mileage. Dang, girl! Maybe it's my age holding me back... :)
Love those five beautiful sights, not sure if I can do a post like this (because I don't think I see that many beautiful things), but I'll give it a try.

Fran said...

My sights aren't as beautiful as yours Andrea. I love it, especially number 2. I might be going out for a bike ride tomorrow night and if I don't forget I'll bring my camera and see what I can photograph for you.

Seems to me you need to take more rest my friend. Don't overdo it, especially when it's so hot over there. But besides that: awesome training week!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for that! It made my morning.

Johann said...

Well done with the training! Definitely the training that makes you feel tired. Extremely beautiful sights. Have a great week!

Kandi said...

I want to do this!! Love the idea. Hopefully I can do it this week, although I think I need to find my battery charger for my camera first.

Lindsay said...

Pretty!! I'll have to do this... Whenever I run/bike again...

Suzy said...

I know it's been said before, but you live in a very beautiful area!

Anonymous said...

Nice! With a back drop like that, who wouldn't want to run!

Emz said...

that's awesome mileage!!

amazing photos.

An IM daughter . . . ya I'd say a pretty awesome month!!

Darlene said...

Gorgeous..hopefully I will run next weekend have can share 5 pics.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

LOVE #4, and I gotta be honest ... I think I'm tired because of my age.

Marlene said...

I need a smaller camera that's easier to carry along... will try to participate! Beautiful pics. Congrats on some great mileage this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish my route looked like that. During the week I run in my neighborhood where I mostly see walks of shame and the occasional drunk guy peeing on stuff. On the trail this week we saw some guy pooping. I really, really need to find new places to run.

Alisa said...

Nice work on the running and BIKING! I see another duathlon in your future for sure. Throw in a little swimming and you're all set for a tri. Many of the "tri for funs" have a 1/4 mile swim instead of standard sprint 1/2 mile, you should look for one. We know you'd kick butt on the bike and run.

PS I totally vote for mileage and not age. Definitely not age you're amazing!

Johann said...

Blesbok is one of our local Antelope. If you Google Blesbok you'll see some images.

Richelle said...

I hope to write a post including photos of the last time I run in my current neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I missed so much! You should make the 5 beautiful things a regular feature!