Sunday, April 12, 2015

Running Favorites

Darlene tagged me to write about my running favorites and I'm doing it right away so I don't forget.

1. Location: trail, road or indoors

I am definitely a road person although many of my roads are dirt.  Is that like a hybrid?  I like bike paths too but I'm not a trails in the woods runner.

2. Time of day: morning, noon or evening.  
I prefer morning but work and life interfere and it is often evening.
This was taken the other day and it was around 5 PM.

3. Weather: mild or hot?
I prefer mild although really I most prefer crisp cool fall days.  I would never never say hot.

4. Fuel: before, after or sometimes during.
I prefer after.  

5. Accessories: music, watch or more?  I love my music when I am on the treadmill. In fact it is a necessity. Generally outdoors I listen to podcasts when I run.  When I am near the ocean I listen to the ocean.  I like a watch if I am not running  on a route that I know the mileage of. I am rather anal about this.  I need my phone to take pictures. The other day my phone died in the middle of my run and I changed my route!  I wanted to wait until I could take pictures on the route I had planned. I am still stewing over the missed pictures of the route I did take!
I have been running after my chiro appts. (for my knee) 
and really enjoying the new places.  

6. Rewards: food, wine or?? 
That's a tough one. I have no regular reward.  There is certainly no place to get anything near my home.  The other day after my run I did go to a favorite place to get sandwiches for dinner and while there got a Monument Farms chocolate milk which is often a reward especially while biking.

This is after the same chiro appointment and it was
an easy run that was delightful.

7. Type of runs: long, intervals, hill repeats, tempo, progression or recovery/easy.

I am the easy run lover for sure.  I like long runs too but most of my runs are easy ones.

Feel free to do this or let me know in the comments some of your preferences.  

Today I am happy to say I am heading out for a bike ride. It is finally going to warm up.  Yesterday was freezing and I wore multiple layers while running and still froze!  

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Giorgio said...

I also like taking pictures along running paths. And I have seen that most blogger friends sometimes do the same.
Listening the ocean is better than music. Completely agree with this. I don't listen music while I'm running, as I love listening the sound of birds and wind along running paths.

christa said...

Where do you go to chiro? I love your running pics

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

Isn't it nice that spring is finally here? I think that this is my favorite time of year to run. But I like fall too...

Char said...

I'll often take my phone with me with the intention of taking photos only to get caught up in the run and forget to take them. And I've missed some spectacular ones - usually of the sunrise over the river. But when I actually remember to take them they never look as good as the real thing anyway.

Amy said...

I love the pictures you take while running - they are gorgeous! Do you do a lot of editing on them afterwards?

Kate Geisen said...

I'd rather run trails than roads any day! I'm good without music, but I get super twitchy without my Garmin along.

And your phone is definitely a must-have accessory for those of us who are living vicariously through your pictures!

Teamarcia said...

So glad it's finally warming up for you. I've been getting out on my bike and can't wait to ride more!

Liz said...

Nice post. Chocolate milk is my absolute favourite post long run recovery food, mmmm...

Black Knight said...

I also love to listen the voice of the sea (and the birds singing).
i would like to take pictures while running..... but I am always too focused on the workout.
Very nice post.

Half Crazed Runner said...

I eat before and after! Fuel up for muscle glycogen pre-run, Fuel up for muscle recovery post-run. Or maybe I just like to eat! LOL!