Saturday, January 31, 2015

Do You Take Chances/Risks to Get Your Run In?

I posted this picture from my run last night and got a lecture from a relative.

I posted: The roads were too bad to do my usual errands so I did my Saturday run tonight.  It wasn't as cold as tomorrow will be but my phone did shut off due to the cold.  I love running in a storm so that was a win.  I misjudged time so I was in the dark near the end. I was glad to reach my road.

She posted: That's not sounding safe. Roads too bad to drive, so cold you lose your phone and in the dark. In  a storm.  Where it is not safe for drivers. I have the funny feeling you wouldn't want your kids in the same conditions.

Okay, I did respond to her.  Not all of this did I say to her but I gave a very polite response saying the only thing that bothered me was the dark.

First - she is mistaken if she thinks I have influence over my adult children and decisions they make to work out.  I know that Emily is in situations I wouldn't dream of putting myself. I'm thinking in particular of her multi rim Grand Canyon run and her 100 miler that went up and down mountains and she had to scale some scary rocks and there were many scary creatures around.  Did I encourage her not to do it?  No, it is who she is.  She is an adult and makes her own decisions.  If asked I would answer but I don't volunteer. If I was very worried I would but....?  I get it.  I ride my bike and many bicyclists are killed on the road. I am not going to let that stop me. I have told friends, if it happens to me I was doing something I love. I am not willing to live that careful a life.

Yes, the roads were too bad to drive.  So I didn't. But I had my Yak Trax on and traction was good.When cars came I stepped to the side. (Okay, mostly)  I went on roads not busy at all with traffic.

Yeah, my phone died which bothered me because I couldn't take pictures.  I did think I couldn't call my husband (who knew where I was and what I was doing.  I told him not to worry until 6.) I put my phone in my mitten and got it to turn on again. 

Personally, except heading into the wind gusts I was toasty.  For a Vermont winter.
Saturday (today) was bitter bitter cold.  I am so glad I did this last night.

As far as the dark that didn't thrill me. Many of you run in the dark.  I don't like to.  I altered my route as it got darker and didn't go down  one road I planned to.  I didn't even stop and pee!  The snow helped a lot.  I had a flashing arm band. Stupidly I had not brought my head lamp.  The thing with the dark is I watch too much Criminal Minds and imagine too many awful things happening from humans. The roads I was on are pretty isolated.  I did see cars. One stopped ahead and that put many thoughts into my head.  I ran by it and just kept going.  I imagine they were waiting for someone from a house in the woods as they never went back by me.  I will say I ran too fast for the light and the conditions. I am lucky I didn't fall.  I felt like I had great footing and just went for it.  It was mostly downhill at this point.  I got to my road which is more open and "friendly" so I went in a loop on it until I had my mileage. (I'm that person.)  I knew I was doing a mile more than last week but I had thought I had done 7 last week and needed to do 8. I went on the same route and extended it but I was shocked when I saw 9 miles.  Part of the problem with misjudging the time.

In a storm .  Completely guilty. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE running in a storm. It exhilarates me.  I can't really describe how much I like it.  Vermont winter storms and running just float my boat.  

So there it is.  To me .........a  chance worth taking.
Here are a few more pics from when my phone was working.

This is near the beginning.

This sheep bleated as I went by so I went back to say hi and take a picture.

A beautiful spot where I seem to keep taking pictures from different angles.

It was starting to get dark but not too badly yet.  I was hoofing it for  me!

The top picture was just before I finished. I got home and was tired but felt great!  


Anonymous said...

Risk is in the eye of the beholder! Run on!

Laurie said...

Whatever floats your boat, is what I say! I would love to run in a snow storm. Although, I don't want to run in the dark alone. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to that. I, also, watch too much t.v. and my imagination runs wild. I like it when I'm out running and it starts to rain. It's almost like you're in a bubble. I'm guessing you feel somewhat the same running in a snow storm. Lordy, I love those barn pictures. I could look at those for awhile. And if I lived nearby, I would also have pictures of it from all angles.
Talk soon! -Laurie

Black Knight said...

I am with you. Of course I am not experienced to run under a snow storm but my workouts this morning was under heavy rain and hailstorm: it was very funny.

HappyTrails said...

I am allergic to the dark. I may have done what you did if it wasn't windy or below zero. I am allergic to those things, too. :-) Stay invigorated, warm, and safe!!!

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

I did it this morning. Ran in the blizzard. I went early before people started trying to drive. I just had to dodge a few snowplows. It was an awesome run.

Kate Geisen said...

I've kind of lost my dedication for training unless a friend is with me, and I've been a little skittish about running alone in the dark since a girl was attacked (in the daytime, though) on our local bike trails this summer. I HATE that I'm nervous about it.

But I do a lot of things that aren't "safe". You have to live your life, right? I think people who don't run don't understand how comfortable cold conditions can be when you're moving.

You had on Yaktrax and your husband knew where you were and when to worry. I don't see where what you were doing was all that risky. Keep it up!

And I TOTALLY get being unhappy about losing the ability to take pictures! :)

Darlene said...

Of course, you're crazy. All runners are. I have done similar crazy things.

Teamarcia said...

I've definitely put myself in places that, in hindsight, I probably should not have. Yeah we're all crazy. You'd love our "blizzard Linus" today.

Char said...

You're not a jump off mountains and out of planes high-risk taker. And you've been running for a long time so I think you know what you're doing. I had a similar message from my aunt on Facebook after a run in hot and humid conditions. It's okay Auntie - I'm not a nutter who has to run regardless and I do look after myself.

Amy said...

Yeah, I think we all have to make those calls for ourselves...I don't like dark either and I won't run if it's icy or slippery out - too scared to fall. I think you are lucky to enjoy storms so much, given where you live!

Giorgio said...

Always new challenges. That's running! Enjoy!

Fran said...

I admire you for your runs in snow, storm and even dark. You are dedicated to what you do, weather that's running or cycling.

In fact, this photo has made me rethink my decision about not running early in the morning in the dark and guess what: because of this photo I did a run this morning.

I am never afraid on my morning runs because I live in a very safe town, no one ever gets attacked here and I run on streets with light.

However when I do the long walks with Bella and I'm in a forest and there is no one around, I have to admit I can be a chicken sometimes. That's why when I do a walk on my own, I always tell R. where I will be going, where I park my car and leave of copy of the route at home.

And you know, if something happens, it happens. But does that mean you have to stop doing what you love? No way!

So girl, you go run in the next snow storm and have a blast.

Johann said...

I love your photos!!! Always!!! I do from time to time run in stormy weather, darkness(very often) and maybe a few dodgy areas. But I know what I feel comfortable with. I will never run where and when I am not comfortable with it. I know it will often be scary and look dangerous to others. But I know best in this case I think and the same applies to all athletes.

Christy Ashley said...

You know yourself and where you live well enough to know what makes you safe. I skipped a run this weekend in similar conditions because I was on vacation in an unknown place and didn't know may way around, the dips in the road, how cars drive, etc. But in the same conditions at home? I would've run it.

Amy said...

Of course I take risks to get my run in. I wouldn't get in more than a couple miles a week if I didn't. I also take reasonable precautions, including blinky lights and reflective gear. Now if they'd just make snow tires for my jogging stroller...

Pahla said...

You know how early in the morning I run sometimes! Thankfully, we don't get blizzard conditions here, so the worst weather I run in is the heat. But I do that, too. A girl's gotta get in her miles!!

Biz said...

I don't mind running in the rain, but if it's too cold, no thank you!

Love the barn pics - so cool!

Liz said...

I can't imagine that level of cold, but each to their own!i expect you are probably old enough and experienced enough to make your own decisions... :)