Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reverse Bucket List

I saw this on Happy Fit Mama and loved it and decided to do my own. As she explains:

Essentially, it’s a list of all the wonderful things you’ve already done. Not the ones you WANT to do.
It isn’t supposed to be a brag or a “look at me and the special things I’ve done” list. It’s just a bit of reflection and an attempt to stay focused on the positives. Sometimes, we fall short of our own expectations, or we see others who’ve far exceeded the expectations we set for ourselves. For a second, we can forget how awesome we are.
Accomplishments are something to be proud of but they do not determine your value. A Reverse Bucket List should make you feel motivated and inspired to be the person you want to be.
So here I go:

1. I have run and biked beside the ocean multiple times.
2. I have raced in many scenic places.
3. I have been to Europe twice.

4. I live in a beautiful state and thoroughly enjoy it's beauty.
5. I have ridden my bike 100 miles.
6. I have run 5 marathons and many many half marathons.

7. I have raced in 9 triathlons which I started doing when I was 59. 
8. I swam in a murky pond for one of the triathlons.

9. I have been white water rafting.
10. I have been to many pro golf tournaments.
10a. At one of the golf tournaments I had eye contact with Arnold Palmer.  I stalked him for all 18 holes.
11. I grew up skiing and picked my college based on nearby ski areas.
12. I have lived in a different country. (Okay, it was Canada but that counts.)

13. I have been sky diving.
14. I got my masters in education early in life at the best time for my family and career.
15. I once received the teacher of the year in my district. (feels a little braggy, but hey, I did)
16. I began my fitness journey after having my gall bladder out. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

17. I raised $1415.00 for St. Jude's when I turned 53.  This was the year my mother died and I ran a race in her memory and gave to a cause she believed in.  
18. I have hiked up Mt. Mansfield, the tallest peak in Vermont.

19. I hiked up Pikes Peak, a far taller mountain in Colorado.
20. As a "race walker" I won some races.
21. I am a character in a book.

22. I am willing to drive a lot of miles to do a race I want, even a 5K especially if it is with a family member.

23. I hope to keep discovering a passion for things as I have for biking, running, swimming, triathlons.


Kate Geisen said...

This is a really cool idea, and you have an awesome list of things already in your bucket.

Anonymous said...

And you have only just begun!

Anonymous said...

And you have only just begun!

Johann said...

This is really awesome! You've done some great things and I'm always glad when you share them with us.

EB said...

Great list! Such a fun idea. I was just working on mine last night. I love that you picked your college based on ski mountains!

Darlene said...

what a great idea! I might steal it.

Black Knight said...

Interesting post with beautiful pics and a good idea.
I will do it too. Thank you.

Amy said...

OMG - this is such a neat idea! It was fun to read your list!

I must have missed you being a character in a book - I'm dying to know which book!

Christy Ashley said...

I love this idea!!! What a fun list! I want to hear more about this book!

Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...

It's great to write a post about all you have achieved and are still enjoying.
Beutiful pictures! You can really enjoy wonderful lanscapes while you're running/swimming/cycling.

Char said...

I didn't realise that you hadn't always been a fitness fanatic. I'd just assumed that you'd always run and cycled and raced.

Ransick said...

Cool idea! You have a nice list of things to be thankful that you were able to do.

Christi said...

You have done a lot of really great things! Good for you!

Teamarcia said...

Awesome!I love reading these yet I feel so braggy doing one of my own. Need to just get over it already.

Laurie said...

I love your list! And now I want to know which book you are a character in.

Kandi said...

What a great list! I really want to know what book you are a character in as well!

Angela @ Happy Fit Mama said...

Thanks for linking up! You sure have done some very awesome things in your life. Now, you can't leave us hanging? What book are you a character in???

Maureen said...

Oh I'd love to go to Europe one day. You have lead a very beautiful active life. Inspiring to me! :)

PS: I am curious what book too.

Maureen said...

Oh I'd love to go to Europe one day. You have lead a very beautiful active life. Inspiring to me! :)

PS: I am curious what book too.