Wednesday, December 11, 2013


First - thanks for all the nice comments about Simba.  We do miss him and so many of you get it.

I have been a little dry on thoughts for posting.  I saw this on Christy's blog and decided to copy it.  


Reading: I just started a new one by an author I recently discovered.  Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes.  It's a bit of a thriller. I would highly recommend Necessary Lies which I wrote about last Wednesday.  I read a Luanne Rice book in between - nothing special.

Drinking: I'm drinking both iced and hot coffee.  I thought I would have stopped the iced coffee by now but some days it just hits the spot.  There is not a Christmas holiday coffee I like as much as pumpkin spice.

Watching: My husband and I are watching Breaking Bad. We're in Season 5. I can't tell you the trouble I've been going to to find blue rock candy so Walt and Jesse can give my husband a present for Christmas. Today my son sent me a recipe for it. Really?  He's been my son for how long and he thinks I can make candy?  I am also watching Grey's Anatomy Season 9.  I am loving it. I especially loved the Cristina/Dr. Thomas story  line.  Loved it!

Missing: The control I had at one time over not eating so much junk!  Where has my will power gone?  And of course we are missing Simba.  A lot.  He is supposed to be on the steps waiting to come in when I drive in the yard.

Anticipating: Christmas. Emily being home. Jameson home at Christmas. Vacation!

Wishing For: A snow day in the next 7 days preferably this Friday. Why does Vermont not have the snow everyone else is getting?  I need a day off to get stuff done.

Loving: My colleagues.  I continue to think I have the best team ever.  We had a craft night last Friday night that involved no crafts. Just food and adult beverages and lots of laughing.  My kind of craft night.

Listening To: Lots of podcasts including Pop Culture Happy Hour which is my current favorite.  I also love Slate's Political Gabfest.  My playlist today at the gym began with Somebody That I Used to Know.  Not sure why I'm loving that song right now. I'm also listening to The Civil Wars.

I've been envious of those doing the RW running streak and considering doing one of my own. Yet I love my day off so why are my thoughts headed that way? I am trying to think of goals for 13/14.

What's on your 'Currently' list?


Kate Geisen said...

Reading: "Riding Outside the Lines" by Joe Kurmaskie. Like it, don't love it.

Drinking: Lots and lots of water since I gave up soda in October. And green tea, and Advocare's Spark pink lemonade.

Watching: Survivor

Missing: I've got some serious post-race depression going on, and no adventure races til next March at best.

Anticipating: Saturday's race, where I'm hoping for a PR, and orienteering on Sunday.

Wishing for: A chance to get out on my mountain bike over Christmas break.

Loving: My adventure racing team. What a great bunch! And the fact that I think Jacob is going to volunteer at an AR with excited to get to share that with him.

Listening to: Eminem's "Rap God"

Johann said...

Let me try this...

Reading: Books on how to build a fish pond. Who knew there are so many ways to do this...

Drinking: Water and more water. Coffee at work and after supper.

Watching: Cricket. The Ashes series in Australia and South Africa vs India here at home.

Missing: Long trail runs.

Anticipating: A week in Mauritius maybe from 4 to 11 January.

Wishing for: A peaceful and quiet Christmas at home.

Loving: Summer gardening and summer thunder storms.

Listening to: Nothing at present. I prefer my own thoughts in silence.

Anonymous said...

Currently: Counting the days until Christmas Vacation!

Kandi said...

Reading: I'm between books right now. Trying to decide what to read next!

Drinking: Lots and lots of water. I am so thirsty all the time!

Watching: We recently started watching Chuck on Netflix. Much more interesting than I thought it would be.

Missing: Warm weather. I mean, I like snow and cold but I could use a few warmer days mixed in.

Anticipating: Taking some time off for Christmas and getting to see my parents.

Wishing for: A painless train ride for my SIL, BIL, and new niece on Christmas Eve. If it is easy for them to take the train, we'll get to see them more often!

Loving: My puppies and being able to spend a lot of time with them lately between weekends and working from home due to weather.

Listening to: The sounds of puppies breathing and the heat running (which is an awesome sound since it was broken from Sunday afternoon through Monday at noon)!

Christy Ashley said...

I'm struggling with 2014 goals too! I didn't do too well with my 2013 ones but I don't want to just not make goals...hmmm.

Char said...

I got stuck at the first question. I'm reading W is for ... and there's where I get stuck. I can't remember what W's for and I can't remember the author but I read all of her books. It's a sign of age isn't it?

Amy said...

Good idea for a blog post, Andrea! Hang in there...

Alisa said...

What a fun post! I can basically only do iced coffee in Portland in the month of August, every other time of year it just doesn't feel right. I am a plain coffee kind of girl but I like the occasional pumpkin spice for the holidays and when we were in Arizona I almost ordered an iced one but it just felt so weird to order an iced pumpkin spice! My Dad down in CA does on a regular basis though =).

Maybe for a Christmas craft you can make an ornament with Simba's photo--then, every Christmas he can still be on your tree?

Giorgio said...

Good post with all these topics!

Reading: "The growth map", written by Jim O'Neal;

Drinking: green tea and a lot of water (not sparkling);

Watching: I don't like TV.

Missing: Christmas Liberty run 10 km race this week;

Anticipating: A week in Naples from 23 to 30 december.

Wishing for: my mother recovery;

Loving: family.

Black Knight said...

Ciao Simba, I hope you meet Red in the cats' heaven and that you can spend wonderful time together.
Yes, mine was the cat with the back broken.
The list:
Reading: The end of the Templars;
Drinking: Pepsi;
Watching: I don't watch TV;
Missing: racing this year;
Anticipating: the rugby Christmas dinner on 18th;
Wishing for: my grandson heals soon;
Loving: family.

Half Crazed Runner said...

I am very, most definitely envious of how comfortable your cat looks! LOL!

Ransick said...

Reading: blogs
Drinking: Scotch :-)
Watching: football, hockey and the walking dead (loved breaking bad)
Missing: cycling
Anticipating: cycling
Wishing for: spring
Loving: trail running
Listening to: Train-Drops Of Jupiter